Super Junior- Spy- Exclusive

Another Hallmark SuJu video-sexy boys doing peppy dance moves. The boys were brilliantly dressed up;were all super suave. And their dance- should I even say? AWESOMENESS!! OMG I my mouth was wide open when Donghae Jumped and my heart jumped even more higher! Heat- shaped bullet shows they are true heart breakers. 90s hairstyle of Leeteuk- I will say not bad(Does not suit him that much but is kinda cute)Some might feel that the concept is getting old but when its SuJu you even forget the need for concept. Why is SM entertainment recycling the same old sets and background for the MVs? God knows! You can enjoy the song only and only because its its SuJu. But I am dying to see new concept from them- changes are for better right?

Spy- the word has some magnetic power in it- So I expected a little more classier and sexier concepts like those in James Bond movies. My expectations from SuJus are met but I expect better concepts from SM!!


2 thoughts on “Super Junior- Spy- Exclusive

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