Blow the Candles – G-Dragon!!!

Open the Kpop dictionary- You would find the meaning of G-Dragon as charisma! He is the leader, the trend setter, the daredevil artist,the cutie pie…in short he is “THE G-DRAGON” . Hallyu Guru wishes our multi-talented artist “Saengil Chukka hamnida” !!

Yesss Today is G-Day!!

His birthday is trending on social microblog twitter with the tag #Happy25thGDay! All GD fans do tweet and wish him!

G Dragon himself has tweeted that “Today’s my birthday but I’m at the studio. Nevertheless the greetings make it hard for me to be not happy and this is a bonus! ehey” See working hard even on birthday! Thats what makes you the top star! We wish you all happiness in your life!

He has also attached a video with the tweet in which the audio goes like “I’m just wild and young, just wild and young. Doing it just for fun.
Take it low. Yessir I’m one of a kind~” – An audio teaser as a present for his fans!! Thank You GD!


Uri Taeyang has also tweeted, “Today is the day!! My man GD’s 24th birthday!! Show him your LOVE!! Happy bday my brother!! I’m always proud of you..!! And love you!!

If he had released his second album today as “the rumor said” it would have been a double bonanza!!


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