Bad Kiss Chemistry In K Drama

The key butterfly moment of any K-Drama is Kiss. A lot can happen during a kiss- it can fog the viewers head leaving them speechless or make them wonder how two lips can brush with no chemistry at all. Some say that brushing of lips is a innocent way of kissing-point taken when the kiss is lasting for a millisecond. But why do people keep brushing the lips for hours long with no chemistry  at all? Nonsense.

There are such worst kisses in K-Drama history which makes the viewers think “When are these dolls gonna ever stop kissing?” Now that I have witnessed a handful of terrible kisses I am always threatened by a phobia of “bad kiss”. Bad kiss scenes ruin a potentially “beautiful thing”.

For instance the drama delightful girl where the kiss scene is a total disappointment. That kiss was an excellent example how an excellent kiss can be made only when the chemistry is shared by both the parties involved. In the kiss I could see the sparks flying from Lee Myungrong but Chun Hyang was totally incompatible to the sparks. It is not out of character for 3 Iron Jae Hee to have the “thing” but Chae Young heavily compromises the standard.

Same goes with Heartstrings- Here we are waiting for the moment to come only to see it go completely plain with no gut-feeling. It was like a five year old was puppet playing with Yong Hwa and Shin Hye to kiss.

In KDrama pool there are also some kisses which are momentous and extraordinary marked by hot chemistry and excellent scenario. Such kisses which keep lingering in our minds-I would say are one of a kind…Like this..


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