Celebrity adaptation of PSY’s ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’ – SeungRi & Nelly Furtado !

YEP!!! ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY is still going viraland it has even reached astounding  limits where international TV stations cover this catchy song and baseball stadium filled with baseball fans start dancing as soon as the song is played.

Flash Mob dances are being carried out all over the world and we can see how the horseback ride step is very catchy, sexy and dorky at the same time!

‘Gangnam Style’ fever has not only seized fans but even celebrities have fallen prey to this virus!

What do you know!!!

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado loves ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ and has been dancing to this song in her concerts which took place in Manila, Philippines.

Here is her version of ‘Gangnam Style’! I would claim this as the sexy version and she moves well indeed!


This is what we call Smexyy!!

It is really amazing that a non-korean idol has parodied this song showing how influential this video has been! PSY went international with just ONE song and really it was a one-of-the-kind song !!

Another celebrity who challenged PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ – SeungRi from Big Bang!

Both PSY and SeungRi are from the same company and Panda Ri playfully challenged his world famous hyung and also requested his hyung not to forget him!

A Panda that dances! ADORABLE!

As SeungRi’s hometown is Gwanju in South Korea many call this “Panda Gwanju Style”

This version is ultra cool and Ri has added his own quirkiness to the steps by making it look choppy! It is not smooth flowing lik Nelly Furtado’s but at the same time it gives a cool vibe!


This is what we call Swag!!

Really love both their performances !!

Which do you like more? Sexy Nelly version or Swag SeungRi version!!

PS: Did you guys know that Big Bang’s Daesung and SeungRi made a cameo appearance in the original version of PSY’s Gangnam Style??? kekeke!

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