G-Dragon is ‘One Of a Kind’ in K Pop indeed!!

Three years after his first album G Dragon made a comeback on 25th August with the song ‘One of A Kind’. This song may or may not be the title song and it is just the first of the many songs that will be released in the following days!

Moving onto the song ‘One of a kind’ is really deserving of the name. It really is one of a kind with different concept,a wild rap and an ever changing dragon at its helm.

I was a crying fangirl mess on seeing the masterpiece at the beginning but after I calmed down eventually the awesomeness that is G Dragon amazed me!

G Dragon is well known for his song writing, composing and also producing skills and one of a kind also proves that he is not one who shirks away from doing different things. The entire MV made me realize that I am seeing something never before seen in K Pop Music video!

I have seen some different concepts in many videos and surely K Pop are masters of doing things in style. Example Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby itself is a best case where concept and production skills were at its best. But I am yet to see a full blown Hip Hop video the likes of ‘One of a kind’.


When one just looks at the surface ‘One of a kind’ may look like he is trying to imitate the western style of music and trying to copy american hip hop. But that is where the similarities end. Yes he did try hip hop Duh!! G Dragon is a Rapper! Of course he tried hip hop.

But he did not follow any american music video. Maybe he did it deliberately to avoid being accused of plagiarism yet again. His video was so different from an american hip hop video like how salt is different from sugar.

The essence of this video and the meaning behind it is,


G Dragon sings about how he is wild and young and how he is a genius and lives life to the fullest..


Here is the lyrics for ones full understanding..

I’m just wild and young, just wild and young
(hello) me and choice
(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you)
Ah, I’m just bored
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular

I’m there at just one phone call, i’m a 88 08 18
Someone try to hold me back, I’m ranked number one
Because I’m different, because that’s me!

Get back, are you kidding with me? Young and rich—that describes me
So what do you want me to do?
Are you kidding with me? x2

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob

This is already my second album,
My rap is what makes takes the ladies to the bedroom—yea, i’m busy
Money flower blooms on my business
My song makes everyone cry

I love it!

I just keep on getting modeling offers
Even when others try to turn their heads away from my face they’re still in the same place because there’s my face everywhere
They don’t have enough copies to sell, in fact
You say you can’t live because of me?

Get back, are you kidding with me? Young and rich—that describes me
So what do you want me to do?
Are you kidding with me? x2

La la la, don’t curse me, oh please, look at me with loving eyes, la la la, please accept me, please love me

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you)
Ah, I’m just bored
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular

Just follow me, follow me, just follow me, follow me, follow follow me

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Credit: Mind Junk

To those VIPs who know about G Dragon it was a rare sight to see him bragging about his skills. One can easily point G Dragon as the most shy and humble person among Big Bang members.

The lyrics may seem just like a way to blow his own trumpet but G Dragon actually sends a message with his words.

GD clearly points this out in his song,

  • He is wild and young
  • He is popular and rich
  • He is an annoying snob who is number one

And there are lot more adjectives which describe him.

BUT GD points out all this is not entirely his fault. He did not seek this willingly. He is rich because he is recognised by others and he does not get the money without doing anything. He works hard writing songs, modelling and promoting and many more activities.

He can move people with songs which are melancholy or sexy. But contrary to what others feel he is just not a puppet who does stuff which others want. He has his own ideals on what to do and how to do it. This is explained with an analogy of a bear and fox. GD says he is not just a bear which does tricks but is also clever like a fox.

And lastly the line which touched me most

La la la, don’t curse me, oh please, look at me with loving eyes, la la la, please accept me, please love me

G Dragon has been through many criticisms and has always been judged for his actions, fashion, music and everything. People see him with a prejudiced eye and classify him as someone who is such a person with low morale. But despite all that he just needs love and acceptance. To all those who judge him he just needs em to look at him without the coloured glasses and to actually see the human ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ behind G Dragon and to follow him without cursing!

The entire song may sound like bragging but this one line just shows G Dragon needs people’s acceptance as much as any tom, dick and harry next door!


Contrary to the  deep lyrics the video was all fun and frolic. It starts with GD being all chummy with a tiger cub! The bonding moment between GD and the tiger was just adorable. And then the video started moving fast. We had GD all dressed up in hip hop gear and dancing with many similar outfitted people in a white background. Seriously I LOVE THE CHOREO in this MV.. its not fast paced or anything. It just fits with the song seamlessly and GD just oozes swag all through the video.

GD and Hip Hop:

The video shows many different scenes throughout which can depict who GD really is! The scene with his hip hop friends shows his love for music because after all what is said and done G Dragon ultimately wanted to be a underground hip hop musician and not an idol. So the scenes which depict his lightning speed rap skills just stem from his deepest wish and appreciation for that genre of music.

GD and Girls:

G Dragon seems to be a master at love as depicted by the scene with all the sexy girls with hot legs *damn feeling guilty like hell here* and seems to be a playboy but the scene with the Barbie who has a bad temper shows he is not that cool. He is someone who gets hurt easily in relation and ultimately this leads to the scores of sad love songs which become a hit. A barbie was used maybe to show that GD always falls in love with girls who seem beautiful but are ultimately just plastic.

GD and animals: 

GD’s love for animals is shown through his scene with the tiger cub and bear cub. GD is someone who draws love from animals as seen by his interaction with his pet dog Gaho. GD treats Gaho like his son and the scene with the bear cub where both GD and the bear act cute is too amazing. Koreans have this practise of comparing people with animals and determining their personalities. G Dragon has always been compared to a fox as he revealed in one of his previous interviews. Maybe he values it that much and just showed people that though he looks clueless like a bear that is not the reality. In short GD gets as much love from animals as he gives them.

GD and Kids:

Out of all the scenes this one claimed the ‘awww’ moment for me! He looks adorable with those kids. In a way GD is a kid as seen in the scene where he plays with them use toy phones made of plastic cups. He can be a kid and at the same time a good dad. This scene shows that though he acts like a kid at times he is trying his best to grow up. The scene where it looks like he is having a mug shot shows he is sometimes capable of juvenile mistakes but the next second in place of GD standing we have a kid standing which shows that GD does mistakes like a kid and he never means them.

GD and Criticism: 

This aspect has been depicted very well and has the strongest effect in the MV. His round at the boxing ring shows that he is always assaulted by the criticisms but he never fights back because he realises he deserves the harsh words of people to an extent. Though he has a golden head protective gear it doesn’t stop him from getting hurt but he takes the blow continuously until he is knocked down. But he is saddened by the fact that though people punish him they never forgive or forget his past mistakes. They continue to treat him as a criminal on stand which is not the case as he is trying to mend his ways.

GD and Frustration: 

Being an idol is difficult and GD has those moments too which is put forward in the scene where he is sitting stoically while his stylist goes about dressing him. He feels that his life has become monotonous and he is leading a life which is just not interesting but is as boring as the grey shade of clothes he is wearing. All these emotions build up and leads to him breaking down things in frustration. He cannot deal with the way his life is moving and he decides to break down all the stereotypes of his that people have. The scene where he hits glass cases with his outfits shows that he is breaking down all the past characteristics which others attributed to him. And he decided to start over.

GD and New beginning:

Throughout the video has been about how he has been. His dreams, his failures, his pain, his love and finally his frustration. The last part shows how he is having a new beginning. He is starting with a clean slate and a clean look. He has given up the hip hop look and his adolescent hair styles but is resorting for a mature look. But the video closes with him and TaeYang who is his friend from childhood joking around. Yes G Dragon has decided to change and be this mature man with suave personality but basically he is just a fun loving man who enjoys spending time with his friend. He loves goofing off with Taeyang and enjoying life despite all the things he had gone through till now.


One of the main assets of ‘One of a kind’ MV was the mind blowing fashion. I am not going deep into it. But just wanted to say that though his bright yellow hair was shocking and all the accessories seemed heavy and one too many it just clinched well..

He had so many costume changes and hair styles that my head was spinning but hey we are talking G DRAGON here..!! Am not surprised and have to say that the ramen hair is growing on me!!

Final thoughts is that ‘One of a kind’ is something not seen previously from G Dragon. He has challenged something different and has come up with a mesmerizing project. I love  the effort and hard work he has put into it and hoping his other songs will be as entertaining as this one or even more! ROAR G DRAGON!!

Credit of gifs and pic: to owners and uplaoders

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32 thoughts on “G-Dragon is ‘One Of a Kind’ in K Pop indeed!!

  1. I enjoyed your commentary. It was interesting to see where your interpretation meshed with mine and where it departed. I’m not a nose-deep-in-water Big Bang fan (have a close relative who is) but I have mad respect for GD. On a side note, I’m becoming increasingly YG-biased after two of my favorite acts in the world joined (guess whooooooo…k k…jk =_=).

    To me, when you watch the music video whilst reading the lyrics (or listening if you understand Korean), the entire thing becomes an incredible demonstration of situational irony (or was it dramatic irony?…me no longer remember my AP English Lit class notes). The lyrics speak of confidence, arrogance, rebelliousness and bling bling with plenty of lyrical tropes and references to the self-aggrandizing hip-hop/rap music so popular in America (in this sense, I think the dreadlocks were a subtle hit below the belt to Lil Wayne…but maybe I’m reading too much into that) BUT everything in the music video communicates vulnerability through imagery of childlike gestures of ” (Hyung, noona) I’m really not a threat…although I might spew the words that conform to the stereotypes of the genre of music I write and perform on the alternate universe that is the stage, I’m really still only a cub”. Hence the use of BABY animals and children and how GD clearly identifies with them through the visuals (matching the tiger’s stripes in his fashion, the bear’s movements and partaking in child’s play, literally). Despite his gold protective head gear (a reference to his wealth and the public’s perception that this should suffice to protect him and therefore he “deserves” a free-for-all slapping about), GD gets KO’d real quick. We next see him in a chaotic dining room looking like the quintessential rebel but in reality (when the glasses fall off) he’s really a polished (almost artificial-looking) Europeanesque nobleman just trying to live up to the expectations that comes with always being in the public eye (ie, the camera).

    The scene where GD smashes his old costumes from his first album is my favorite in this whole mv. I actually bought GD’s first album. I really liked all the songs and I felt it was a real solid album. However, I remember thinking, even as I was listening to it back then, that he maybe rushed too fast into the solo project the way he did…it’s one thing to release a solo album, it’s another thing to release a fully SELF-COMPOSED solo album, especially at the tender age he did. I’m aware that GD has written a lot of songs for big bang’s albums and I’m not disputing his skills as a song-writer, BUT I’m not surprised that he was plagued with so many plaigirism accusations. I got the sense, listening to each of his songs on that album (all of which I loved, btw), that he was just exploding with eagerness to show his own colors, to impress with his own individuality and musical versatility, after writing with the interests of the band and needing to seek the balance and voice of the band, thereby suppressing his own voice to a degree, for so long. It would also only be natural that a gifted young man like him would also want to establish himself in the world of the “pro song writers” (could this be the metaphor of the tennis outfit?)…the “big boys”…”the adults”. However, being the eager, gifted youth that he was, he perhaps forgot to analyse and self-reflect how much of his compositions were more influenced from what he heard from others and how much were his own, truly his own, interpretations of those influences. And to me that showed in his first solo album. I’m by no means holding this against him, because that’s one of the great joys of witnessing the early oeuvre of a rising young artist…to see this unawareness that they are imitating other masters develop into a self-awareness that allows them to re-interpret and perhaps create something new as this self-awareness grows. I believe this is what the tennis smash scene illustrates…GD’s growth in recognition that his first album opus was, as eager and sincere as he was back then, essentially an act of conformity stemming from a desire to explode into adulthood (how old was he when he wrote that album…20? If so, that’s the traditional age of adulthood in Korea) without first understanding how much he was still a child and how that does and should influence his writing. He puts the cart and horse in the right order (ie, he takes back the step he skipped the first time round) in the final scene where his clothes and the presence of taeyang reflect his early days. It’s a bid to forge something new by way of giving proper respects to the old. He acknowledges his youth, his relative inexperience in the singer-songwriter scene, and embraces a mature humility that flies in the face of the bravado lyrics that the entire music video suggest is just a smokescreen anyways.

    Sorry for the long post, and please keep in mind that this is just my personal interpretation, nothing more nothing less.

    ps: This might really be reading too much into it but I can’t resist..Notice that GD wears Chanel and prominently displays the logo and also displays “Coco” on his forehead in that penultimate scene. Francophiles and fashion experts will know well that throughout her life the founder of Chanel (lovingly referred to as “Coco”) went to great lengths to hide the truth of her painful childhood (abandoned by father, grew up in orphanage, was a hostess girl…). She dreaded rejection and business failure if the truth of her origins was revealed to her elite and snobbish clientele. GD smashing the glass displays of his old costumes wearing Chanel is almost like him acknowledging that his first attempt at a fully self-composed album was driven by this Coco Chanel “spirit”, if I may use that term. I have a good feeling he’s on the right path to getting free from it ^^.

    • Hello Am so glad to see your comment ^_^
      And am happy that you agree with my views.. Regarding GD’s MV diverting completely from the lyrics I quite agree with your term ‘dramatic irony’ (GD is someone who is known for this… Note: Love song by GD just shows how dramatic one can get lol) and I really loved One of a kind because of it..
      The reason I love YGE artists is cos of the free reign they have and how they express their thoughts with music… even PSYs gangnam style had that attribute..it may seem all funny but there is much more beneath the surface..like how luxury is superficial and just day dreaming nearly 90% of the time. YGE artists really know their stuff…I like to see videos which have meaning rather than those which just involve dancing inside an artificial set or cases where people jus bounce around in different sets and scenarios to show that they have involved some concept *shudders at the latter versions*
      And with regards to the boxing scene it was a powerful scene in the video..It really touched cos as a bigbang fan everyone knows how much GD has gone through and how much he has grown up..
      Now about GD being hasty with his solo album..Nah I think being the guy he is 2009 was not too early for him to release his album but rather i think that GD never expected such a response..In other words he did nto realise his popularity..Mayb he never thought his songs will be analysed this closely and thus he made a mistake..But he learnt from his mistakes as can be seen with the new song.. Heartbreaker was indeed a heartbreaker for him..His first album which was a growing experience for him ^_^ But am glad he grew up well..
      And am personally not familiar with Chanel but even i felt that thrashing the glass was a break from his childhood and mayb what you have said has a significance too ^_^
      We can never know with GD man…he is too deep it astounds me..
      Lastly thanks for your insight and am glad I got to read such views about a video which i adore..
      All said and done GDs ‘This love’ is still my favourite though its a cover cos I loved that young GD and all that love for Miss J ws amazing LOL!!! and basically cos the video was simple and did not have too many subtle situations which needed deep analysis..it was just a boy drinking milk and singing about his girlfriend hahaha!!

  2. Oh, and another thing…

    Since the lyrics of One of a Kind are especially strong by Kpop standards, the Korean entertainment media/blogosphere for the most part are thinking that this song is directed against GD’s haters/anti-fans, but I don’t agree 100%. And here’s why:

    “네 형 네 누나 (아 왜그래요) what’s up
    아이고 심심하구나 (여보세요)
    네 형 네 누나 (아 왜그래요) what’s up
    아 잘나가서 아 죄송해요”

    Here GD is speaking to “hyung” and “noona” using polite speech reserved for elders and apologizing to them for his success, which leads me to believe that he is in fact directing this song to his sunbaes in the industry, many of whom he may also sincerely admire. There’s a saying in Korea that roughly translates to “I can cry with my neighbor (when s/he faces misfortune) but if s/he gets rich I get a stomachache”. Read between the lines, “my stomachache is especially severe if said neighbor is below me in the COnfucian pecking order…ie, younger than me, poorer than me, less educated than me, woman.” A person who gets this “stomachache” understandably finds it very difficult to look upon the successful person objectively, misinterpreting even the most innocuous acts from this successful person as an affront, veiled insult, arrogance or threat. I’ve seen this time and time again in Korean society, and I get the feeling GD is speaking to this.

    • LOL!!! If I start getting into the whole sunbaes and other entertainment companies getting ‘stomach ache’ cos of GD i can write about it all night!!
      GD Is talented period!!
      Which as you say some cant stomach it…and seeing him as a threat ofcourse will cause even a simple word changed into a complete monstrous comment…Sigh!! He got too rich when he ws too young..just like the lyrics.. .
      And yes even I dont think this is against antis..I have clearly stated this is a video about his life..He has told the facts in his life and he never means that he is accusing anyone! Yes he faced criticism and has been through loads of abuse ranging from ‘you die’ to ‘he is a shame to all’ but he jus conveys that he needs love and doesnt hate on the others…He jus accepts what the entertainment industry dishes him out and tries to keep his sanity… ^_^

    IT’s REALLY UP TO THE POINT….i think GD might thank u if he sees this review of yours…proud that i’ve seen it….thanks ^^
    imma share ur vids to all the place i know…hehe ^^

    Thnaks again ^^

  4. Best review/article I have read regarding this video and GD as a whole. Wow. I have been doing my share of analyzing since it came out, especially since it’s been getting so much criticism, but you pointing a few things that not even I thought about.

    Excellent review, everyone should read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions ^o^

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  6. Hi. First of all, sorry for my bad english (it’s not so bad, but i’m making a lot of mistakes).Secondly,thank you for the explanation of the lyrics/scenes,there were so many things I haven’t understood.
    But the reason why I’m writing this comment is to inform you about the following things:

    This music video is far from being something new in the world of KPop music videos. You clearly haven’t seen the music videos “Top – Turn It Up” or “GD & Top – Knock Out”. One Of A Kind is following 80% the same patterns of these 2 music videos.
    But, unfortunately, it doesn’t end here, there’s more:
    All these 3 music videos (TOP ~ Turn It Up , GD&Top ~ Knock Out , GD ~ One Of A Kind) are basically TRIBUTES brought to what is considered to be one of the best rap music videos filmed in the last 10 years, and that’s Snoop Dogg’s DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT. The animals,the kids,the sets,everything you see in these three(3) korean music videos are concepts taken from Drop It Like It’s Hot.

    Here are the youtube links, in order of their release:

    1.Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot (September, 2004)

    2.TOP – Turn It Up (June , 2010)

    3.GD&Top – Knock Out (January,2011)

    4.GD – One Of A Kind (August, 2012)

    If you are an objective person, after watching the videos that I posted you will understand that some parts that you wrote in the introduction of your article are simply not true. parts such as “he did not follow any american music video” , “something never before seen in K Pop Music video”, and “His video was so different from an american hip hop video like how salt is different from sugar”.

    I heard YG artists in many ocasions talking proudly about how they’ve been influenced by Snoop’s work.The fact that they proudly admit it is clear evidence that these 3 korean music videos are NOT “copies” as haters would say, but TRIBUTES. Both TOP and GD added their own flavour to the videos, and the results are brilliant, and even different in a many ways. But I really had to inform you about the origins of more than 70% of the concepts used in these 3 korean music videos. I hope you are not offended by my post. I’m a big kpop fan myself!

    • Hi there!!! ^_^
      I am very glad to get some ideas and would just like to share my views too…
      yeah turn it up and knock out are similar to each other and are also similar to a certain extent to one of a kind.. Maybe use of monkey in turn it up and the background and kids used in knock out do match ‘one of a kind’ !! But I would still think that One of a kind is a tad different from them…Mayb not much..But still when you look at Knock out/ Turn it up they are a bit normal but the visual scenes in One of a kind are very much stronger.. And have that hip hop feel more than the other two..But since we are talking about videos from the same group it is very hard to completely produce different videos..Turn It Up was TOP’s version of telling his story..right from his love for toys and to his nickname ‘Bingu’ he has rapped about everything in Turn It up..But TOP has not face as much criticism as GD and thus Turn It Up seemed more light and free..on the contrary while watching One of a kind both the lyrics and the video carry a heavy undercurrent of conveying GD’s message to the society.. TOP did Turn it up in his humorous and sexy style..While GD did it full of swag..I still say One of a kind is different..It shares about 30-40% similarity with the other two MVs. ^_^
      And regarding GD and snoop dogg..I havent heard that GD likes Snoop Dogg…So I dunno if it really is a tribute.. ‘Drop it like it is hot’ is a typical american hiphop style of video..And as i clearly stated One of a kind is NOT following that style..
      My reasons:
      #1 I dont have anything against Snoop Dogg but i find GD’s lyrics more pleasant to hear. one of the reason i lost interest in A pop was because of the increasing strong language which is totally not my thing.
      #2 GD had a story to tell.. One of a kind had some meaning..Anyone who watches one of a kind will know what he means by the Boxing scene even without any explanation. One does not need a 4000 word essay to know that the boxing scene means his pain from critcisms. Sadly i cannot say that for most of Hiphop vids. Most of em consist of singing inside a club or in a colorless background. And a huge amount of girls I still cant understand why or what role they serve.
      #3 GD’s fashion sense is completely different. He is not called a fahionista simply. He experiments with diff styles.. Mayb Snoop Dogg did wear braids in his video but just cause GD also had braids it does not mean he copied Snoop Dogg..And the same goes to people who say GD and Little Wayne are same cos they share same love for dreadlocks.. GD doesnt write songs which make one cringe..
      I believe I have stated my reasons why GD songs are not similar to american vids..this is just my opinion and one may agree or disagree..
      Anyways his next vid of ‘That XX’ looks like he may branch a little off into the sexy side of hiphop and lets see if there is any influence there…

  7. This is one of the best reviews I ever read. I like how you actually looked deeper in to the meaning instead of criticizing and bashing GD. Some of those meanings I never noticed before until I read this. I also noticed quite some others too but I’m not 100% positive if its true. The mug shots are basically others framing him for plagiarizing (I have to say that he looks quite good with those grandpa-like glasses xD). At the “phone call” part of the MV, he’s on a tablet reading all the comments but he’s still doing his work. Although he seems like he’s ignoring them all, he’s actually hurt by all of it. All those comments won’t stop him from doing what he loves and wants to do. And at the end he’s with Taeyang. It shows to me that he’s not as cold as many people say. GD with Taeyang also tells me that he has friends and his relationship with BigBang is not a business relationship but actual friendship. I can’t wait for his new song~ I’m so jumpy. I hate reading comments that say that a new song is coming out soon because I’m going to want to hear the song right now..

    • Hello Dinoo!!
      I really love the way you interpreted the tablet scene!! YES! It does look lik he is reading comments from net and ignoring it though getting hurt at same time…
      And BigBang shares a level of friendship which gets stronger with years and also as they face more controversies..
      GD moves very well with all members in his group and is indeed a friendly leader… So I think to him BB is just not work ^_^
      Dont worry am jumpy too!! Hearing its going to be 19+ MV is causing even more jitters LOL!!!

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  11. Woahh.. it maybe a little late for me to comment this. Hahah.. anyway, I can see you are pretty much GD-biased. I like GD a lot too, and have mad respect for him. And really glad someone review good thing about him. I found myself not too like this song at once as well as the mv. So much “visual shock” hahah.. But still the song grow on me. The hook is catchy though. And I fall with it, and it still in my playlist till now. And I can say the scene where he smashed his old costumes and when he portray two images (bad and good) in the dining table scenes, are my favorites, that just smart. I really dig this album too! And I love the concept ‘one of a kind’ in his album! He is indeed one of a kind. Overall, I love this album sounds more than his heartbreaker. But I love heartbreaker for him to be himself more than now. Listen to heartbreaker album, is just like GD’s personal diary. But this ooak album, half of it are party track, and the most personal I may say, was this “one of a kind” track. Oh I should just write about this mv, rite? I’m sorry for ranting too long hahah, guess I’m just excited..
    And for the snoop dog, I never heard he mention he like about snoop dogg. But I’m pretty sure he watched hiphop US dynamic. And GD was big fans of Pharrell, seeing the song above was Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell I can see, he’s also rather influenced. Ah I happened to see GD interview about his album, and he said he slightly inspired with Peso mv from ASAP Rocky.

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