Blow the Candles- 2AM Jo Kwon

Saengil Chukahae Jo Kwon!

The one who spreads happiness around and never fail to make us smile! A man of talent, charisma and determination. His voice makes our heart go “Thump Thump” and his craziness drives us crazy with joy! He is the man of variety show—>Oh! to the Jo Kwon moments!

Aigooo cute! What a weird way of growing up Kwonnie!Of course he doesn’t look like he has grown up a bit in heart!(No complaints there)But in looks though he is getting handsome and handsome by the day.

He also posted one another photo with a giant party hat and Baskin and Robins Cake(Looks delicious…slurrp)!

Tweet:“Having my birthday party at the same place for 12 straight years!! They made a giant birthday hat out of rolling paper!! It feels like I’m back to being a trainee >.< I love you all – Wonder Girls have a safe trip to the U.S.!! Watch out for the hurricane T.T.”

Enduring all the pain he went through as a trainee(longest serving trainee in JYP) he has worked hard to get to where he is right now.Thank You for working hard without giving up!

We wish you all happiness in the world  Kwonnie! ^^

Kwon is sharing his joy with his cute puppy ^^

I thank the Heavens for your Existence! Because you are awesome!!!

Image Credits: Owners,Tagged


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