G-Dragon takes us for a crazy spin with his title song ‘CrayOn’

It is finally out. G-Dragon released his new album after three years on Sep 15 and the music video for the title song was revealed yesterday. CRAYON was GD’s title song for the album ‘One of a kind’ and I did hear the song before the release of MV. Unfortunately Crayon did not impress me much like the other songs did but I was still reserving my judgement cos I wanted to see how the video would turn out to be.

Yep..That was a good decision cos boy did the video completely turn me over or what??!!!


CrayOn can be interpreted as Crazy On or a hybrid of CRAzy and GD’s Korean name jiYONg. Thus in short it means a crazy dragon is on loose ROFL. I really loved how the video made me want to jump and shout “Get Yo CrayOn”. It was quite a party song and meant to dance along with. As I had extensively talked about the hidden meaning behind his previous videos like ‘One of a Kind’ and ‘That XX’ I felt that I would dedicate this review as a complete fangirl’s spazzing. I don’t want to analyze too deeply but I just want to go with the crazy flow of events which is CrayOn.

Cos CrayOn is just that. A song to go crazy over. It had all the elements to make it fun and enjoyable and I think no one has an idea what the whole thing was about. And a small note to all. GD DID NOT COPY GANGNAM STYLE. To all those who are saying that Crayon resembles Psy’s song cos GD wants to hit it big in USA I just wanna say Get your facts straight.

GD and PSY are from the same label and both have different styles. Just because Gangnam style went viral it doesn’t mean GD has to follow it. He has his own charms and if he wants to hit it big in USA or any other place he can do it with his own brand of music. As far as I know BigBang has not been that active to promote themselves in USA like some of the other groups like SNSD, Wondergirls and more.

Infact BigBang and GD released full length english songs only at the beginning of their career and have only concentrated on Korean and Japanese songs in their later part. They have the talent to sing english songs or maybe take over the american charts but I feel that they are not that much interested. I feel that they want to take it slow and steady. So DON’T compare GD and Psy and criticize GD. His song was prepared months ago and am sure the concept of the video was decided ages ago before even gangnam style went viral.

I rather felt CrayOn was similar to GD & TOP’s Knock Out released in 2011 only this was crazier. The background and style of these videos match well and this again shows how CrayOn is not a rip off but just GD’s style of music

Now onto my spazzing review,


Get your crayon
Get your crayon
Head shoulders knees and toes

Swag check swag check
Head shoulders knees and toes
Swag check swag check

I’m still not inferior, yes I’m a pretty boy,
I fly off so flyyy, a punk boy,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
I’m busy, oppa you’re bad, baaad boy
I’m a G to the D, Gold N Diamonds boy,
Who told you I’m not, U know I beez that,
Today’s DJ, I’m Cheol and you’re Miae
Miss Miss, I’m a pure Ji Yong Chy,
Come here cutie, you’re boyfriend is just,
I’m sorry that I cannot support him
You’re a bit like my ideal girl,
So give me some Kim TaeHee and Kim HuiSun, Oh my god, Jun JiHyun.

Why so serious?
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your crayon
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your
Why so serious?
Come on girls Come on boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon Come on girls Come on
boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon
Head shoulders knees and toes swag

My credit card is black, just use it infinitely,
This music is crack, spin the track infinitely.
To all people who lost their sense, I’m a persimmon tree
A tenacity that I’m not discouraged by the sniffish
Whether you’re odds or sods, without prejudice, CRAYON,
Whether you’re best or yahoo, without discrimination, CRAYON
One two three four, come here and there,
Spinning it, calmly slow it down, run faster if you’re bored.
Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, clapping your hands,
Singing the songs, dance together with joy
RingaRingaRing, change your partner,
Head shoulders knees and toes, shake your body ROCK

Why so serious?
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your crayon
Get your crayon Get your crayon Get your cray Get your
Why so serious?
Come on girls Come on boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon Come on girls Come on
boys Come on come on Get your crayon crayon
Head shoulders knees and toes swag

Credit: Kpoplyrics

Basically CrayOn’s lyrics is not meant to have a deep meaning. It is jus fun and doesn’t convey a message. A rap which can make one dance and sing along.

Am sure that this phrase ‘Why so serious‘ will be the most used in the coming weeks. And GD basically says he has swag from Head to toe. YAH!! GD like we didn’t know that from seeing your song ‘One of a kind’. He sings about his ideal types *Really laughed at this part in the video gosh*

This does seem similar to One of a kind cos the lyrics seem boastful but in fact it is quite funny when One of a kind seemed to be a bit more strong. He talks about how he is rich by referring that he is Gold N Diamond boy and also flaunts his black credit card. And Get yo CrayOn is used throughout the song to show the crazy on mood. YEP am crazy on you GD!!! Why so serious!


Now here comes the crazy part..

The video opens to Ji wearing a wonder woman robe and sleeping on a bed. Then we see the TV switching on and a Scientist/Doc GD looking at the file of a person named G-Daegol. Note that G-Daegol is the name used by antis for GD and the way he uses it shows jus how much he really thinks that this nickname is funny.

This nutty scientist aka doctor *comeon look at his accessories soo long which spells he is ‘different’* is seeing the records of his patient G-Daegol who is none other than crazy GD who is lying on the typical psychologist bed. This patient GD is apparently crazy and has weird imaginations. Doc GD looks at his readings and is amused and makes the hand motion showing he is crazy. GD by any chance are you calling yourself crazy???? got it dude!

Then we have a look into the crazy GD’s mind and the entire video is only that. I would just point my favorite parts in the video cos there is not a constant flow in the way the video moves just like how our mind is cluttered crazy GDs mind is also a whirlwind of scenes.


Woot Woot!!! we have a cameo of  Topless GD in the video and this small fact boosted the song very high in my eye. GD did not go topless in many sexy videos but he does this in a video which looks like an insight into the daily happenings of his life. Way to go bro!!

Crazy GDs world open with a waking GD slowing walking to the bathroom as he strips his robe displaying his sexy back and then proceeds to shave his non-existent beard. Wait!! did we skip the brushing teeth thing? isn’t it supposed to be the first? But who cares! This is a crazy world so no rules..*apparently there are brushing tooth topless Ji pics in promo pictures but it was edited out in MV to make it more crazier LOL*

wow!!! so many tattoos!! Basically describes his mindset ‘Wreckless, Forever Young, Smile etc.’ Just hot.

GD and his friends:

Throughout the video GD hangs with his friends inside his room. Interesting fact is people who acted as his friends in the video were his real life freinds aka the nuthang gang – GDs buddies on the couch. He goes all “Get yo crayon” with them in the room and it turns all messy. Things flying around, People wearing paper bag masks, Wrestling, Guy wearing no pants Yep that happened LOL!!

And at the end of the video many people come into his room and start dancing it was adorable the way he kept jumping around. I really loved the moment he was spinning around with the camera. He looked like such a small kid winking at camera and all.

G Lady:

This was most shocking part of the video..

GD and his friends are watching Tv while they see a hot lady walking. The lady turns and what do you know it is G-Dragon himself. Wahahahaha!!

And the accompanying lyrics was,

You’re a bit like my ideal girl,
So give me some Kim TaeHee and Kim HuiSun, Oh my god, Jun JiHyun.

OMG!! Does this mean GD’s ideal type is GD??? Well she sure is beautiful.. Why so serious??

This is GD and his friends reactions on seeing G lady so am not the only one shocked and in awe I see!!


This is where the inner pervert in G-Dragon was revealed LOL!!! He is hitting the drum as two girls are dancing near him and then he slyly glances at them as his nose enlarges! Pretty much seals the deal about our innocent boy image!! I love Ginocchio kekeke!!

Fantasy world of GD:

I really have no idea what this part of the MV was about but GD seemed to do weird things here..

  • He had a romantic ballet like dance with his partner Rubber Duck Yey!! Dragonduck is my new OTP..
  • He played Newton by analyzing the falling apple under the force of gravity..
  • He had a bonding moment with a Frankenstein like monster *I really can’t understand this but Ji’s booty shake in a tight skirt just made my day*..
  • He rode a toy car catastrophically *This guy certainly needs lessons*

This fantasy world with fun background effects was too random and incomprehensible. But made one snort with laughter that BigBang’s leader is an adorable dork and can make you both laugh and cry with his music..

There were many other fun moments but I loved these moments more ^_^

Finally as the video closes and as GD bounced onto the bed we see the Doc GD is transported onto the bed. Seems all his methods to look into Crazy GDs mind ultimately transported him into the CrayOn world..

Welcome Doc GD..Get yo CrayOn!!


I seriously must talk about the fashion here.. I really loved all the accessories he used here. And some were custom made especially the necklace he wore from a box at the beginning. And when he was shaving though I was initially distracted by the man and the tattoos I eventually realized that I love the earrings. Though the clothes were too colorful especially the pastel color pants it did suit the mood. But the Thom Browne collection used for Frankenstein version was different and slightly weird.However as I am used to seeing Ji in skirts it wasn’t much of a shock.

The part where GD is acting as the one who is passing the crazy images to crazy GD look at the brand he is wearing.


Like Givenchy!! hahaha!! Crazy GD indeed! is he gonna release a fashion brand in that name? Well am sure many will be happy to hear that news!

I really appreciate the visual effects and the fashion of this video as these made the video even more enjoyable. As I said I really dig GD’s numerous accessories like the batman earring worn by crazy GD and the pointed one worn while shaving and many more.

Credit of pics and GIFs: owners, tagged, i dont not own them

What was your fun moment in CrayOn Mv??

Should I review the songs which have no MV but are part of ‘One of a Kind’ album?

P.S. I keep using this pic and gif cos I am in love with this particular scene..excuse my fetishes people!!

Note: If Gifs dont work jus click em

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9 thoughts on “G-Dragon takes us for a crazy spin with his title song ‘CrayOn’

  1. Though i felt that this is another mv dedicated to haters XD i like all your reviews! If you want to review the other songs that’ll be great. You make them more understandable

  2. This is a cool review. When you said the file name is what antis give gd. Then i thought the professor must be anti.. Calling gd crazy. That explains the ending. And everything makes sense too… Not so random anymore lol. I look forward to your take on the other songs too 🙂

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