Who is a macho guy?

I dunno what our college guys thought posting this photo up on our college fb group page. Korean drama and kpop might seem girly on surface but they do have stuffs for the macho guys. There are already guys in our college who are comfortably curled up watching Korean dramas(only too macho to come out of the closet…lol). Watching ‘Spiderman’, ‘X-Men’ and ‘Expandables ‘ doesn’t mean you are boyish-just that you like action. So for me if a guy is watching ‘Boys over flowers’ it does not make him any less macho than the one watching action movies.
Hotness could not entirely mean six packs for girls except for the ones like him…lol
Sometimes it can just be cute dimples,nice eyes, cute smile, pretty hair or just the angelic voice!


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