BigBang SeungRi turns twitter into a variety show!

You might all know the maknae aka the youngest of BigBang Lee SeungRi.. He is known very much for his bickering talk as much as his looks and talent. Well I thought SeungRi’s hilarious speeches and actions were reserved only for the Korean TV shows..

Apparently not!

On 19th SeungRi started a twitter account which kept tweeting messages of ‘I am me..made to study english’ Many were skeptical about this account. Because the owner seemed to be out of his mind. Tweeting funny stuff and even tweeting all SeungRi’s fanclub twitter accounts. And the english was seriously hilarious stuff with phrases thrown in which made people end up with stitches.










Finally some doubt was alleviated cos YG official twitter and some other staff members started following @ForvictoRi

But the most awaited following was whether Taeyang and G-Dragon would follow him back!

Nope his ‘Hyongs’ did not reply his aegyo filled pleas. And he ended up being depressed and was contemplating ‘free-falling’ from his apartment ROFL! And Taeyang hyong responded to his maknae…GD has not replied him directly until now because I think he has curled up somewhere due to the embarrassing tweets of his dongsaeng.

And SeungRi got verified within 2 days..But sadly that marked his end of twitter variety show madness.. He deleted more than 100 tweets and only left images of his which he searched from google and uploaded. A meagre of 6 tweets. And now he is tweeting barely about censored stuff which makes sense and thus seems too boring.

LOL!! But for past two days.. he is just changing his header picture, display picture and funnily his Bio!

The latest bio seems like he is quoting the warnings he got and the reason he had to censor himself..

‘Once the tweet goes out, it cant be taken back kkkk’


LOL!! So true..Will we see the SeungRi who made into the world trending list with just his hilarious tweets make a fun-filled comeback in twitter? Or will it forever be censored and remain the normal celebrity twitter profile?

Credit of pics: owner and tagged


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