TVXQ- The “Humanoids” from the future

Grip up for we are going to travel into the future- a future with Robo Hotties-The TVXQ Humanoids.


The song is a good old electronic pop song and gets into your head after multi-mutiple listens. Either way the song is a good-listen standing safely in between “love it” and “hate it”.Since the song by itself had lesser potential than “catch me”, I expected better theme and concept development.


There were so many gears (like the kind we find in clock) in the set to show that they are from the future. Not much of concept development has been done on this “clock work” theme. But the zapping choreography of the song deviates our attention a little bit. Given the title I expected a genuine robotic moves but I cant complain much. The levitating gears and light effects adds class to the MV. The set as such is not very much creative- Frankly I am hugely reminded of the sets in “Sexy.Free and Single” only the sets here are black and white.

I tried to interpret whatever was expressed through the poorly developed plot and the good backing lyrics. My guess is that time may be the critical factor in our future(shown by how the clock pieces teleport the duo back and forth) but its our choices(Shown by whether they choose the teleporting clocks) and acceptance(that they are humanoids) that will really affect our future.

The duo wore shiny jackets throughout the MV- are they trying to say shiny would be the future fashion trend or they are gonna shine in the near future? Whatever it is the shiny jackets is a positive attention in the song. As for the fashion department of the song-they aced. The shiny jackets were not irritating shiny and the colour selection was wise. I especially loved the saffron and green coloured jackets- It reminded me of our national flag.

My final verdict- People expect flat-out fantastic from this duo. So they did not live upto the expectations.

*clears throat* MV Rating-2.5/5


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