Vintage revivals- Love Rain


Retro or vintage fashion is something that never goes out of style- now and ever. Yoona’s fashion statement as Yoon Hee(Mom YoonaYoon ) in Love rain was without doubt a fine fashion inspiration.

Everything about the image of Yoon Hee was “Fine and Soft” – A fine Young lady,soft spoken,fine clothings,soft colors,fine hair and soft makeup. 

1 snsd yoona love rain kim yoonhee

Light coloured flowery patterned dress complemented with dark coloured cashmere or tweed plus high collar and classic white embroidery at the neckline.All this topped with a cute smile gives her a graceful appearance.



With conservative hemline and ankle-length socks she wore a low heeled ballets giving us old high school reminiscence.




Free flowing straight hair, long sleeves and nude colored watch brings out her obvious shy-image.


The complementarity in the colors of the layers is the one, single rule in the fashion statement.



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