Vintage revivals- Love Rain


Retro or vintage fashion is something that never goes out of style- now and ever. Yoona’s fashion statement as Yoon Hee(Mom YoonaYoon ) in Love rain was without doubt a fine fashion inspiration.

Everything about the image of Yoon Hee was “Fine and Soft” – A fine Young lady,soft spoken,fine clothings,soft colors,fine hair and soft makeup. 

1 snsd yoona love rain kim yoonhee

Light coloured flowery patterned dress complemented with dark coloured cashmere or tweed plus high collar and classic white embroidery at the neckline.All this topped with a cute smile gives her a graceful appearance.



With conservative hemline and ankle-length socks she wore a low heeled ballets giving us old high school reminiscence.




Free flowing straight hair, long sleeves and nude colored watch brings out her obvious shy-image.


The complementarity in the colors of the layers is the one, single rule in the fashion statement.



[0]-[0]Glasses on [o]-[o] looks classy or cheesy?

Hyun Bin- Definitely Bossy !

Jang Keun Suk- Vintage!

Shin Min Ah- Cool as Ice


Lee Min Ho- Very Casual Very Sexy!

Park Shin Hye- Cute Kitty!

JaeJoong- Devastatingly Hot!

JYJ- Funky!


 Kim Hyu Joong- Nerdy Mr Ji Hoo/ Baek Seung Jo

IU- Dorkkyyyy




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Dolled up and prettier than dolls

Dolled up and prettier`than dolls

Lets face it we have always wanted barbie and wanted to be a barbie. With flawless skin and carved features there are korean stars who even beat the dolls with their real charm crawling over their doll-like appearance.


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What is life without Nail art?


Idols’ Colour Explosion – Dye and Try different colours!

Dyeing ones’ hair in all possible colours is quite a common practise among K idols! When I see some of the colours these guys use am reminded of all the cartoons and animes that I watched ages ago..One thing is clear these guys pull off such weird fashion with style and not many of us will have to courage to be caught with these bright hair!
Some Idols appear many times in this list simply because they are the ultimate fashion experts who have tried all possible colours! KUDOS TO ALL!!!
It’s raining colours people!


Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)

G Dragon(BigBang)


Ricky(Teen Top)







G Dragon(BigBang)

Bang Yong Guk(BAP)


GD & TOP(BigBang)



Bang Yong Guk(BAP)











Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)



G Dragon(BigBang)

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Which is your favourite colour which suits the idols??

I really love purple and pink!! These colours are normally labelled girly but it looks smashing on these hot guys !!!


LOL!!!! Fangirling Mode ON!!!!!!

The perfect way to express emotions – Guyliner!!

So what is the deal with K Guys and eyeliners? Eyeliners are quite common among K idols and actors and has been used continuously by almost all.

What first caught my attention about this eyeliner or a better term Guyliner was Hwang Tae Kyung! Strangely I was repelled due to the guyliner and actually did not like HTK!!

But then as ‘You’re Beautiful’ progressed I saw how even men can rock eyeliners!

Here is the surprised Guyliner look!

Here is the romantic Guyliner look!

And How not ruin your Guyliner look!

Now I have changed my bias towards Guyliners! K-Guys can rock em if it suits em!

So can you guess who are the owners of these attractive Guyliner eyes?

BIGBANG!! These guys really show how different styles of guyliner can still give the sexy effect and wild emotions!

Taeyang,Daesung,G-Dragon,SeungRi and TOP.

For their Dazed photoshoot! Mesmerizing!!

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K-Guys Fairy ‘Tails’

Here is a wonderful Korean Fairy Tale(Tail) about the K hotties!

Once upon a time in Hottie K-Town there was a man so perfect he was called walking sculpture..

His long hair HEATED UP during summer and so he decided to pin it up.

Give it up for Kim Hyun Joong!

Meanwhile in the K-town six pack club a Suju hottie Choi Siwon was working out and he had on his ‘gym’ ponytails!

Heart Skips a beat!!

The SHinee Super Juniors Minho and Leeteuk while singing sexily at the Karaoke bar decide to sport couple ponytails!

Seeing this Donghae also wanted to join in the fun! He stole a mike and Leeteuk’s neck bow and started grooving to the music!

And finally it was Picture time!!Yesung joined Donghae and took cute couple ponytail photos!

Next day Lee Hong Ki saw Leeteuk having energy drink by himself and he got upset that Leeteuk did not share with him! sob sob!

To the rescue comes Power Buff Guyz Jang Keun Suk(Blossom), Rain (Bubbles) and Heechul (Buttercup)! They buy an ice-cream for their cute dongsaeng!

Hongki loved the ice-cream so much that he wore an ice-creamie pony tail!

Peace once again reigned in K-Town!

All the K-fan girls were happy and blew big kisses to the K-Hotties! Just like Heechul does!


—The End—

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SNSD’s Glam look for Watch CF

SNSD Girls’ Generation are the current endorsers for Casio Baby G watches and the behind the scene videos of the photoshoot was released.

Just one word! GLAM! The 9 girls sported glittery and chic outfits and the watches blended so wellwith them. Some of those girls had a cute cuddly look like Seohyun and Sooyoung who were adorable while some others anchored the sexy womanly look. Yoona with her glittering black dress which had sparkly white stones and sequins complemented her white watch perfectly.

Another part of the CF also had them wearing cute sports outfits. Aiming for the cheerleader look?

A nice contrast between sports wear and party wear! Guess they wanted to highlight that the watches are multipurpose LOL!

As always I loved the concept of Korean CFs! They never fail to amaze me with the thought and hard work they put into their ads. Their ads always have a polished look!

In this CF the last screen showing the 9 girls and their corresponding watches just made our choices even more difficult. In short I loved all the watches and would love me some Baby G if they are not outrageously costly!!


Sexy and Daring Photoshoots – Yoon Eun Hye Vs Lee Hyori!

I was so amazed by some photos which I saw in the internet. They were photoshoots of popular Korean stars. But what amazed me about them was their ‘Bare-skin’ approach. I never knew our cute K stars can also rock the smoky and sultry looks like a pro.

I was especially captivated by two stars. I will post their not so innocent photo shoots which displays that those InNOcent ladies also have a wild streak

Here is Lee Hyori. She is a popular singer and has won many awards and is quite wide known for her sexy style.

Whew!!!! I am completely surprised.. Lee Hyori has got the right body to carry off all those poses! She is a small tornado indeed.

Well Lee Hyori may be a familiar face to K Pop Fans and so as an Idol her photo shoots may seem just another day’s work.

But what if someone you have seen frequently in dramas does those above shots?

WOW!! and that is where Yoon Eun Hye who acts the  inexperienced gal in hit dramas enters the picture..

YEH’s photoshoots..

Well well well!! Am Dazed by YEH!!

She has put her long limbs to good use! Where Hyori was a short tornado, YEH is a dynamo!

My Verdict:

Lee Hyori is quite a good poser but what made me gasp more was YEH! I totally didn’t recognize her when I first saw the pics because in my mind YEH was still the tomboyish looking Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince who everyone mistook for a boy. And to think that She had all this hiding inside. I knew YEH was a hardworking artist but I also find that she is a beautiful woman through and through.

So my vote goes for YEH who is a chameleon who can change from a sweet tomboy to a H.O.T woman who makes anyone DAZED!!

And I would like to rephrase some things in my mind. For me Hallyu has always been about Sweet romantic dramas and movies filled with love and humor, music which makes your heart melt though you don’t understand the lyrics. But Hallyu is just not that. It can also deliver Sexy with a daring touch which doesn’t make one cringe or look away in disgust.

Just wondering if K Guys also do such daring shoots LOL!! Investigation mode!!!

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Here are some

Alien makeover for TARA’s Hyomin and Jiyeon

TARA’s Hyomin and Jiyeon are apparently gonna change their hairstyles(obviously for their comeback album). So they are coloring their hair and we all know while dyeing you are supposed cover your dyed hair with foil. These two cutie pies looked like aliens with the foil in the hair and salon robe…keke..Hyomin got a hint of it too and she tweeted, “Two aliens are having snacks”. The yellow colored dish is called ddukbokki (Some kind of rice cake)and the dark brown colored one is soondae(Boiled intestines…Sorry vegans ^^).We can see some of their hair peeking out ^^ ( Jiyeon is turning blonde and Hyomin a red head). Netizens have commented that Jiyeon is looking good in Blonde hair and I think she looks absolutely adorable too!!

And these are their new hairstyles after their alien hair

Hot Goldie in street Look!

Fiery Lava Girl Look!

What is Life without a little K-Nail Art?

Hello to all those K-fashion addicts!!

I am sure many of us just adore the style of K idols and actors. Sometimes one among the masses does something differently and it stands out. Today one such star who outshine others and thus captured the attention of us K-gurus was,

Lee Hong Ki!!

If you are a K-POP fan I am sure you would have been impressed by the outstanding vocals of  Idol boy group FT Island`s singer Hong Ki.

And if you are a K-Drama fan you would have been impressed and grown to love the cute Jeremy from the infamous You’re beautiful!

So either way one would know about Lee Hong Ki.. But here is an interesting fact not only is he an awesome singer and a cute actor he is also an avid nail art expert. He loves experimenting with mani-pedi and is always happy to share his hobby with his fans through twitter and variety shows.

Here is Lee Hong Ki`s awesome nail arts,

Click to see larger Images!

LOL!!! Gurus are very much impressed by his passion and even more shocked by the expense!! Reportedly he spent $8000 USD (Approx 4 lakh INR) to do a design with diamonds!! Here is what he said about it,

“It was candle luxury nail art so taking care of it was hard. I had to lift my finger in order to wash my hair.”

Why go to all the trouble then?

Hong Ki`s answer, “Once a week, I get my nails done… it’s not weird. When my nails are done well, I feel good. It’s an art.”

Ahh!!! so its an art and so he loves to do it as an appreciator of art!

Hong Ki`s design are all vivid and stands out just like him. I love the emo designs he tries,

And my favorite of all was his pedi art!!

That black background with just the art in his big toe was awesome!

*Wondering if we can do it over here!!*

What do you guys think about Hong Ki`s art? Is it cute,hot or bleh?

Maybe Hong Ki has a different and a strangely cute hobby but to me he is one Cute K Guy!! My Jeremy!!LOL

Credit: Allkpop,, tagged

BB creams- Korean magic cream for flawless YOU

If you are K-addict I am sure you would have heard about BB cream. I heard it once; twice; thrice ; another time and that was it. Time for some internet digging!!!

So what is this BB cream?

BB cream or the blemish balm is a famous cosmetic which is used by at least 85% of Korean women. The Korean stars claim that BB cream was the secret of their “Angel-like” flawless beauty. This created an obsession with the Korean women like the good old “Fair And Lovely” obsession in India. But it is nothing like fair and lovely (which makes you neither lovely nor fair). So then what does it do? It makes your skin look flawless. You might say a makeup does the same. But BB cream is one step ahead. It makes your skin look natural flawless.

You will be yourself; only better.

It does not give the masked look that a normal makeup does. Impressive, right? The best part is it is not bad for your skin and does not clog your pores like a foundation does.

Now for the next business- How to get hold of one?

BB creams are terribly limited to South East Asian “Pretty boys’” countries. There are some E-bay sellers in India who claim to have the original Korean BB creams. But we cannot be 100% sure when it comes to E-bay. People say the best product is BRTC and luckily the company offers worldwide delivery in its site. But the BRTC product comes under high cost end. The only BB cream available in Indian stores is the one by Maybelline. It has pretty decent reviews and seems to work well for Indian skin. It does not cover dark spots well enough but evens out the skin tone real good.

Don’t worry if the product is not available in your local drug store. Plenty of online shops like Urbantouch, violetbag, medplusbeauty etc are there for the rescue. It does not hurt to try it once, does it?