Welcome back Hyun Bin!

Finally after serving his country Hyun Bin returns to his native Korean Entertainment much to the delight of his fans. Serving military is a honour for every Korean man and Hyun Bin was in tears at the fact that he had to leave the marines.


On his comeback he has commented “Since I couldn’t act during my vacations, I’d go to places where hoobaes were acting and would watch them and think about it… But now, the time has come for me to be able to act again, and as much as everyone has waited for me, I want to work hard in preparing to show you the acting I’ve wanted to do. I have stored all the energy that I’ve received as a soldier, so I will return energy back to everyone,”

Celebrating his return-Kpop Group SISTAR wrote on twitter,“We couldn’t meet you so we are writing on twitter. Hyun Bin Oppa! We sincerely congratulate you on your discharge from the military. We would like to see you in cool new productions now. We will also always support you!”. They also organised a friendly party to honour his return.


My Magic Man with 10 things from Korean Artists!!

Accept it-You have been dreaming about him as long as you can remember. His characters and looks keeps changing as you grow-because as you grow so does he. He has no face until we find him;in this world or other.We come across people day by day and get impressed by one or many of their “things” and add it to our “list” for finding him;the mission perfect man-the Magic Man.I am no different a mortal needing a life of different colors beside my magic man. 

Here is my list of ten things I want in my magic man;Inspiration K Artists!

#1 Killer Smile


#2 Guitar Guy


#3 Angelic Voice


#4 4D Personality


#5 Cute Dimples




#6 Groove and Shake like them!


#7 Sculpted Muscles


#8 Sexy Accent


#9 Dress Suave


#10 Know How to Gangnam Style..LOL…Dress Classy Dance Cheesy 😉


Confessions of a kpop fan

Before travelling down to the the kpop town I used to be a die-hard addict of old school rock music.  The western music of nowadays is getting exceedingly meaningless and does attach to my soul and emotions.I am nearly maxed out of all the abusive(sometimes meaningless) R-rated rap lyrics.I am not an antifan of rap or anything;in fact I am a fan of the genre but in the current rap scenario most of the songs are just plain swearing!! It is fun for a while to listen to the f- words. But after a while it has become brain tiring and left me completely shallow. I cannot sing these songs in public nor can I understand most of it.

Like anything under the sun there are deviations from this current stereotype. What about “Millionaire” by Travie? Thanks to the lyrics penned by Bruno Mars the lyrics are truly enjoyable-there are swearing here and there still the song is meaningful. I wish all songs that comes make sense like this one! For some time now I am totally stuck on classic seventies western music.
Omg! Forgive me rambling! Coming to point -what gets me hooked up on kpop?
I would say the first thing is the feel and emotions conveyed through the song. Nearly all the kpop artists have mastered the art of seducing our emotions-I think its their innate talent. They talk to you even without needing a language.
When I hear a Korean song – I wouldn’t understand the lyrics but I would still get the feel of the song. Without even trying the chorus and beat gets stuck in my mind! Then I browse and find the English lyrics of the song which pulls me even closer to the song.

Another diamond of kpop is the mv! From flawless choreography to interesting costume concept kpop tries to deliver the best.
The key aspect which makes the kpop stand out is the fan services. I haven’t seen any western artists connect to the fans as much as the Korean artists do. The variety shows the stars so not only brings them fame but also ties up better relationship with the fans.
The kpop artists have pained and strained for years to debut. They have not sprouted just like a mushroom in rain rather have been nourished by years of training.

After the idols do become popular celebrities their schedule gets packed up and they seldom get time for their personal stuffs. They sacrifice nearly every aspect of normal life.these kind of sacrifices and dedication wins the sentiments of the fans.
The next big thing of kpop is the social networking. Most of the idols are active in social networking sites like Twitter, weibo etc and keeps the fans updated. This plus all the fan clubs, fanbases and blogs like ours driving the hallyu wave ,it is hitting the world faster than the tsunami! Dont you agree?

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How K Dramas and K Pop affect normal life? Statistical Analysis !

Here are some funny pie charts on how one normal person’s life is affected by Hallyu wave..

A perfect excuse to all yah single ladies!!LOL!!! So all our Oppa’s are in Seoul 

 A rich man or a good looking man!! Hard to choose! So let’s just fly to South Korea and pick our choice…

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I AM-An all idol documentary movie

S M entertainment has been the brain behind many notable hallyu legends for many years now. “I AM” is a documentary revolving around the artists from S M Entertainment right from their training days to debut and their current success in the industry. It has the casting of almost all your…sorry our favorite stars. The movie has been released in many asian countries and is a huge box office hit. Why wouldn’t it be? It has all the stars of hallyu sky! Unfortunately for us Indians, we have to wait for the DVD version to be released and order it online:(. We are always far away from K-world and its glamour. Hope we have a better K-future here.Anyways back to the business! The movie presents us with the story of hard work, wait, passion and moment of glory of our favorite stars. For a k-addict its an absolute must watch.

The Shining Stars of the movie:



Choi Si-won 

Choi Soo-young 



Girls’ Generation 



Jong Hyun 

Kang Ta



Kwon Yoo-ri 


Lee Dong-hae 









Sin Dong-hee 




Super Junior 





Victoria Song 



Alien makeover for TARA’s Hyomin and Jiyeon

TARA’s Hyomin and Jiyeon are apparently gonna change their hairstyles(obviously for their comeback album). So they are coloring their hair and we all know while dyeing you are supposed cover your dyed hair with foil. These two cutie pies looked like aliens with the foil in the hair and salon robe…keke..Hyomin got a hint of it too and she tweeted, “Two aliens are having snacks”. The yellow colored dish is called ddukbokki (Some kind of rice cake)and the dark brown colored one is soondae(Boiled intestines…Sorry vegans ^^).We can see some of their hair peeking out ^^ ( Jiyeon is turning blonde and Hyomin a red head). Netizens have commented that Jiyeon is looking good in Blonde hair and I think she looks absolutely adorable too!!

And these are their new hairstyles after their alien hair hibernation..lol..

Hot Goldie in street Look!

Fiery Lava Girl Look!

Why is Fourteenth the favorite date for Koreans?

We all know that February 14 is Valentine ’s Day and is one of the memorable days of someone in relationship. But the Koreans have 14th of every month of the year except April  as an unofficial day of celebration for someone in relationship.

Jan 14Diary Day– Have you found someone so trusting that you can share you deepest emotions and secrets with him/her? Then is there a more perfect way than exchanging your diary? A diary symbolises one soul and one can only exchange  their soul with their soulmate!

Feb 14 Need I say more? Anyone who has lived long enough to the meaning of word “love”  will know 14th of Feb is Valentine’s Day.

Mar 14 It seems like the Korean women give chocolates to men they like on Valentine’s Day and the men return their love on “White day” by buying the women chocolates and gifts.

Apr 14– White is over! The next is Black Day! This is the only 14th of the whole year given to single people. The single people go out, freak out and have fun. “Being single rocks”

May 14Rose day– Rose has always been “THE” flower of the lovers. So this day the loved ones exchange roses.

Jun 14Kiss Day– My personal favourite 14th.  Who wouldn’t wanna kiss? #muwahhhh#

Jul 14Silver Day– It may sound materialistic but women loooove jewellery. It is defaultly coded in their DNA. So there is no better way to show your love than getting her something shiny and silver.

Aug 14Green Day– Sounds “Go Green” right? You take a day off and take your loved one to a stroll somewhere green and pleasant!

Sep 14Photo Day– Let this day be the most memorable day of the year with as many “clicks” as possible.

Oct 14 WineDay– “Wine” is considered exotic in Korea and having wine with your love of life makes the wine certainly exotic!

Nov 14 Movie Day– The first step in the “mission love” is lunch date with a movie and 14th is perfect for it!

Dec 14 Hug Day– The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word “hug day” was A R Rehman’s “JIYA SE JIYA” MV where everyone shares free hugs. Hug him/her on this special day and feel the warmth of love!

Feautured Image Credits: Korea.com