Idols’ Colour Explosion – Dye and Try different colours!

Dyeing ones’ hair in all possible colours is quite a common practise among K idols! When I see some of the colours these guys use am reminded of all the cartoons and animes that I watched ages ago..One thing is clear these guys pull off such weird fashion with style and not many of us will have to courage to be caught with these bright hair!
Some Idols appear many times in this list simply because they are the ultimate fashion experts who have tried all possible colours! KUDOS TO ALL!!!
It’s raining colours people!


Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)

G Dragon(BigBang)


Ricky(Teen Top)







G Dragon(BigBang)

Bang Yong Guk(BAP)


GD & TOP(BigBang)



Bang Yong Guk(BAP)











Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)



G Dragon(BigBang)

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Which is your favourite colour which suits the idols??

I really love purple and pink!! These colours are normally labelled girly but it looks smashing on these hot guys !!!


LOL!!!! Fangirling Mode ON!!!!!!


K-Guys Fairy ‘Tails’

Here is a wonderful Korean Fairy Tale(Tail) about the K hotties!

Once upon a time in Hottie K-Town there was a man so perfect he was called walking sculpture..

His long hair HEATED UP during summer and so he decided to pin it up.

Give it up for Kim Hyun Joong!

Meanwhile in the K-town six pack club a Suju hottie Choi Siwon was working out and he had on his ‘gym’ ponytails!

Heart Skips a beat!!

The SHinee Super Juniors Minho and Leeteuk while singing sexily at the Karaoke bar decide to sport couple ponytails!

Seeing this Donghae also wanted to join in the fun! He stole a mike and Leeteuk’s neck bow and started grooving to the music!

And finally it was Picture time!!Yesung joined Donghae and took cute couple ponytail photos!

Next day Lee Hong Ki saw Leeteuk having energy drink by himself and he got upset that Leeteuk did not share with him! sob sob!

To the rescue comes Power Buff Guyz Jang Keun Suk(Blossom), Rain (Bubbles) and Heechul (Buttercup)! They buy an ice-cream for their cute dongsaeng!

Hongki loved the ice-cream so much that he wore an ice-creamie pony tail!

Peace once again reigned in K-Town!

All the K-fan girls were happy and blew big kisses to the K-Hotties! Just like Heechul does!


—The End—

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K Drama Kisses Part 3 – Kisses that ‘stoned’ girls


Now! Now! We are totally against drugs. The girls here are stoned not by the “entertainment drug” but by the “love drug”. The are so mesmerized and taken back that they show no reaction whatsoever to the kiss. The just stare widely and blankly!!

Heartstrings- Concert Kiss:

Who thought that Lee Sin kissed Lee Gyoo-wo at his public concert?!! Actually I did *giggles* But obviously Gyoo-Wo did not! She is totally surprised and does not know how to react. So she decides not to react at all! LOL. It was like Lee Sin was practising kissing on a ceramic doll! <She does look like a doll> Watch out dear his fans become your anti-fans after this!!

Playful Kiss- The First One:

How not to let a girl get over a crush on you?? Simple -Grab her; Kiss her;Leave her stoned. This is what our genius did to cutie pie Oh Ha Ni! This girl was “Happy , confused and surprised” and how can she show all this three reactions? So her system’s output went haywire and returned a “BLANK FACE” keke

Love Rain- “Fountain kiss”

This has got to be the longest stoned kiss I have ever seen. Yoon Na does not even move her hair while Jang Keun Seuk literally eats her lips. Now we know why he is the perfect playboy. Unlike the other kisses(Where there was absolutely no warning!) JKS does warn her saying she could back off(But Can she??).

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Pouting Princess – Who loves to Pout?

When guys can pout will the girls be still? Here is cuter pics of all K-Princess’ who adorably pout!

Park Min Young

She may seem a quiet and cute girl but she can surely exercise those chubby cheeks and adorable lips into a pout!

Miss A

Here is adorable Suzy who pouts with big blue eyes! I seriously did not recognize her in this photo!

And this is minus the blue lens! Awww!! Pretty..

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung can also pout as well as Suzy! Both of them pouting at the sets of ‘Big’

And her solo pout!


Gogogogo! 2NE1’s Minzy looks so different with a cute pout that contrasts with her stylo mylo looks in these! She epitomes hip hop even when she is pouting for the cam!

Wonder Girls

Wonder girls Sohee and Sunmi also prove that they are in the pouting race!

Sunmi looks adorable after all those editing lol!

Park Shin Hye

Adorable Shin Hye really loves to pout! Her bubbly cheeks are the best and makes one want to pinch em!


4minute’s Hyuna looks sexy with that pout and smoky eyes! wow!! Beautiful eyes indeed!



Will this list be complete without SNSD? Here is Sunny with her sunshine pout!

The way she winks just brightens everyone’s day!

And the last Pouting princess is Yoona!! She had so many pouting pics that it was tough to select which to post.. Seems Yoona’s typical facial expression includes a cute pout! She definitely loves to pout!

And the final combo of Victory ‘V’ sign with Yoong’s pout!

Credit of pics: as tagged,uploaders

Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ is the best way to transform from a young boy to a sexy man!

Big Bang Seungri really knows how to come of age with a Bang! I was looking at some videos and I happened to glance across his song ‘Strong Baby!’ Gosh!! Way shocked! Honestly am more infatuated with G-D and Top of BigBang but this MV just blew me away! MAJORLY!

Being the maknae aka youngest member of Big Bang and having cute nick names like Panda and VI one would like this young boy to be nothing but a cute singer. Maybe he will be best at aegyo! Right??

Andwe!! Panda is just not a young boy but he is a sexy man too! Go Panda!!!

Seungri’s strong baby video starts with our boy G-D introducing VI ! While the flashy G-D is busy introducing him VI is lounging on the bed.. Then a lady walks upto my man and then we enter the awesome song. Crack Crack Crack!! Love G-Ds role here Lol!! Crackkkkk!!

Seungri looks sleek in a tux and his style is just perfect. A handsome man! His choreography in this song was not very tough and I liked his voice! Just the right tone..Besides this MV was more about showing that his Pandaness is just not a boy anymore but is really A strong baby who wants to make love tonight! heehee!!

Amazing fact is Seungri was just 18 when he released this MV!! LOL!! I never would have guessed and I assumed he was in his 20s when I saw this first!

So here is the most special coming of age MV,


There was a scene in this video where Panda and a girl make out on the bed! Apparently this scene was not all it seems to be! VI and the girl did kiss (more like touch lips which makes the 18 year old man even more sexy!) but those parts were edited out of the original MV!

Sigh!! But all is not lost guys..Seungri’s edited kisses appeared in a concert! hehe!

So here are those pecks kisses by Panda!


Seriously Hot! And I shall forgive Seungri if his kisses seemed a bit off cos he was just a 18 year old baby turning into a smexy man!

Why does this review focus mostly on the theme SEXY?? Lol!!

As this is a song review just wanted to add that I loved the music especially crack crack! The repeated electronic boom was cool! Seungri did a good job.. Maybe the song,dance and hot scenes may not seem the best but when combined I think they gave off a wonderful effect!

And one line was seriously hilarious “Don’t ask my age ‘I guess you know you love me'” LOL!!! very true! The lady will be in for a shock if she knows his real age teehee!

Besides though G-D came for a short while I loved his support!

My oh my wondering how he is now that he is all grown up keke! The last “Bye ladies” before he walks off nonchalantly just proves Seungri is one ‘Strong Baby’ indeed!

My feelings is that as a solo song for some one to break out from young boy stereotyped image this is the best bet indeed! But one must remember that overuse of this concept can become boring especially if one cannot pull off that adultish look like VI!

K Drama Kisses Part 2 – Unique and Unorthodox!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are unique! I seriously like the concept and the way these kisses were filmed. A breath of fresh air and makes me go awwwwwwwwww due to their overflowing cuteness!

Caressing Kiss from ‘The Princess Man’

First up is a special Kiss scene from ‘The Princess Man’ What I love here is the sweet chemistry between the leads. Though it is a historical drama it still made me feel that their kiss was that of a normal modern couple. Park Shi Hoo slowly kisses Moon Chae Won’s forehead and then slowly moves over to the eyes,cheek and then to the lips as he lovingly wipes the soot from her face . Instead of going for the classic smooshing of lips and then jumping back K drama Kiss these two did a very good job of being NORMAL!

I really loved their tandem and just like any ordinary pair they don’t stop with just one kiss. After Moon Chae Won confesses about bearing any heart ache for him, he slowly moves in for the next kiss. This kiss may seem passionate but in my eyes it is sweet and quite possible in everyday life ^_^

Here is the video,


Foam Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’

Anyone who has watched Secret Garden and been swamped by Hyun Bin and Ji Won’s chemistry will never forget THE KISS! A cute scenario where Hyun Bin keeps nagging Ha Ji Won as she relaxes while having coffee. Then when Ha Ji Won innocently has some coffee cream/foam on her lips he swoops in to clean up that foam from her lips! Apparently he does that cos he doesn’t have tissues..heehee best excuse ever man!

A unique scenario indeed!

LOL!! Many K fans would have been foaming in mouth due to jealousy! LOL!


Candy Kiss from ‘Iris’

Omg!! This is the most Surprising Kiss of all!! Yep Foam Kiss was different and surprising too but this one just blew my mind..

Lee Byung Hyun’s tutorial on how to pacify your angry girlfriend :

#1 Walk over sexily

#2 Grab her and move in for a kiss.

#3 And as you are kissing just pass over the candy you are eating into your girlfriend’s mouth.

#4 While the girlfriend is mighty surprised give a cheeky grin like a kindergarten kiddo!

Result: Girlfriend forgets her anger and smiles dorkily in love!

Dang! Kim Tae Hee is quite lucky indeed!

A kiss which made me squeal!!

Enjoy the candy kiss and the BTS!


Bus Kiss from ‘Dream High’

Many K drama kisses always result in either the girl opening her eyes widely or the girl standing similar to a statue. But Dream High’s Bus Kiss gave a valid reason for absence of action on both sides with the simple excuse of a interfering automobile. As far as Farewell kisses go I really love this. Suzy runs over to Kim Soo Hyun who is already on board the bus. She bangs on the window and then Kim Soo Hyun gently pulls her for a kiss. Though the Kiss was the standard korean peck on lips (Ok! considering the situation Kim Soo Hyun had no room to make the move! He can just barely kiss her with the bus already en route to airport!) it provided the best ending for the entire series.

I know this may seem unbelievable but I was very much satisfied with the Bus Kiss! It lacked passion but it had class!

The dreamy farewell kiss,


Tip-Toe Kiss from ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’

The last unique kiss for today is Tip-toe kiss from Queen In Hyun’s man. how can a girl kiss her TALL Boyfriend passionately?

Scenario #1 Make your boyfriend sit on a stool!

Scenario #2 Stand on a stool to reach the height!

Scenario #3 Go for the Tip-toe kiss like Yoon In Na!

She stood up on the ground in tip toe and tried to reach Ji Hyun Woo but unfortunately he was too tall even then! So she took matters into her hand and stood on tiptoes ON HIS FEET and continued the kiss. And Ji Hyun Woo slowly rocked both of them  as he kissed like he was slow dancing with her was just epic! Seriously an unorthodox kiss scene in K drama!

And to make matters explode even more just after this drama finished airing Ji Hyun Woo proposed to Yoon In Na and both are currently dating! Seriously this makes the kiss more authentic!


Tip-toe Kiss FTW! So ladies with tall BFs lets start following in Yoon In Na’s footsteps or should I say follow her tip-toes?

Thats’ its folks!! Did y’all enjoy the unique kisses? I sure did!

Cr of pics: as tagged

Pouting Prince – Who loves to Pout?

So is it a a norm for all K Hot guys to pout? Well here are some adorable K stars who pout so cutely!

Shinee KEY!

I seriously love how he pouts! And with a plastic lipstick too! KEY FTW!

Will gladly receive that flying kiss from you!

CN Blue!

CN Blue guys have strong vocals but they also have sexy pouts??

Here is Jung Shin and Jung Yong Hwa – our next pouting princes’

Jung Shin is that your expression when you are upset? LOL!!

Lee Min Ho!

A strong and handsome guy who loves to pout is always in my good books..heehee ^^

2 AM and 2 PM!

Here is Jo Kwon from 2 AM! What a Pout!! hahaha!

And Wooyoung of 2PM! teehee..he rocks pouting as Jason of Dream High! But I love his wooyoung pout more!

Super Junior!

Yesung totally rocks both the pout and the cool sunglasses! But I prefer those lips more than those shades!

And here is Sungmin who can pout with his entire face! LOL! resembling a Puffer fish!

Kim Hyun Joong!

Kim Hyun Joong pouting at his press conference! Sexy sexy!! And the pout in Black & White is daebak!

Song Joong Ki!

This baby faced star with that childish pout! woah!

Am getting ready for a smooch! Anyone with me?

Exo K and Exo M!

Chen from EXO M!! woot woot!

Sehun from Exo K!! After Key I think this guy pulls the pout with all the flair of a 5 year old! Adorable!

Jang Keun Suk!

After being known as King of pouting in K drama world through Hwang Tae Kyung! How is his pouting in real life?

Hyungnim’s pouting is still sexy I see!

Let’s practise pouting!! Pouting Princes’ Fighting!

K Drama Kisses Part 1 – The Hottest and Sexiest!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are the best of the best! K Drama kisses have the norm of just a peck! But rarely some kisses just rock the viewers world by being the ultimate kisses. I have just shortlisted 5 here along with Pics and Video. I know there are more. But lets just say this is part 1 of a never ending list LOL!!!

Cola Kiss from ‘Lie to Me’

Whatever be the script or ratings Lie To Me is always special to me cos of the Cola Kiss!! Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan just playfully run around spraying Cola on each other and then they KISS!!! A kiss which was so unexpected yet fantastic. A tasty kiss indeed!

And here is a collection of their Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s kisses from Lie To Me! All are hot! But Cola Kiss is UNIQUE!


Fountain Kiss from ‘Love Rain’

A kiss which shows how a man must lead the kiss! If only Ha Na was not so innocent! But Jang Keun Suk completely covered up Yoona’s innocence by even taking her role in the kissing. Yes Yoona does evolve during the later part of the drama where both kiss fervently but this is my best kiss from Love Rain because Sukkie aptly describes how to eat a girls lips! Teehee..lucky Yoona!


Fountain Kiss has three stages starting from a slight peck to deep action!! Here is the video..


 Kiss me senseless from ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’

How does a Man stop a confrontation especially when the girl is freaking mad at you? Ask Jung Il Woo!His answer Kiss em senseless And that is what he did to Lee Chung Ah in Flower Boy Shop ! He stopped her flow of angry words with a hot kiss !! God!!! He sure can kiss!! Cha Chi Soo you’re forever in my boyfriend-to-be list!

The Kiss me senseless video!!


Confession Kiss from ‘Coffee Prince’

Coffee Prince is one of the greatest work of Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo!! Yep YEH did a good job with cola kiss but in my eyes I think YEH has more chemistry with Gong Yoo. This confession kiss is one of the best I have seen and it was actually between two guys based on the plot. Awesome work by both! I like all the kisses in Coffee Prince especially those bed scene kisses looked natural but this kiss touched me more cos it was a perfect confession kiss! Cos most drama I have seen have a chaste peck as confession kisses! Gong Yoo go get em!!

Steamy Kiss scene collection from Coffee Prince!


It was very hard to decide the final kiss cos there was lots of choice but I give this Kiss as the final Sexiest K Drama Kiss!

Wedding night Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’ 

Secret garden was filled with kisses! But I select this as the hottest of em because Ha Ji Won takes the lead here!! Teehee!! Girl Power FTW!! It is refreshing to see a woman ambush her hubby on her wedding night and not just any hubby but BINNIE that arrogant and handsome businessman! So for the feisty woman on top I select this as the hottest kiss!

And when I was searching for this kiss I found a BTS/Making of this kiss. The angle of the shot is on the other side. I love that Binnie looks like he has been kissed senseless at the end LOL!!! Cheers!YEY!! Go Ha Ji Won!


There are many more Hot Kisses in K dramas which I may have missed. Sorry if I havent included your favorite one but keep watching they may get added in a different category in future parts !! LOL!!!!

Some of my other favorite HOT kisses are from dramas like Playful Kiss, Iris, Mary Stayed Out all night, Goong and many more~~ But no worries Will add em in the future kekeke!!! Until them kiss your days away LOL!!

K-Abs-I know you’d be checking out!!

Si Won

Hey Coat! You are blocking our view! get lost!

Much Better ^^

Bi Rain

Its Raining abs Hallelujah!


Hey now! Don’t be shy! Show your face!

Owwww! Its Taeyang!!

Kim Bum

The pretty boy f4 Casanova turned hunk!

Hana,dul,seth,meth(my korean counting exhausts here…),5,6,7,8 packs intact-Jay Park

Yeah Yeah! Same Jason from Dream High-Pil Suk will be impressed 😉


And last but not least..upcoming choco abs…Kim Hyun Joong

We know he is not quite there yet but he is sure evolving!

Check out his abs evolution!!!


Sexy and Daring Photoshoots – Yoon Eun Hye Vs Lee Hyori!

I was so amazed by some photos which I saw in the internet. They were photoshoots of popular Korean stars. But what amazed me about them was their ‘Bare-skin’ approach. I never knew our cute K stars can also rock the smoky and sultry looks like a pro.

I was especially captivated by two stars. I will post their not so innocent photo shoots which displays that those InNOcent ladies also have a wild streak

Here is Lee Hyori. She is a popular singer and has won many awards and is quite wide known for her sexy style.

Whew!!!! I am completely surprised.. Lee Hyori has got the right body to carry off all those poses! She is a small tornado indeed.

Well Lee Hyori may be a familiar face to K Pop Fans and so as an Idol her photo shoots may seem just another day’s work.

But what if someone you have seen frequently in dramas does those above shots?

WOW!! and that is where Yoon Eun Hye who acts the  inexperienced gal in hit dramas enters the picture..

YEH’s photoshoots..

Well well well!! Am Dazed by YEH!!

She has put her long limbs to good use! Where Hyori was a short tornado, YEH is a dynamo!

My Verdict:

Lee Hyori is quite a good poser but what made me gasp more was YEH! I totally didn’t recognize her when I first saw the pics because in my mind YEH was still the tomboyish looking Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince who everyone mistook for a boy. And to think that She had all this hiding inside. I knew YEH was a hardworking artist but I also find that she is a beautiful woman through and through.

So my vote goes for YEH who is a chameleon who can change from a sweet tomboy to a H.O.T woman who makes anyone DAZED!!

And I would like to rephrase some things in my mind. For me Hallyu has always been about Sweet romantic dramas and movies filled with love and humor, music which makes your heart melt though you don’t understand the lyrics. But Hallyu is just not that. It can also deliver Sexy with a daring touch which doesn’t make one cringe or look away in disgust.

Just wondering if K Guys also do such daring shoots LOL!! Investigation mode!!!

Credit of pics: as tagged, uploaders

Here are some

Korean Killer Smiles- A Smilenalysis(FEMALE)

I wanted to make a tribute to  some of  the most beautiful smiling korean female stars before some of you think I am biased to men making a smilenalysis exclusively for them.

SNSD’s Yoona- A Smile Rain

Credits:quandee777_Deviant Art

IU- The Tender Smiles

Credits:sayhellotothestars_Deviant Art

Sulli-The Exciting Smiles


Suzy- The Dreamy Smile


Tiffany- Eyes Can Smile

Credits:Sing Min Lee

Park Shin Hye- “Shin Hye Sunny smiles”


Shin Min Ah- The Cute Dimple Smile

Kim So Eun- The Innocent Smiles


Gyuri- Smiling Goddess

Credits:Bevarde_deviant art

Park Ji Yeon- The “Feel Good” Smile


Kiss Day’s Celebrity Charms

Well I know its a few days past the kiss day but the Celebrity charms I got that day still lingers in my mind. So I thought of taking it out on this blog.


With this photo IU tweeted, “I’m told that today is Kiss Day. I shyly tried to stick out my lips”

OMG Is that a pout? Its more than that….Its a cutie pouty pout. This young woman seem to grow pretty everyday. And those innocent pair of eyes are way too adorable and I am sure she(her photo) received millions of kisses without her even knowing!


Thank You Goognims for this pair of adorable Polaroids. These photos did their work a little more than perfect. The first photo was too witty and the “Giant pink lips” is one lucky dog! The buffoonery pose that Jay Park does in the second was too cheeky and weirdly sexy! Well if its his way of sending his love, consider it received.


The new rookie group VIXX’s N who is the supposed look-alike of Kim Soo Hyun with his fellow membe Ravi sends a Good Night kiss to his fans ““You guys, sweet sweet night~ N-night! Muah (^з^)-☆”Well “N” thanks to you some had VIXX dreams and the rest couldn’t sleep thinking of your kiss.


Awesomenesss!!!!! This was my favorite celeb charm on kiss day!I am sure some of you think I posted the wrong photo. I did too when I read the tweet,“Ok, I don’t know how to kiss but.. this is kiss for you MuUuuUuAhAhah” .I expected gonna see a hot pout. But No! Taeyung decided to post his “OH! PRETTY”(HILARIOUS!!! :P) photo and pass it off as a kiss. Well nice try time try to keep your tongue inside your mouth 😛 keke…

Kiseop tweeted “Today is!!! Kiss day!!!!!!!!! Um~~~~~~ah! >< I Love You~~^^” This is what a kiss day needs- the perfect puckering. A piece of advice to Kiseop-try to keep your luscious lips safe.

U-Kiss ;Kiseop;(On)Kiss day-PUN intended.

Choi Jung Hoon is too hot!My poor eyes are confused big time- should it focus the bare chest or the lips? It goes from lips to bare chest then to lips….A squint problem 😛


The upcoming rookie group BTOB’s Sungjae posted a pout with a tweet, “Hee…Hat” (What does it mean??)and Minhyuk posted “What is kiss day? Can you eat it?” Now now boy we all know that by “it” you mean someone’s lips ;).


Since its Kiss Day Lets Party with some delectable Lips !! Here come the K-guys with their mesmerizing Lips!!

Jang Keun Suk

Who can forget how he ate Yoona’s lips Fountain Kiss? With more than 20 kisses he is a pro with Magical Lips!!

 Lee Hong Ki

The way he kissed in the musical made me wonder if he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Cute Hong Ki with Childish lips!

Lee Min Ho

Those Hot kisses in BOF and Personal taste sealed the deal ^_^ Pouty lips!!

Kim Hyun Joong

So many mischievous kisses with Jung So Min!! Remembering the Rain kiss and Wet lips..

Jae Joong

I like Jae Joong..and his Naughty lips!! PERIOD!!

Kim Heechul

Heenim and his Biting lips which kiss both guys and gals alike LOL!! 

Hyun Bin

Aww the Puffer fish look?!! He always has a place in the Secret Garden in my heart!Secret Lips..

Kim Soo Hyun

His Plush lips are worthy of a King!! And not to forget that closing kiss scene with Suzy..

Jung Il Woo 

Flower boy! He nearly bruised Lee Chung Ah!! He may be a flower boy but he has Strong Lips!


Rain has many faces indeed!! But my heart goes out to those Tight lips look..

Kissable Koreans(Female)-Kiss Day Treat!!


 Pouty Pil Suk- Guys Wanna kiss “U” sorry “IU”

Song Hye Kyo

 Totally Kissable Korean Goddess

Shin Min Ah

 Kissable Gumiho- P.S. She doesn’t bite 😛

BoA Kwon

  Kiss so Hot

Ha Ji Won

  Unforgettable Foam Kiss lips

Park Shin Hye

 “You are Beautiful” N “Kissable”

Jung So Min

  Playful Kiss Angel

Yoon Eun Hye

 Best Kisser Ever- Need I say more?

Kim Tae Hee

  Kim Tae Hee spells like “Kiss On Lips”

Jun Ji Hyun

  Sassy Kisser- Mind You she is the Last Vampire and may “Bite” 😛