BigBang SeungRi turns twitter into a variety show!

You might all know the maknae aka the youngest of BigBang Lee SeungRi.. He is known very much for his bickering talk as much as his looks and talent. Well I thought SeungRi’s hilarious speeches and actions were reserved only for the Korean TV shows..

Apparently not!

On 19th SeungRi started a twitter account which kept tweeting messages of ‘I am me..made to study english’ Many were skeptical about this account. Because the owner seemed to be out of his mind. Tweeting funny stuff and even tweeting all SeungRi’s fanclub twitter accounts. And the english was seriously hilarious stuff with phrases thrown in which made people end up with stitches.










Finally some doubt was alleviated cos YG official twitter and some other staff members started following @ForvictoRi

But the most awaited following was whether Taeyang and G-Dragon would follow him back!

Nope his ‘Hyongs’ did not reply his aegyo filled pleas. And he ended up being depressed and was contemplating ‘free-falling’ from his apartment ROFL! And Taeyang hyong responded to his maknae…GD has not replied him directly until now because I think he has curled up somewhere due to the embarrassing tweets of his dongsaeng.

And SeungRi got verified within 2 days..But sadly that marked his end of twitter variety show madness.. He deleted more than 100 tweets and only left images of his which he searched from google and uploaded. A meagre of 6 tweets. And now he is tweeting barely about censored stuff which makes sense and thus seems too boring.

LOL!! But for past two days.. he is just changing his header picture, display picture and funnily his Bio!

The latest bio seems like he is quoting the warnings he got and the reason he had to censor himself..

‘Once the tweet goes out, it cant be taken back kkkk’


LOL!! So true..Will we see the SeungRi who made into the world trending list with just his hilarious tweets make a fun-filled comeback in twitter? Or will it forever be censored and remain the normal celebrity twitter profile?

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Idols’ Specialty Corner – G Dragon BigBang!

Anyone who knows G-Dragon will agree that this man is the proud owner of  sexiest Collar bones in KPop! He knows it and he flaunts it too!

Some pics of those sexy bones..




Personally I love GD’s other features too… As I have neglected posting due to my exams I will be posting some more of his assets as an apology gift!

His kissable lips!



His brown puppy eyes!




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Confessions of a kpop fan

Before travelling down to the the kpop town I used to be a die-hard addict of old school rock music.  The western music of nowadays is getting exceedingly meaningless and does attach to my soul and emotions.I am nearly maxed out of all the abusive(sometimes meaningless) R-rated rap lyrics.I am not an antifan of rap or anything;in fact I am a fan of the genre but in the current rap scenario most of the songs are just plain swearing!! It is fun for a while to listen to the f- words. But after a while it has become brain tiring and left me completely shallow. I cannot sing these songs in public nor can I understand most of it.

Like anything under the sun there are deviations from this current stereotype. What about “Millionaire” by Travie? Thanks to the lyrics penned by Bruno Mars the lyrics are truly enjoyable-there are swearing here and there still the song is meaningful. I wish all songs that comes make sense like this one! For some time now I am totally stuck on classic seventies western music.
Omg! Forgive me rambling! Coming to point -what gets me hooked up on kpop?
I would say the first thing is the feel and emotions conveyed through the song. Nearly all the kpop artists have mastered the art of seducing our emotions-I think its their innate talent. They talk to you even without needing a language.
When I hear a Korean song – I wouldn’t understand the lyrics but I would still get the feel of the song. Without even trying the chorus and beat gets stuck in my mind! Then I browse and find the English lyrics of the song which pulls me even closer to the song.

Another diamond of kpop is the mv! From flawless choreography to interesting costume concept kpop tries to deliver the best.
The key aspect which makes the kpop stand out is the fan services. I haven’t seen any western artists connect to the fans as much as the Korean artists do. The variety shows the stars so not only brings them fame but also ties up better relationship with the fans.
The kpop artists have pained and strained for years to debut. They have not sprouted just like a mushroom in rain rather have been nourished by years of training.

After the idols do become popular celebrities their schedule gets packed up and they seldom get time for their personal stuffs. They sacrifice nearly every aspect of normal life.these kind of sacrifices and dedication wins the sentiments of the fans.
The next big thing of kpop is the social networking. Most of the idols are active in social networking sites like Twitter, weibo etc and keeps the fans updated. This plus all the fan clubs, fanbases and blogs like ours driving the hallyu wave ,it is hitting the world faster than the tsunami! Dont you agree?

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Awww Dimples! Cuteness Alert!

Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin Rosy lips, teeth within Curly hair very fair Eyes are blue, lovely too Teacher’s pet, “is that you” Yes, yes, yes.

I am sure we all have sang this at one point of our life and I assume you loved. Assume? Who am I kidding? You all loved it!*chuckles*

So I went through whole of this playschool rhymes and shortlisted the grand champion “Dimples” to do my next post. I myself don’t have any dimples *sob sob* and have always been envious of others having cutie little dimples. I decided why not spread a “k-dimple fever”.

K-Dimple fever

Caused By: Dimpled Cutie pies listed in this post

Symptoms: Maniac eyeing of cute dimples, drooling over dimpled beauties and if they don’t have dimples-poking on cheeks to have dimples.

Treatment: Scientists locked up for trying to find!LOL!

ALERT! Deadly dimple viruses coming up! Read at your own risk!

Choi Si Won

I am thinking someone carved those perfect dimples into his cheeks.


OFC everyone loves your dimples!!!


Ever seen a sexy dimple? If you haven’t here it is!

I can totally imagine girls saying “I totally wanna be her” and boys “I totally wanna be that bottle”

All eyes on the dimples!

Hyun Bin

*enter* The Dimple Prince!!

I could just drown in that dimples.*Blushing and trying to control perverted thoughts*

OMG I just fainted!

Kim Bum:

*Eureka Eureka* I found what the trick of this Casanova is! He smiles; dimple shows up; girls fall


Lee Min Ho

Can you take eye off him?

Call ambulance! I just had cardiac arrest!—->Oh the dimples!


OH *wiping the drool* MY *popping eyes* GOD!

My brain just went haywire seeing those perfect dimples!

Lee Seung Ji

Perfectly proportioned dimples!

Shin Min Ah

Those cute dimple makes pretty shin Min Ah the prettiest!

With dimples like those all guys will be at your toes!

Do I have to become a nine tailed fox to have those dimples?

Young Saeng

Aigoooo cute!

Oh to be Young and have cute dimples!*pun intended*

I hope you all get the worst K-Dimple fever and live forever with it!  *grins*

Bad Kiss Chemistry In K Drama

The key butterfly moment of any K-Drama is Kiss. A lot can happen during a kiss- it can fog the viewers head leaving them speechless or make them wonder how two lips can brush with no chemistry at all. Some say that brushing of lips is a innocent way of kissing-point taken when the kiss is lasting for a millisecond. But why do people keep brushing the lips for hours long with no chemistry  at all? Nonsense.

There are such worst kisses in K-Drama history which makes the viewers think “When are these dolls gonna ever stop kissing?” Now that I have witnessed a handful of terrible kisses I am always threatened by a phobia of “bad kiss”. Bad kiss scenes ruin a potentially “beautiful thing”.

For instance the drama delightful girl where the kiss scene is a total disappointment. That kiss was an excellent example how an excellent kiss can be made only when the chemistry is shared by both the parties involved. In the kiss I could see the sparks flying from Lee Myungrong but Chun Hyang was totally incompatible to the sparks. It is not out of character for 3 Iron Jae Hee to have the “thing” but Chae Young heavily compromises the standard.

Same goes with Heartstrings- Here we are waiting for the moment to come only to see it go completely plain with no gut-feeling. It was like a five year old was puppet playing with Yong Hwa and Shin Hye to kiss.

In KDrama pool there are also some kisses which are momentous and extraordinary marked by hot chemistry and excellent scenario. Such kisses which keep lingering in our minds-I would say are one of a kind…Like this..

Dream High Couple Reunited in Photoshoot

*Deep breath* and *Another Deep Breath* Kim So Hyun and Suzy- Dream high 1 couple are reunited in a romantic photoshoot for high cut!!

This was like reminiscence for me- I had seen the drama long back and there wasn’t much of dream high facts showing up with all the brand new dramas. The romantic atmosphere is spread in New Zealand and I have already fallen in love with that country seeing the sceneries. All the pictures looks like real lovers being on a real date. Hats of to the chemistry!!


The Sun gazing directly above the water while the happy couple enjoy!

Is a date complete without a romantic ride?

What are they searching in each others eyes???

Sorry Suzy and Kim So Hyun Your chemistry is a little tainted here! But the air and fire is perfect!!



Idols’ Specialty corner – SeungRi BigBang!

The baby of Big Bang is not just known for his cuteness and candid humour! He is also known for his Panda Eyes.

Many of us would have had some worst experiences with eye bags and dark circles. But SeungRi has always had this ‘problem’ which is even incurable by plastic surgery! But those eye bags earned him the name of Panda  among his fans. He is well known for his Panda eyes which has become his trademark that even Big Bang Cartoon featuring SeungRi have eye bags!! awwww so funny!

So this is what it means that ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’

Here comes Panda chibi! 

And his cute Panda eyes photos collection!

Oooh!! Panda’s selca!


So funny Panda petting Panda! I love the cute Pandas!!


And as a bonus here is serious Panda and equally serious Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon! Lol love their tandem!


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Gestures speak-Some of the best “I Love You” Wrist Grabs

Expressing your love for a girl can be difficult especially when she is your Friend’s Girl!

How to express your love when you know it can kill her?

This is what you call blindly in love!

Mr Genius! the guru can smell the jealousy in that wrist grab!*sniff sniff*

“Please don’t leave me!”

Can’t you hear his heavy heart?

“I will be there for you”

He doesn’t want Go Mi Nam to get hurt and want her for HIMSELF!


How do you check if you are in love? Quick! Grab her wrist and feel your heart!!

Pouting Princess – Who loves to Pout?

When guys can pout will the girls be still? Here is cuter pics of all K-Princess’ who adorably pout!

Park Min Young

She may seem a quiet and cute girl but she can surely exercise those chubby cheeks and adorable lips into a pout!

Miss A

Here is adorable Suzy who pouts with big blue eyes! I seriously did not recognize her in this photo!

And this is minus the blue lens! Awww!! Pretty..

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung can also pout as well as Suzy! Both of them pouting at the sets of ‘Big’

And her solo pout!


Gogogogo! 2NE1’s Minzy looks so different with a cute pout that contrasts with her stylo mylo looks in these! She epitomes hip hop even when she is pouting for the cam!

Wonder Girls

Wonder girls Sohee and Sunmi also prove that they are in the pouting race!

Sunmi looks adorable after all those editing lol!

Park Shin Hye

Adorable Shin Hye really loves to pout! Her bubbly cheeks are the best and makes one want to pinch em!


4minute’s Hyuna looks sexy with that pout and smoky eyes! wow!! Beautiful eyes indeed!



Will this list be complete without SNSD? Here is Sunny with her sunshine pout!

The way she winks just brightens everyone’s day!

And the last Pouting princess is Yoona!! She had so many pouting pics that it was tough to select which to post.. Seems Yoona’s typical facial expression includes a cute pout! She definitely loves to pout!

And the final combo of Victory ‘V’ sign with Yoong’s pout!

Credit of pics: as tagged,uploaders

Show Stoppers – Heartstrings ‘Shin is crying’

Heartstrings was all about the love between two who started out as complete strangers but became soul mates. Lee Kyu Won was just another normal girl who was irritated by Lee Shin and was always bullied by him. Lee Shin had a passionate love for his teacher who was someone that had a traumatic past.

Kyu Won hated Shin’s guts until she saw him sing. He magically transformed in front of the mike and this transformation trapped her until she was falling for him irrevocably. But Kyu Won did not accept her feelings until this scene…

Shin faced by his father’s death was crying alone under the pouring rain. Though his teacher did not like his romantic interests she couldn’t ignore his sad presence. She stopped her car and offered him an umbrella and asks him to go home. But his pain on losing his father is too much and he leans on her shoulders and starts crying! Poor Shin! Seriously heart breaking!

But what realy made me remember this moment for long was Kyu Won’s response on seeing Shin crying on the teacher’s shoulder.

She thinks

Shin is crying.. I wanted to run and tell him before anyone else… “Are you okay? It’ll be okay.” Right now Shin is in someone else’s arms. Not mine… someone else’s

Poor Kyu Won! Her suppressed feelings all burst out on seeing him seeking comfort from someone else. She realized that she wants to be the one to hold him and help him overcome his sorrow!

A confession by Kyu Won to herself..This moment could have just ended flat but Park Shin Hye did justice! She made viewers realize that they could see Kyu Won’s pain and self-realization! Kudos Shin Hye!


K-Fever spreads in France with the help of Jang Keun Suk

Jang Keun Suk is a famous K star who is known for his professional acting skills! He is titled ‘Asia Prince’ which is not just for ornamental purposes. His fame in Japan and China is quite overwhelming and thus his Asian Prince title is more than JUST A  TITLE!

Well what is more amusing is that Jang Keun Suk’s fame has spread as far as Europe and maybe even beyond. It is quite common for K Pop idol groups to be well known in the western countries because of their periodic concerts. Many idol groups like SNSD, Wonder girls and more have officially debuted in American and European countries and released albums. So it is not surprising if they are well received in the western entertainment industry and among  non-asian fans.

But Jang Keun Suk is someone who has not debuted in western countries and has not carried out any world tours or shows/concerts. He is not a full time musician and has recently released one full length album and a mini album in collaboration with Big Brother Kurt. So Sukkie is not the ideal Idol boy band group member. He is more of an actor than of a musician!

So it was a major surprise on seeing him receiving a warm and exuberant welcome at the airport when he entered Paris last monday.

Sukkie embarked on an unannounced visit and just tweeted suddenly that he was on his way to Paris! Viola!! But many fans eagerly gathered at Charles de Gaulle Airport to welcome him. Airport authorities were not informed that a little fireball from Korea was arriving *sadly airport officials dont follow him in twitter teehee* and so was unprepared to assist him and so there was a slight hassle.

But Sukkie was amazed by this gathering and so were many others! Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk has reached this high level of recognition with his dramas and as an actor. I cant imagine how popular he will become once he debuts officially!

And the fawning attention by Eels did not stop at the airport. The Eels kept following him around to Hotel, Shopping Malls, Tourist spots and more to get autographs and photos which Sukkie gave willingly!

Truthfully Sukkie has made his French fans to fall in love with him more and I wonder if this swooning effect is just a stepping stone for his securing the ‘World Prince’ title soon!

Here are some shots of Sukkie on his way to France, at the Paris Airport, with Fans in the streets and shops of Paris!

There are many more photos but I have selected those which he personally uploaded in his twitter!

Credit: @AsiaPrince_JKS

Besides as pointed out by Fans at the rate he has been shopping in the past few days in Paris it is clear that European economy needs him. Keep shopping, Sukkie!

K Drama Kisses Part 2 – Unique and Unorthodox!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are unique! I seriously like the concept and the way these kisses were filmed. A breath of fresh air and makes me go awwwwwwwwww due to their overflowing cuteness!

Caressing Kiss from ‘The Princess Man’

First up is a special Kiss scene from ‘The Princess Man’ What I love here is the sweet chemistry between the leads. Though it is a historical drama it still made me feel that their kiss was that of a normal modern couple. Park Shi Hoo slowly kisses Moon Chae Won’s forehead and then slowly moves over to the eyes,cheek and then to the lips as he lovingly wipes the soot from her face . Instead of going for the classic smooshing of lips and then jumping back K drama Kiss these two did a very good job of being NORMAL!

I really loved their tandem and just like any ordinary pair they don’t stop with just one kiss. After Moon Chae Won confesses about bearing any heart ache for him, he slowly moves in for the next kiss. This kiss may seem passionate but in my eyes it is sweet and quite possible in everyday life ^_^

Here is the video,


Foam Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’

Anyone who has watched Secret Garden and been swamped by Hyun Bin and Ji Won’s chemistry will never forget THE KISS! A cute scenario where Hyun Bin keeps nagging Ha Ji Won as she relaxes while having coffee. Then when Ha Ji Won innocently has some coffee cream/foam on her lips he swoops in to clean up that foam from her lips! Apparently he does that cos he doesn’t have tissues..heehee best excuse ever man!

A unique scenario indeed!

LOL!! Many K fans would have been foaming in mouth due to jealousy! LOL!


Candy Kiss from ‘Iris’

Omg!! This is the most Surprising Kiss of all!! Yep Foam Kiss was different and surprising too but this one just blew my mind..

Lee Byung Hyun’s tutorial on how to pacify your angry girlfriend :

#1 Walk over sexily

#2 Grab her and move in for a kiss.

#3 And as you are kissing just pass over the candy you are eating into your girlfriend’s mouth.

#4 While the girlfriend is mighty surprised give a cheeky grin like a kindergarten kiddo!

Result: Girlfriend forgets her anger and smiles dorkily in love!

Dang! Kim Tae Hee is quite lucky indeed!

A kiss which made me squeal!!

Enjoy the candy kiss and the BTS!


Bus Kiss from ‘Dream High’

Many K drama kisses always result in either the girl opening her eyes widely or the girl standing similar to a statue. But Dream High’s Bus Kiss gave a valid reason for absence of action on both sides with the simple excuse of a interfering automobile. As far as Farewell kisses go I really love this. Suzy runs over to Kim Soo Hyun who is already on board the bus. She bangs on the window and then Kim Soo Hyun gently pulls her for a kiss. Though the Kiss was the standard korean peck on lips (Ok! considering the situation Kim Soo Hyun had no room to make the move! He can just barely kiss her with the bus already en route to airport!) it provided the best ending for the entire series.

I know this may seem unbelievable but I was very much satisfied with the Bus Kiss! It lacked passion but it had class!

The dreamy farewell kiss,


Tip-Toe Kiss from ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’

The last unique kiss for today is Tip-toe kiss from Queen In Hyun’s man. how can a girl kiss her TALL Boyfriend passionately?

Scenario #1 Make your boyfriend sit on a stool!

Scenario #2 Stand on a stool to reach the height!

Scenario #3 Go for the Tip-toe kiss like Yoon In Na!

She stood up on the ground in tip toe and tried to reach Ji Hyun Woo but unfortunately he was too tall even then! So she took matters into her hand and stood on tiptoes ON HIS FEET and continued the kiss. And Ji Hyun Woo slowly rocked both of them  as he kissed like he was slow dancing with her was just epic! Seriously an unorthodox kiss scene in K drama!

And to make matters explode even more just after this drama finished airing Ji Hyun Woo proposed to Yoon In Na and both are currently dating! Seriously this makes the kiss more authentic!


Tip-toe Kiss FTW! So ladies with tall BFs lets start following in Yoon In Na’s footsteps or should I say follow her tip-toes?

Thats’ its folks!! Did y’all enjoy the unique kisses? I sure did!

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