[0]-[0]Glasses on [o]-[o] looks classy or cheesy?

Hyun Bin- Definitely Bossy !

Jang Keun Suk- Vintage!

Shin Min Ah- Cool as Ice


Lee Min Ho- Very Casual Very Sexy!

Park Shin Hye- Cute Kitty!

JaeJoong- Devastatingly Hot!

JYJ- Funky!


 Kim Hyu Joong- Nerdy Mr Ji Hoo/ Baek Seung Jo

IU- Dorkkyyyy




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My Magic Man with 10 things from Korean Artists!!

Accept it-You have been dreaming about him as long as you can remember. His characters and looks keeps changing as you grow-because as you grow so does he. He has no face until we find him;in this world or other.We come across people day by day and get impressed by one or many of their “things” and add it to our “list” for finding him;the mission perfect man-the Magic Man.I am no different a mortal needing a life of different colors beside my magic man. 

Here is my list of ten things I want in my magic man;Inspiration K Artists!

#1 Killer Smile


#2 Guitar Guy


#3 Angelic Voice


#4 4D Personality


#5 Cute Dimples




#6 Groove and Shake like them!


#7 Sculpted Muscles


#8 Sexy Accent


#9 Dress Suave


#10 Know How to Gangnam Style..LOL…Dress Classy Dance Cheesy 😉


Jang Keun Suk portrays the sad love life of a celebrity with his MV ‘Stay’

I was literally blown away…

I have listened to this song before but I never guessed it could be so beautiful and capable of moving viewers. Jang Keun Suk has strayed away from the path he paved in his last few music videos like Let Me Crazy, Crazy Crazy Crazy where the set was gloomy and doomy and he kept singing along with very strong electrical background. Infact his voice tends to get submerged by the heavy electrical music.

But with Stay Sukkie showed what he is good at. FEELING!

Jang Keun Suk is a genius when it comes to this. He is not a acting star for nothing as he has proved with scores of dramas, movies. Now he also proves he can bring that genius touch to his music videos too.


I Hereby declare STAY as my most favorite Suk MV of all times. Cos am more of an acoustic ballad type than the rock/metal kind *ahem letmecry cough*

Enough rambling and lets get movin!!!


Here is the translated lyrics to the song Stay… It is a Japanese song from his album “Just Crazy” but as he is a Korean product this Hallyublog will be talking about this. jeez whatever Sukkie does I will review it..Be it Chinese, Japanese, English or Tamil (last one I wish)

If I put a glass of water in those days
Do Nijin transparent storage

Like sand slipping through your hands going down this
Time I will not go back anymore

There she had to stay where I will not stay

Passing each other feelings can not reach
You along on parallel lines
slow slow gone
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
Come true that you’re here I season
Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

From the night sky and I go misty eyes moist
Glitter-drenched memory

As the snow with you to erase footprints
Time flows incessantly

There she had to stay where I will not stay
Passing each other feelings can not reach
Are you so slow slow gone on parallel lines
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
I was still in the season when you’re here
Still remains Tachidoma~tsu
Here here here
(Hands stray) or from the time
From some time it (farther)
Not be touched
Are you so slow slow gone on parallel lines
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
Come true that you’re here I season
Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

Credits: JKSForever

This maybe not an exact translation but I think many of us can get the general meaning.

It is a sad love song.. *Gosh this is my third straight sad love song to be reviewed..Is this not a good time for lovers? That XX check, Uncommitted Check and now Stay Check*

This is from Sukkie’s viewpoint and I just want to say that the lyrics are just like a poem. A very sad poem. He is talking about his love he lost. His love has left him. And I guess there is no particular reason it just happened as time passed by.

As the snow with you to erase footprints
Time flows incessantly

He does try to forget and continue with his life but he finds it difficult as he is reminded of her always. That is the place where Stay comes. This song means that Jang Keun Suk cannot move along and he stays in the old memories.

Look how he depicts that..

Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

From the night sky and I go misty eyes moist
Glitter-drenched memory

He is filled with tears as he is not able to overcome the memory which is drenched with glitter which means the memories were golden and precious.

Jus one word WOW!!

Such a meaningful song. I can feel how much he is aching.

But since this is from the guy’s view point we dont know how the girl is faring. Maybe the music video will shed light on that.

Overall I have to say that I am very much satisfied with the song. The lyrics jus blew me and made me all teary eyed.


What one would have expected was a typical boy loves girl, they breakup and boy cries scenario. Asia Prince always does it with style.

He did not take any ordinary guys life to act it out. He depicted his own life. That was what amazed me. The beginning of the video had Sukkie and the cute adorable lady take a couple picture. And then the video slowly whites out and then we see the couple out on a date. He looks happy and she looks charming in a straw hat. Next scene we have Sukkie thinking seriously as he travels in his car!!

SO That was jus a memory. His car passes the girl and she doesnt see him which shows that they have grown far apart.

Then comes the most amazing part of the video to me. We see Sukkie walk out of his car with a sad face and a dozen cameras does the flashing. So it means that Jang Keun Suk acts as Jang Keun Suk for this video. As in this video is like telling his own love story. How tough a celebrity’s love life is. He had to keep a poker face in front of the camera and then he goes on to practise his lines probable for a drama/movie. That is the difference between a normal person and an Idol/Star. If normal people break up they can watch sad K dramas, wallow in tears and eat loads but an idol has to just move on.

Maybe He/She cannot pick up the broken pieces of their heart and no one can do it for them. Pain is inevitable and there is less chance for comfort.

He just continues while the video shows the girl jus sitting idly and gazing. She is not the happy bubbly girl when she was with Sukkie. Yes she too had changed but unlike Sukkie she is not a celebrity and thus she doesn’t have to put on fake smiles for countless photoshoots/interviews.

At the end of the day Sukkie finally rests around midnight when he is suddenly filled with an urge to go look for his girl. Then comes the sad part. He starts running to find her. He goes to her room and tries to find her but she is not there. Maybe she moved away. He starts running and as he runs all those buried bitter-sweet images come bursting out. How he used to spend time with her in a leisurely way in their home. I guess no clubs or theme parks cos he is a celebrity. But I really love the harmony they showed. The mood in the home was relaxing and romantic. Though they were cooking something it had a domestic feel.

This is where I have to appreciate Suk. Whoever is the opposite lady Jang Keun Suk is capable of bringing out the romantic emotions more than anyone else. He can immediately make the love to shine through. The audience can feel the chemistry which is visible so brightly.

He keeps running around searching for her. He did bring a bouquet but that was forgotten at her home. And then he finally ends up in a bridge which makes him cry. He cries so beautifully. Anyone who has seen Love Rain/YAB/MMM or any of his other dramas can attest to that. This man can cry with feeling I tell you.

Why was he crying? Because of a really sweet memory he had in that place. On one of their dates the girl’s straw hat flew off and he secured it again on her head with care. He cant control his tears and realizes that only he has been ‘staying’ while she is no longer his.

The epilogue of the video was really touching. Here  I was blindly hoping that as he ran he will meet her on the streets and jus hug and everything will be right as rain. NOPE!! That is not how it is in Celebworld. He jus looks at the photo they took previously and gently caresses her image.

Does this mean that he will never forget her? He will not be able to love? Or that he has decided to move on and thus say his farewell the last time?

NO IDEA! Cos the video closes with that scene…Talk about a cliffhanger. I was like “Show the preview of next episode dude” when I realized this is a music video DUHHHH!!” Awesome!! We just have to settle for a sad ending unless there is a sequel to ‘Stay’ called Lets Play tsk!!

A last note.. His sexy and masnly voice suits ballads like bread and butter and the combo of his voice and Stay is just as yummy!!

This is an awesome song on a rainy day or when youre in a mood to remember your past!

Thats it FOLKS!! BYERS!!!

Credit of Gifs To owners,tagged

G-Dragon is ‘One Of a Kind’ in K Pop indeed!!


Three years after his first album G Dragon made a comeback on 25th August with the song ‘One of A Kind’. This song may or may not be the title song and it is just the first of the many songs that will be released in the following days!

Moving onto the song ‘One of a kind’ is really deserving of the name. It really is one of a kind with different concept,a wild rap and an ever changing dragon at its helm.

I was a crying fangirl mess on seeing the masterpiece at the beginning but after I calmed down eventually the awesomeness that is G Dragon amazed me!

G Dragon is well known for his song writing, composing and also producing skills and one of a kind also proves that he is not one who shirks away from doing different things. The entire MV made me realize that I am seeing something never before seen in K Pop Music video!

I have seen some different concepts in many videos and surely K Pop are masters of doing things in style. Example Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby itself is a best case where concept and production skills were at its best. But I am yet to see a full blown Hip Hop video the likes of ‘One of a kind’.


When one just looks at the surface ‘One of a kind’ may look like he is trying to imitate the western style of music and trying to copy american hip hop. But that is where the similarities end. Yes he did try hip hop Duh!! G Dragon is a Rapper! Of course he tried hip hop.

But he did not follow any american music video. Maybe he did it deliberately to avoid being accused of plagiarism yet again. His video was so different from an american hip hop video like how salt is different from sugar.

The essence of this video and the meaning behind it is,


G Dragon sings about how he is wild and young and how he is a genius and lives life to the fullest..


Here is the lyrics for ones full understanding..

I’m just wild and young, just wild and young
(hello) me and choice
(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you)
Ah, I’m just bored
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular

I’m there at just one phone call, i’m a 88 08 18
Someone try to hold me back, I’m ranked number one
Because I’m different, because that’s me!

Get back, are you kidding with me? Young and rich—that describes me
So what do you want me to do?
Are you kidding with me? x2

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob

This is already my second album,
My rap is what makes takes the ladies to the bedroom—yea, i’m busy
Money flower blooms on my business
My song makes everyone cry

I love it!

I just keep on getting modeling offers
Even when others try to turn their heads away from my face they’re still in the same place because there’s my face everywhere
They don’t have enough copies to sell, in fact
You say you can’t live because of me?

Get back, are you kidding with me? Young and rich—that describes me
So what do you want me to do?
Are you kidding with me? x2

La la la, don’t curse me, oh please, look at me with loving eyes, la la la, please accept me, please love me

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you)
Ah, I’m just bored
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular

Just follow me, follow me, just follow me, follow me, follow follow me

(hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks—no, more like a fox
(hello, hello, hello) yes sir, i’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
cus I’m quite expensive

Credit: Mind Junk

To those VIPs who know about G Dragon it was a rare sight to see him bragging about his skills. One can easily point G Dragon as the most shy and humble person among Big Bang members.

The lyrics may seem just like a way to blow his own trumpet but G Dragon actually sends a message with his words.

GD clearly points this out in his song,

  • He is wild and young
  • He is popular and rich
  • He is an annoying snob who is number one

And there are lot more adjectives which describe him.

BUT GD points out all this is not entirely his fault. He did not seek this willingly. He is rich because he is recognised by others and he does not get the money without doing anything. He works hard writing songs, modelling and promoting and many more activities.

He can move people with songs which are melancholy or sexy. But contrary to what others feel he is just not a puppet who does stuff which others want. He has his own ideals on what to do and how to do it. This is explained with an analogy of a bear and fox. GD says he is not just a bear which does tricks but is also clever like a fox.

And lastly the line which touched me most

La la la, don’t curse me, oh please, look at me with loving eyes, la la la, please accept me, please love me

G Dragon has been through many criticisms and has always been judged for his actions, fashion, music and everything. People see him with a prejudiced eye and classify him as someone who is such a person with low morale. But despite all that he just needs love and acceptance. To all those who judge him he just needs em to look at him without the coloured glasses and to actually see the human ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ behind G Dragon and to follow him without cursing!

The entire song may sound like bragging but this one line just shows G Dragon needs people’s acceptance as much as any tom, dick and harry next door!


Contrary to the  deep lyrics the video was all fun and frolic. It starts with GD being all chummy with a tiger cub! The bonding moment between GD and the tiger was just adorable. And then the video started moving fast. We had GD all dressed up in hip hop gear and dancing with many similar outfitted people in a white background. Seriously I LOVE THE CHOREO in this MV.. its not fast paced or anything. It just fits with the song seamlessly and GD just oozes swag all through the video.

GD and Hip Hop:

The video shows many different scenes throughout which can depict who GD really is! The scene with his hip hop friends shows his love for music because after all what is said and done G Dragon ultimately wanted to be a underground hip hop musician and not an idol. So the scenes which depict his lightning speed rap skills just stem from his deepest wish and appreciation for that genre of music.

GD and Girls:

G Dragon seems to be a master at love as depicted by the scene with all the sexy girls with hot legs *damn feeling guilty like hell here* and seems to be a playboy but the scene with the Barbie who has a bad temper shows he is not that cool. He is someone who gets hurt easily in relation and ultimately this leads to the scores of sad love songs which become a hit. A barbie was used maybe to show that GD always falls in love with girls who seem beautiful but are ultimately just plastic.

GD and animals: 

GD’s love for animals is shown through his scene with the tiger cub and bear cub. GD is someone who draws love from animals as seen by his interaction with his pet dog Gaho. GD treats Gaho like his son and the scene with the bear cub where both GD and the bear act cute is too amazing. Koreans have this practise of comparing people with animals and determining their personalities. G Dragon has always been compared to a fox as he revealed in one of his previous interviews. Maybe he values it that much and just showed people that though he looks clueless like a bear that is not the reality. In short GD gets as much love from animals as he gives them.

GD and Kids:

Out of all the scenes this one claimed the ‘awww’ moment for me! He looks adorable with those kids. In a way GD is a kid as seen in the scene where he plays with them use toy phones made of plastic cups. He can be a kid and at the same time a good dad. This scene shows that though he acts like a kid at times he is trying his best to grow up. The scene where it looks like he is having a mug shot shows he is sometimes capable of juvenile mistakes but the next second in place of GD standing we have a kid standing which shows that GD does mistakes like a kid and he never means them.

GD and Criticism: 

This aspect has been depicted very well and has the strongest effect in the MV. His round at the boxing ring shows that he is always assaulted by the criticisms but he never fights back because he realises he deserves the harsh words of people to an extent. Though he has a golden head protective gear it doesn’t stop him from getting hurt but he takes the blow continuously until he is knocked down. But he is saddened by the fact that though people punish him they never forgive or forget his past mistakes. They continue to treat him as a criminal on stand which is not the case as he is trying to mend his ways.

GD and Frustration: 

Being an idol is difficult and GD has those moments too which is put forward in the scene where he is sitting stoically while his stylist goes about dressing him. He feels that his life has become monotonous and he is leading a life which is just not interesting but is as boring as the grey shade of clothes he is wearing. All these emotions build up and leads to him breaking down things in frustration. He cannot deal with the way his life is moving and he decides to break down all the stereotypes of his that people have. The scene where he hits glass cases with his outfits shows that he is breaking down all the past characteristics which others attributed to him. And he decided to start over.

GD and New beginning:

Throughout the video has been about how he has been. His dreams, his failures, his pain, his love and finally his frustration. The last part shows how he is having a new beginning. He is starting with a clean slate and a clean look. He has given up the hip hop look and his adolescent hair styles but is resorting for a mature look. But the video closes with him and TaeYang who is his friend from childhood joking around. Yes G Dragon has decided to change and be this mature man with suave personality but basically he is just a fun loving man who enjoys spending time with his friend. He loves goofing off with Taeyang and enjoying life despite all the things he had gone through till now.


One of the main assets of ‘One of a kind’ MV was the mind blowing fashion. I am not going deep into it. But just wanted to say that though his bright yellow hair was shocking and all the accessories seemed heavy and one too many it just clinched well..

He had so many costume changes and hair styles that my head was spinning but hey we are talking G DRAGON here..!! Am not surprised and have to say that the ramen hair is growing on me!!

Final thoughts is that ‘One of a kind’ is something not seen previously from G Dragon. He has challenged something different and has come up with a mesmerizing project. I love  the effort and hard work he has put into it and hoping his other songs will be as entertaining as this one or even more! ROAR G DRAGON!!

Credit of gifs and pic: to owners and uplaoders

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Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ is the best way to transform from a young boy to a sexy man!

Big Bang Seungri really knows how to come of age with a Bang! I was looking at some videos and I happened to glance across his song ‘Strong Baby!’ Gosh!! Way shocked! Honestly am more infatuated with G-D and Top of BigBang but this MV just blew me away! MAJORLY!

Being the maknae aka youngest member of Big Bang and having cute nick names like Panda and VI one would like this young boy to be nothing but a cute singer. Maybe he will be best at aegyo! Right??

Andwe!! Panda is just not a young boy but he is a sexy man too! Go Panda!!!

Seungri’s strong baby video starts with our boy G-D introducing VI ! While the flashy G-D is busy introducing him VI is lounging on the bed.. Then a lady walks upto my man and then we enter the awesome song. Crack Crack Crack!! Love G-Ds role here Lol!! Crackkkkk!!

Seungri looks sleek in a tux and his style is just perfect. A handsome man! His choreography in this song was not very tough and I liked his voice! Just the right tone..Besides this MV was more about showing that his Pandaness is just not a boy anymore but is really A strong baby who wants to make love tonight! heehee!!

Amazing fact is Seungri was just 18 when he released this MV!! LOL!! I never would have guessed and I assumed he was in his 20s when I saw this first!

So here is the most special coming of age MV,


There was a scene in this video where Panda and a girl make out on the bed! Apparently this scene was not all it seems to be! VI and the girl did kiss (more like touch lips which makes the 18 year old man even more sexy!) but those parts were edited out of the original MV!

Sigh!! But all is not lost guys..Seungri’s edited kisses appeared in a concert! hehe!

So here are those pecks kisses by Panda!


Seriously Hot! And I shall forgive Seungri if his kisses seemed a bit off cos he was just a 18 year old baby turning into a smexy man!

Why does this review focus mostly on the theme SEXY?? Lol!!

As this is a song review just wanted to add that I loved the music especially crack crack! The repeated electronic boom was cool! Seungri did a good job.. Maybe the song,dance and hot scenes may not seem the best but when combined I think they gave off a wonderful effect!

And one line was seriously hilarious “Don’t ask my age ‘I guess you know you love me'” LOL!!! very true! The lady will be in for a shock if she knows his real age teehee!

Besides though G-D came for a short while I loved his support!

My oh my wondering how he is now that he is all grown up keke! The last “Bye ladies” before he walks off nonchalantly just proves Seungri is one ‘Strong Baby’ indeed!

My feelings is that as a solo song for some one to break out from young boy stereotyped image this is the best bet indeed! But one must remember that overuse of this concept can become boring especially if one cannot pull off that adultish look like VI!


Since its Kiss Day Lets Party with some delectable Lips !! Here come the K-guys with their mesmerizing Lips!!

Jang Keun Suk

Who can forget how he ate Yoona’s lips Fountain Kiss? With more than 20 kisses he is a pro with Magical Lips!!

 Lee Hong Ki

The way he kissed in the musical made me wonder if he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Cute Hong Ki with Childish lips!

Lee Min Ho

Those Hot kisses in BOF and Personal taste sealed the deal ^_^ Pouty lips!!

Kim Hyun Joong

So many mischievous kisses with Jung So Min!! Remembering the Rain kiss and Wet lips..

Jae Joong

I like Jae Joong..and his Naughty lips!! PERIOD!!

Kim Heechul

Heenim and his Biting lips which kiss both guys and gals alike LOL!! 

Hyun Bin

Aww the Puffer fish look?!! He always has a place in the Secret Garden in my heart!Secret Lips..

Kim Soo Hyun

His Plush lips are worthy of a King!! And not to forget that closing kiss scene with Suzy..

Jung Il Woo 

Flower boy! He nearly bruised Lee Chung Ah!! He may be a flower boy but he has Strong Lips!


Rain has many faces indeed!! But my heart goes out to those Tight lips look..

What is hotter and sexier than a Man in Apron? A Hallyu star who cooks!

You would have heard of Jang Keun Suk’s many achievements! He is the most versatile actor. He is the owner of sexy voice. He is one of the current leading star in Hallyu wave!!

But did you know that he is an AWESOME COOK???

LOL!!! When one see this pic for the first time it may strike that he is posing for an advertisement..

You’re both right and wrong!!

Yes he is shooting for a promo pic!! But no this is not just any advertisement. Seem Suk is shooting pics for his own Cook Book!!!

What do you know??

This guy is just perfect!!

He sings,dances,acts and now COOKS??

Talk about perfect boyfriend material!! hahaha!!! He looks smexy in that leopard printed aprons!!

One may think this is just a joke!! But nope because Sukkie’s favorite hobby is cooking!! And he especially loves to cook for others!! Family and Friends! Can I go to Korea now to eat his food? 

LOL!! Since it looks like we all cant go to Korea, Suk has devised an easier plan. We can buy his cook book “Love Recipe” which contains awesome pictures of his *I assure you they are droolworthy*.

So along with Jang Keun Suk’s recipes you will have a personal feeling of Cooking with him due to those pics..

And Is there going to be a video of him cooking too? I saw this trailer..


Wow!!! What a delicious sight!

When you see these pics you will understand why the gurus had to put this post under Sexy 

Because what is more Sexier than Jang Keun Suk cooking for you?

LOL!!! The recipe book will be off the shelves soon I bet!! *Just wonder if there will be any cooking done with so many distracting pics teehee*

Credit: Tagged,uploaders in FB and weibo