Welcome back Hyun Bin!

Finally after serving his country Hyun Bin returns to his native Korean Entertainment much to the delight of his fans. Serving military is a honour for every Korean man and Hyun Bin was in tears at the fact that he had to leave the marines.


On his comeback he has commented “Since I couldn’t act during my vacations, I’d go to places where hoobaes were acting and would watch them and think about it… But now, the time has come for me to be able to act again, and as much as everyone has waited for me, I want to work hard in preparing to show you the acting I’ve wanted to do. I have stored all the energy that I’ve received as a soldier, so I will return energy back to everyone,”

Celebrating his return-Kpop Group SISTAR wrote on twitter,“We couldn’t meet you so we are writing on twitter. Hyun Bin Oppa! We sincerely congratulate you on your discharge from the military. We would like to see you in cool new productions now. We will also always support you!”. They also organised a friendly party to honour his return.


[0]-[0]Glasses on [o]-[o] looks classy or cheesy?

Hyun Bin- Definitely Bossy !

Jang Keun Suk- Vintage!

Shin Min Ah- Cool as Ice


Lee Min Ho- Very Casual Very Sexy!

Park Shin Hye- Cute Kitty!

JaeJoong- Devastatingly Hot!

JYJ- Funky!


 Kim Hyu Joong- Nerdy Mr Ji Hoo/ Baek Seung Jo

IU- Dorkkyyyy




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Dolled up and prettier than dolls

My Magic Man with 10 things from Korean Artists!!

Accept it-You have been dreaming about him as long as you can remember. His characters and looks keeps changing as you grow-because as you grow so does he. He has no face until we find him;in this world or other.We come across people day by day and get impressed by one or many of their “things” and add it to our “list” for finding him;the mission perfect man-the Magic Man.I am no different a mortal needing a life of different colors beside my magic man. 

Here is my list of ten things I want in my magic man;Inspiration K Artists!

#1 Killer Smile


#2 Guitar Guy


#3 Angelic Voice


#4 4D Personality


#5 Cute Dimples




#6 Groove and Shake like them!


#7 Sculpted Muscles


#8 Sexy Accent


#9 Dress Suave


#10 Know How to Gangnam Style..LOL…Dress Classy Dance Cheesy 😉


Awww Dimples! Cuteness Alert!

Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin Rosy lips, teeth within Curly hair very fair Eyes are blue, lovely too Teacher’s pet, “is that you” Yes, yes, yes.

I am sure we all have sang this at one point of our life and I assume you loved. Assume? Who am I kidding? You all loved it!*chuckles*

So I went through whole of this playschool rhymes and shortlisted the grand champion “Dimples” to do my next post. I myself don’t have any dimples *sob sob* and have always been envious of others having cutie little dimples. I decided why not spread a “k-dimple fever”.

K-Dimple fever

Caused By: Dimpled Cutie pies listed in this post

Symptoms: Maniac eyeing of cute dimples, drooling over dimpled beauties and if they don’t have dimples-poking on cheeks to have dimples.

Treatment: Scientists locked up for trying to find!LOL!

ALERT! Deadly dimple viruses coming up! Read at your own risk!

Choi Si Won

I am thinking someone carved those perfect dimples into his cheeks.


OFC everyone loves your dimples!!!


Ever seen a sexy dimple? If you haven’t here it is!

I can totally imagine girls saying “I totally wanna be her” and boys “I totally wanna be that bottle”

All eyes on the dimples!

Hyun Bin

*enter* The Dimple Prince!!

I could just drown in that dimples.*Blushing and trying to control perverted thoughts*

OMG I just fainted!

Kim Bum:

*Eureka Eureka* I found what the trick of this Casanova is! He smiles; dimple shows up; girls fall


Lee Min Ho

Can you take eye off him?

Call ambulance! I just had cardiac arrest!—->Oh the dimples!


OH *wiping the drool* MY *popping eyes* GOD!

My brain just went haywire seeing those perfect dimples!

Lee Seung Ji

Perfectly proportioned dimples!

Shin Min Ah

Those cute dimple makes pretty shin Min Ah the prettiest!

With dimples like those all guys will be at your toes!

Do I have to become a nine tailed fox to have those dimples?

Young Saeng

Aigoooo cute!

Oh to be Young and have cute dimples!*pun intended*

I hope you all get the worst K-Dimple fever and live forever with it!  *grins*

Some “Warm Korean Love Movie Blankets” to keep you warm!

My Little Bride:

The movie which made me fall in love with the “concept of love”.  Cute story with a extra humor flavor and a immediate heart thief. Watch it; I can guarantee you will love it!

Millionaires first love: 

This is my all time favorite. But I must warn you please do not watch this movie when you are already depressed or in blue mood. It is a beautiful yet sad love story.

200 pounds beauty:

When it comes to chick flick- Ugly duckling turning into swan and swooping away prince charming kind is my personal favorite. A girl getting a makeover and turns into cinderella- every girls dream! This is one of the finest in the romantic comedy kind.

100 days with Mr Arrogant:

Sunny and upbeat- This movie keeps you engaging and is such a fun to watch. But if you are against toilet humors  or those humors that makes you cringe your nose- you can keep this movie off your list.


Innocent Steps:

A visual tour into the life of a struggling yet talented dancer. Everything about his dull life changes when she enters his life. Innocent steps is a cute feel-good love story with some the stereotype sweet scenes. So if you wanna take your mind off from the exasperation of a hectic life with a soft movie this is the right spot. And if you are a dance lover look nowhere- Innocent Steps is your next stop!


Gestures speak-Some of the best “I Love You” Wrist Grabs

Expressing your love for a girl can be difficult especially when she is your Friend’s Girl!

How to express your love when you know it can kill her?

This is what you call blindly in love!

Mr Genius! the guru can smell the jealousy in that wrist grab!*sniff sniff*

“Please don’t leave me!”

Can’t you hear his heavy heart?

“I will be there for you”

He doesn’t want Go Mi Nam to get hurt and want her for HIMSELF!


How do you check if you are in love? Quick! Grab her wrist and feel your heart!!

K Drama Kisses Part 2 – Unique and Unorthodox!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are unique! I seriously like the concept and the way these kisses were filmed. A breath of fresh air and makes me go awwwwwwwwww due to their overflowing cuteness!

Caressing Kiss from ‘The Princess Man’

First up is a special Kiss scene from ‘The Princess Man’ What I love here is the sweet chemistry between the leads. Though it is a historical drama it still made me feel that their kiss was that of a normal modern couple. Park Shi Hoo slowly kisses Moon Chae Won’s forehead and then slowly moves over to the eyes,cheek and then to the lips as he lovingly wipes the soot from her face . Instead of going for the classic smooshing of lips and then jumping back K drama Kiss these two did a very good job of being NORMAL!

I really loved their tandem and just like any ordinary pair they don’t stop with just one kiss. After Moon Chae Won confesses about bearing any heart ache for him, he slowly moves in for the next kiss. This kiss may seem passionate but in my eyes it is sweet and quite possible in everyday life ^_^

Here is the video,


Foam Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’

Anyone who has watched Secret Garden and been swamped by Hyun Bin and Ji Won’s chemistry will never forget THE KISS! A cute scenario where Hyun Bin keeps nagging Ha Ji Won as she relaxes while having coffee. Then when Ha Ji Won innocently has some coffee cream/foam on her lips he swoops in to clean up that foam from her lips! Apparently he does that cos he doesn’t have tissues..heehee best excuse ever man!

A unique scenario indeed!

LOL!! Many K fans would have been foaming in mouth due to jealousy! LOL!


Candy Kiss from ‘Iris’

Omg!! This is the most Surprising Kiss of all!! Yep Foam Kiss was different and surprising too but this one just blew my mind..

Lee Byung Hyun’s tutorial on how to pacify your angry girlfriend :

#1 Walk over sexily

#2 Grab her and move in for a kiss.

#3 And as you are kissing just pass over the candy you are eating into your girlfriend’s mouth.

#4 While the girlfriend is mighty surprised give a cheeky grin like a kindergarten kiddo!

Result: Girlfriend forgets her anger and smiles dorkily in love!

Dang! Kim Tae Hee is quite lucky indeed!

A kiss which made me squeal!!

Enjoy the candy kiss and the BTS!


Bus Kiss from ‘Dream High’

Many K drama kisses always result in either the girl opening her eyes widely or the girl standing similar to a statue. But Dream High’s Bus Kiss gave a valid reason for absence of action on both sides with the simple excuse of a interfering automobile. As far as Farewell kisses go I really love this. Suzy runs over to Kim Soo Hyun who is already on board the bus. She bangs on the window and then Kim Soo Hyun gently pulls her for a kiss. Though the Kiss was the standard korean peck on lips (Ok! considering the situation Kim Soo Hyun had no room to make the move! He can just barely kiss her with the bus already en route to airport!) it provided the best ending for the entire series.

I know this may seem unbelievable but I was very much satisfied with the Bus Kiss! It lacked passion but it had class!

The dreamy farewell kiss,


Tip-Toe Kiss from ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’

The last unique kiss for today is Tip-toe kiss from Queen In Hyun’s man. how can a girl kiss her TALL Boyfriend passionately?

Scenario #1 Make your boyfriend sit on a stool!

Scenario #2 Stand on a stool to reach the height!

Scenario #3 Go for the Tip-toe kiss like Yoon In Na!

She stood up on the ground in tip toe and tried to reach Ji Hyun Woo but unfortunately he was too tall even then! So she took matters into her hand and stood on tiptoes ON HIS FEET and continued the kiss. And Ji Hyun Woo slowly rocked both of them  as he kissed like he was slow dancing with her was just epic! Seriously an unorthodox kiss scene in K drama!

And to make matters explode even more just after this drama finished airing Ji Hyun Woo proposed to Yoon In Na and both are currently dating! Seriously this makes the kiss more authentic!


Tip-toe Kiss FTW! So ladies with tall BFs lets start following in Yoon In Na’s footsteps or should I say follow her tip-toes?

Thats’ its folks!! Did y’all enjoy the unique kisses? I sure did!

Cr of pics: as tagged

K Drama Kisses Part 1 – The Hottest and Sexiest!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are the best of the best! K Drama kisses have the norm of just a peck! But rarely some kisses just rock the viewers world by being the ultimate kisses. I have just shortlisted 5 here along with Pics and Video. I know there are more. But lets just say this is part 1 of a never ending list LOL!!!

Cola Kiss from ‘Lie to Me’

Whatever be the script or ratings Lie To Me is always special to me cos of the Cola Kiss!! Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan just playfully run around spraying Cola on each other and then they KISS!!! A kiss which was so unexpected yet fantastic. A tasty kiss indeed!

And here is a collection of their Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s kisses from Lie To Me! All are hot! But Cola Kiss is UNIQUE!


Fountain Kiss from ‘Love Rain’

A kiss which shows how a man must lead the kiss! If only Ha Na was not so innocent! But Jang Keun Suk completely covered up Yoona’s innocence by even taking her role in the kissing. Yes Yoona does evolve during the later part of the drama where both kiss fervently but this is my best kiss from Love Rain because Sukkie aptly describes how to eat a girls lips! Teehee..lucky Yoona!


Fountain Kiss has three stages starting from a slight peck to deep action!! Here is the video..


 Kiss me senseless from ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’

How does a Man stop a confrontation especially when the girl is freaking mad at you? Ask Jung Il Woo!His answer Kiss em senseless And that is what he did to Lee Chung Ah in Flower Boy Shop ! He stopped her flow of angry words with a hot kiss !! God!!! He sure can kiss!! Cha Chi Soo you’re forever in my boyfriend-to-be list!

The Kiss me senseless video!!


Confession Kiss from ‘Coffee Prince’

Coffee Prince is one of the greatest work of Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo!! Yep YEH did a good job with cola kiss but in my eyes I think YEH has more chemistry with Gong Yoo. This confession kiss is one of the best I have seen and it was actually between two guys based on the plot. Awesome work by both! I like all the kisses in Coffee Prince especially those bed scene kisses looked natural but this kiss touched me more cos it was a perfect confession kiss! Cos most drama I have seen have a chaste peck as confession kisses! Gong Yoo go get em!!

Steamy Kiss scene collection from Coffee Prince!


It was very hard to decide the final kiss cos there was lots of choice but I give this Kiss as the final Sexiest K Drama Kiss!

Wedding night Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’ 

Secret garden was filled with kisses! But I select this as the hottest of em because Ha Ji Won takes the lead here!! Teehee!! Girl Power FTW!! It is refreshing to see a woman ambush her hubby on her wedding night and not just any hubby but BINNIE that arrogant and handsome businessman! So for the feisty woman on top I select this as the hottest kiss!

And when I was searching for this kiss I found a BTS/Making of this kiss. The angle of the shot is on the other side. I love that Binnie looks like he has been kissed senseless at the end LOL!!! Cheers!YEY!! Go Ha Ji Won!


There are many more Hot Kisses in K dramas which I may have missed. Sorry if I havent included your favorite one but keep watching they may get added in a different category in future parts !! LOL!!!!

Some of my other favorite HOT kisses are from dramas like Playful Kiss, Iris, Mary Stayed Out all night, Goong and many more~~ But no worries Will add em in the future kekeke!!! Until them kiss your days away LOL!!


Since its Kiss Day Lets Party with some delectable Lips !! Here come the K-guys with their mesmerizing Lips!!

Jang Keun Suk

Who can forget how he ate Yoona’s lips Fountain Kiss? With more than 20 kisses he is a pro with Magical Lips!!

 Lee Hong Ki

The way he kissed in the musical made me wonder if he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Cute Hong Ki with Childish lips!

Lee Min Ho

Those Hot kisses in BOF and Personal taste sealed the deal ^_^ Pouty lips!!

Kim Hyun Joong

So many mischievous kisses with Jung So Min!! Remembering the Rain kiss and Wet lips..

Jae Joong

I like Jae Joong..and his Naughty lips!! PERIOD!!

Kim Heechul

Heenim and his Biting lips which kiss both guys and gals alike LOL!! 

Hyun Bin

Aww the Puffer fish look?!! He always has a place in the Secret Garden in my heart!Secret Lips..

Kim Soo Hyun

His Plush lips are worthy of a King!! And not to forget that closing kiss scene with Suzy..

Jung Il Woo 

Flower boy! He nearly bruised Lee Chung Ah!! He may be a flower boy but he has Strong Lips!


Rain has many faces indeed!! But my heart goes out to those Tight lips look..