To the beautiful You- My Expectations Vs Reality


Before the drama “To the Beautiful You” started airing I had a few expectations how the drama would be different from the original Japanese version. I has posted an article here at “Hallyu Guru” focusing on my hopes and expectations.

To view that article click here. (Please do read the article to get the full blast of the current article)

Now I have finished watching the whole drama and it doesn’t matter whether my expectations then were met or not because my hopes for the drama was not definitely shattered. Then why bother to write them?-Because who doesn’t like to muse about our predictions, right?

First things first, my sincere hope for volumed up romance between the main leads was met! THANK GOD! After all this is Korean Drama we are speaking about and people expect chemistry.

And when I say romance, it is strictly limited to passionate glances, heart-throbbing back hugs and chemistryless kiss. But I am not complaining- I think the director toned it down a bit to make it look genuinely high school. But there was a little bit creativity in the romance too-credits to the bicycle kiss:)

I thought there will be only a female rival(I was not sure whether I would like  it-but it was good- she was not a total vixen kind we normally see)but the scriptwriters have gone for a male rival too. 100 points for that! They were not just mere rivals who jumped in to the scene for plot sake. Bot the rivals have a strong relationship background with the leads. Seol Ha Na(the female rival)has been Tae Joon’s friend and follower like forever and Johnny(the male rival) likes Jae Hee so much that he forged the documents for her to enroll in Boy’s school.This kind of value addition helps in the better plot development. What romance is interesting without rivals and jealous-factor?

Other than the romantic rivalry- the professional rivalry was also better in this version. There the rival just acts like an ass while inside his heart he likes Sano. But here Min Hyeon Jae is in the same school, always considered second to Tae Joon(though inside his heart looks up on him),has less sofisticated economical background etc etc which gives him more solid reasons for not liking Tae Joon much. But after the turn of events he comes to like Tae Joon which reminded me how high school really can be. Sometimes the ones you hate would end up becoming your best friend.

I was hoping with my fingers crossed that the doctor charecter would be gay in Korean version too(there were speculations that he would be straight). Well he was, but he was not very much used in the gay humor like in the original. But at least I got my wish! Yay!

Eun-gyeol’s character was was pretty good. The way how he gets to know that he likes Sulli was all neatly placed but he did not quite make the cut of the Japanese “Nakatsu”. Maybe it was because Eun-gyeol’s character was a bit more serious or maybe because in this version he senses Sulli’s feelings for Minho and gets jealous in contrast to the original.But even with all this in my head  Eun-gyeol is my favorite in the whole drama.(Nakatsu is my favorite in Jap version).

I can proudly sat Min Ho pulled off Tae Joon’s character brilliantly and better than Japanese Sano. Sano was all about looking hot and athletic- But Tae Joon’s charecter did much more than that. As for Sulli- she has skills but I couldn’t even point one single frame in the whole drama where she looked boyish enough to pass for a guy. Casting a foreigners for Sulli’s brother and her BFF was really great. Making Sulli’s brother a doctor(foreigner probably adopted by Koreans and speaks good Korean) and changing the way how he finds out she is enrolled in a Boy’s school turned out to be more interesting. Daniel oppa is given more importance role-wise in this version.

The inclusion of a mother sentiment as a reason for Tae Joon giving up High Jump was much more powerful and moving than the original(where Sano would be injured while trying to save mizuki;but he would say that was not the reason he gave up- It was a little confusing). I was surely not expecting a “mother character”. Using the mother feelings to connect the male leads – in the scene where both of them watch a movie Tae joon watched with his mother together was heart warming.

But I missed two characters very much from the original dram- the playboy guy(Nanba) who was nowhere to be seen and the girly gay guy with feelings for the play boy- there was actually a guy who keeps wearing lip balm but his character development was not much in this version.

Good thing the script writers did not completely stick to the original plot! Hats off for the script writers for completely whitewashing all the logical loopholes in the plot and giving us a proper logical plot. The ending was feel good but not very creative-toooooo predictable. I mean,c’mon I am not eight anymore and anyone over eight can predict it.


Falling in love after marriage- Delightful Girl



They say marriage is made in heaven and love is the path to heaven. What happens when you reach heaven skipping the love road and taking a shortcut? No matter what you will be forced to take a romantic stroll across the love lane. That was the style in delightful girl. The love here has scandals,backstabbing, affairs but ends in the sweet heaven.

Falling for the one you marry after marriage is an absolute miracle. Especially when both fall for one another at different times. Life is not always easy. Sometimes a second late can change the life upside down. Chun Hyang was like a millisecond late to say Lee Mungryong that she liked him- The vixen entered the scene and that was the end of the “easy” romance for Chun Hyang. So If you like a guy wait for a right moment but don’t wait too much them you might end up waiting a whole lifetime for him.



Falling for him after marriage will change your life to the “growing up” with him from “growing old” with him.You would get a life long friend in the name of your life partner. So here’s the thing-love is not always borne at high school or college. There is always a special someone born for you somewhere in the corner of the world. As long a it is passionate falling for the special someone after marriage is not a bad idea.



Bad Kiss Chemistry In K Drama

The key butterfly moment of any K-Drama is Kiss. A lot can happen during a kiss- it can fog the viewers head leaving them speechless or make them wonder how two lips can brush with no chemistry at all. Some say that brushing of lips is a innocent way of kissing-point taken when the kiss is lasting for a millisecond. But why do people keep brushing the lips for hours long with no chemistry  at all? Nonsense.

There are such worst kisses in K-Drama history which makes the viewers think “When are these dolls gonna ever stop kissing?” Now that I have witnessed a handful of terrible kisses I am always threatened by a phobia of “bad kiss”. Bad kiss scenes ruin a potentially “beautiful thing”.

For instance the drama delightful girl where the kiss scene is a total disappointment. That kiss was an excellent example how an excellent kiss can be made only when the chemistry is shared by both the parties involved. In the kiss I could see the sparks flying from Lee Myungrong but Chun Hyang was totally incompatible to the sparks. It is not out of character for 3 Iron Jae Hee to have the “thing” but Chae Young heavily compromises the standard.

Same goes with Heartstrings- Here we are waiting for the moment to come only to see it go completely plain with no gut-feeling. It was like a five year old was puppet playing with Yong Hwa and Shin Hye to kiss.

In KDrama pool there are also some kisses which are momentous and extraordinary marked by hot chemistry and excellent scenario. Such kisses which keep lingering in our minds-I would say are one of a kind…Like this..