[0]-[0]Glasses on [o]-[o] looks classy or cheesy?

Hyun Bin- Definitely Bossy !

Jang Keun Suk- Vintage!

Shin Min Ah- Cool as Ice


Lee Min Ho- Very Casual Very Sexy!

Park Shin Hye- Cute Kitty!

JaeJoong- Devastatingly Hot!

JYJ- Funky!


 Kim Hyu Joong- Nerdy Mr Ji Hoo/ Baek Seung Jo

IU- Dorkkyyyy




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My Magic Man with 10 things from Korean Artists!!

Accept it-You have been dreaming about him as long as you can remember. His characters and looks keeps changing as you grow-because as you grow so does he. He has no face until we find him;in this world or other.We come across people day by day and get impressed by one or many of their “things” and add it to our “list” for finding him;the mission perfect man-the Magic Man.I am no different a mortal needing a life of different colors beside my magic man. 

Here is my list of ten things I want in my magic man;Inspiration K Artists!

#1 Killer Smile


#2 Guitar Guy


#3 Angelic Voice


#4 4D Personality


#5 Cute Dimples




#6 Groove and Shake like them!


#7 Sculpted Muscles


#8 Sexy Accent


#9 Dress Suave


#10 Know How to Gangnam Style..LOL…Dress Classy Dance Cheesy 😉


Jang Keun Suk portrays the sad love life of a celebrity with his MV ‘Stay’

I was literally blown away…

I have listened to this song before but I never guessed it could be so beautiful and capable of moving viewers. Jang Keun Suk has strayed away from the path he paved in his last few music videos like Let Me Crazy, Crazy Crazy Crazy where the set was gloomy and doomy and he kept singing along with very strong electrical background. Infact his voice tends to get submerged by the heavy electrical music.

But with Stay Sukkie showed what he is good at. FEELING!

Jang Keun Suk is a genius when it comes to this. He is not a acting star for nothing as he has proved with scores of dramas, movies. Now he also proves he can bring that genius touch to his music videos too.


I Hereby declare STAY as my most favorite Suk MV of all times. Cos am more of an acoustic ballad type than the rock/metal kind *ahem letmecry cough*

Enough rambling and lets get movin!!!


Here is the translated lyrics to the song Stay… It is a Japanese song from his album “Just Crazy” but as he is a Korean product this Hallyublog will be talking about this. jeez whatever Sukkie does I will review it..Be it Chinese, Japanese, English or Tamil (last one I wish)

If I put a glass of water in those days
Do Nijin transparent storage

Like sand slipping through your hands going down this
Time I will not go back anymore

There she had to stay where I will not stay

Passing each other feelings can not reach
You along on parallel lines
slow slow gone
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
Come true that you’re here I season
Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

From the night sky and I go misty eyes moist
Glitter-drenched memory

As the snow with you to erase footprints
Time flows incessantly

There she had to stay where I will not stay
Passing each other feelings can not reach
Are you so slow slow gone on parallel lines
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
I was still in the season when you’re here
Still remains Tachidoma~tsu
Here here here
(Hands stray) or from the time
From some time it (farther)
Not be touched
Are you so slow slow gone on parallel lines
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
Come true that you’re here I season
Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

Credits: JKSForever

This maybe not an exact translation but I think many of us can get the general meaning.

It is a sad love song.. *Gosh this is my third straight sad love song to be reviewed..Is this not a good time for lovers? That XX check, Uncommitted Check and now Stay Check*

This is from Sukkie’s viewpoint and I just want to say that the lyrics are just like a poem. A very sad poem. He is talking about his love he lost. His love has left him. And I guess there is no particular reason it just happened as time passed by.

As the snow with you to erase footprints
Time flows incessantly

He does try to forget and continue with his life but he finds it difficult as he is reminded of her always. That is the place where Stay comes. This song means that Jang Keun Suk cannot move along and he stays in the old memories.

Look how he depicts that..

Even now I do not wake up yet
Here here here I have to stay

From the night sky and I go misty eyes moist
Glitter-drenched memory

He is filled with tears as he is not able to overcome the memory which is drenched with glitter which means the memories were golden and precious.

Jus one word WOW!!

Such a meaningful song. I can feel how much he is aching.

But since this is from the guy’s view point we dont know how the girl is faring. Maybe the music video will shed light on that.

Overall I have to say that I am very much satisfied with the song. The lyrics jus blew me and made me all teary eyed.


What one would have expected was a typical boy loves girl, they breakup and boy cries scenario. Asia Prince always does it with style.

He did not take any ordinary guys life to act it out. He depicted his own life. That was what amazed me. The beginning of the video had Sukkie and the cute adorable lady take a couple picture. And then the video slowly whites out and then we see the couple out on a date. He looks happy and she looks charming in a straw hat. Next scene we have Sukkie thinking seriously as he travels in his car!!

SO That was jus a memory. His car passes the girl and she doesnt see him which shows that they have grown far apart.

Then comes the most amazing part of the video to me. We see Sukkie walk out of his car with a sad face and a dozen cameras does the flashing. So it means that Jang Keun Suk acts as Jang Keun Suk for this video. As in this video is like telling his own love story. How tough a celebrity’s love life is. He had to keep a poker face in front of the camera and then he goes on to practise his lines probable for a drama/movie. That is the difference between a normal person and an Idol/Star. If normal people break up they can watch sad K dramas, wallow in tears and eat loads but an idol has to just move on.

Maybe He/She cannot pick up the broken pieces of their heart and no one can do it for them. Pain is inevitable and there is less chance for comfort.

He just continues while the video shows the girl jus sitting idly and gazing. She is not the happy bubbly girl when she was with Sukkie. Yes she too had changed but unlike Sukkie she is not a celebrity and thus she doesn’t have to put on fake smiles for countless photoshoots/interviews.

At the end of the day Sukkie finally rests around midnight when he is suddenly filled with an urge to go look for his girl. Then comes the sad part. He starts running to find her. He goes to her room and tries to find her but she is not there. Maybe she moved away. He starts running and as he runs all those buried bitter-sweet images come bursting out. How he used to spend time with her in a leisurely way in their home. I guess no clubs or theme parks cos he is a celebrity. But I really love the harmony they showed. The mood in the home was relaxing and romantic. Though they were cooking something it had a domestic feel.

This is where I have to appreciate Suk. Whoever is the opposite lady Jang Keun Suk is capable of bringing out the romantic emotions more than anyone else. He can immediately make the love to shine through. The audience can feel the chemistry which is visible so brightly.

He keeps running around searching for her. He did bring a bouquet but that was forgotten at her home. And then he finally ends up in a bridge which makes him cry. He cries so beautifully. Anyone who has seen Love Rain/YAB/MMM or any of his other dramas can attest to that. This man can cry with feeling I tell you.

Why was he crying? Because of a really sweet memory he had in that place. On one of their dates the girl’s straw hat flew off and he secured it again on her head with care. He cant control his tears and realizes that only he has been ‘staying’ while she is no longer his.

The epilogue of the video was really touching. Here  I was blindly hoping that as he ran he will meet her on the streets and jus hug and everything will be right as rain. NOPE!! That is not how it is in Celebworld. He jus looks at the photo they took previously and gently caresses her image.

Does this mean that he will never forget her? He will not be able to love? Or that he has decided to move on and thus say his farewell the last time?

NO IDEA! Cos the video closes with that scene…Talk about a cliffhanger. I was like “Show the preview of next episode dude” when I realized this is a music video DUHHHH!!” Awesome!! We just have to settle for a sad ending unless there is a sequel to ‘Stay’ called Lets Play tsk!!

A last note.. His sexy and masnly voice suits ballads like bread and butter and the combo of his voice and Stay is just as yummy!!

This is an awesome song on a rainy day or when youre in a mood to remember your past!

Thats it FOLKS!! BYERS!!!

Credit of Gifs To owners,tagged

The perfect way to express emotions – Guyliner!!

So what is the deal with K Guys and eyeliners? Eyeliners are quite common among K idols and actors and has been used continuously by almost all.

What first caught my attention about this eyeliner or a better term Guyliner was Hwang Tae Kyung! Strangely I was repelled due to the guyliner and actually did not like HTK!!

But then as ‘You’re Beautiful’ progressed I saw how even men can rock eyeliners!

Here is the surprised Guyliner look!

Here is the romantic Guyliner look!

And How not ruin your Guyliner look!

Now I have changed my bias towards Guyliners! K-Guys can rock em if it suits em!

So can you guess who are the owners of these attractive Guyliner eyes?

BIGBANG!! These guys really show how different styles of guyliner can still give the sexy effect and wild emotions!

Taeyang,Daesung,G-Dragon,SeungRi and TOP.

For their Dazed photoshoot! Mesmerizing!!

Credit of pics: as tagged

Gestures speak-Some of the best “I Love You” Wrist Grabs

Expressing your love for a girl can be difficult especially when she is your Friend’s Girl!

How to express your love when you know it can kill her?

This is what you call blindly in love!

Mr Genius! the guru can smell the jealousy in that wrist grab!*sniff sniff*

“Please don’t leave me!”

Can’t you hear his heavy heart?

“I will be there for you”

He doesn’t want Go Mi Nam to get hurt and want her for HIMSELF!


How do you check if you are in love? Quick! Grab her wrist and feel your heart!!

K-Guys Fairy ‘Tails’

Here is a wonderful Korean Fairy Tale(Tail) about the K hotties!

Once upon a time in Hottie K-Town there was a man so perfect he was called walking sculpture..

His long hair HEATED UP during summer and so he decided to pin it up.

Give it up for Kim Hyun Joong!

Meanwhile in the K-town six pack club a Suju hottie Choi Siwon was working out and he had on his ‘gym’ ponytails!

Heart Skips a beat!!

The SHinee Super Juniors Minho and Leeteuk while singing sexily at the Karaoke bar decide to sport couple ponytails!

Seeing this Donghae also wanted to join in the fun! He stole a mike and Leeteuk’s neck bow and started grooving to the music!

And finally it was Picture time!!Yesung joined Donghae and took cute couple ponytail photos!

Next day Lee Hong Ki saw Leeteuk having energy drink by himself and he got upset that Leeteuk did not share with him! sob sob!

To the rescue comes Power Buff Guyz Jang Keun Suk(Blossom), Rain (Bubbles) and Heechul (Buttercup)! They buy an ice-cream for their cute dongsaeng!

Hongki loved the ice-cream so much that he wore an ice-creamie pony tail!

Peace once again reigned in K-Town!

All the K-fan girls were happy and blew big kisses to the K-Hotties! Just like Heechul does!


—The End—

Credit of Pics: as tagged,uploaders

K Drama Kisses Part 3 – Kisses that ‘stoned’ girls


Now! Now! We are totally against drugs. The girls here are stoned not by the “entertainment drug” but by the “love drug”. The are so mesmerized and taken back that they show no reaction whatsoever to the kiss. The just stare widely and blankly!!

Heartstrings- Concert Kiss:

Who thought that Lee Sin kissed Lee Gyoo-wo at his public concert?!! Actually I did *giggles* But obviously Gyoo-Wo did not! She is totally surprised and does not know how to react. So she decides not to react at all! LOL. It was like Lee Sin was practising kissing on a ceramic doll! <She does look like a doll> Watch out dear his fans become your anti-fans after this!!

Playful Kiss- The First One:

How not to let a girl get over a crush on you?? Simple -Grab her; Kiss her;Leave her stoned. This is what our genius did to cutie pie Oh Ha Ni! This girl was “Happy , confused and surprised” and how can she show all this three reactions? So her system’s output went haywire and returned a “BLANK FACE” keke

Love Rain- “Fountain kiss”

This has got to be the longest stoned kiss I have ever seen. Yoon Na does not even move her hair while Jang Keun Seuk literally eats her lips. Now we know why he is the perfect playboy. Unlike the other kisses(Where there was absolutely no warning!) JKS does warn her saying she could back off(But Can she??).

Credit: Tagged

K-Fever spreads in France with the help of Jang Keun Suk

Jang Keun Suk is a famous K star who is known for his professional acting skills! He is titled ‘Asia Prince’ which is not just for ornamental purposes. His fame in Japan and China is quite overwhelming and thus his Asian Prince title is more than JUST A  TITLE!

Well what is more amusing is that Jang Keun Suk’s fame has spread as far as Europe and maybe even beyond. It is quite common for K Pop idol groups to be well known in the western countries because of their periodic concerts. Many idol groups like SNSD, Wonder girls and more have officially debuted in American and European countries and released albums. So it is not surprising if they are well received in the western entertainment industry and among  non-asian fans.

But Jang Keun Suk is someone who has not debuted in western countries and has not carried out any world tours or shows/concerts. He is not a full time musician and has recently released one full length album and a mini album in collaboration with Big Brother Kurt. So Sukkie is not the ideal Idol boy band group member. He is more of an actor than of a musician!

So it was a major surprise on seeing him receiving a warm and exuberant welcome at the airport when he entered Paris last monday.

Sukkie embarked on an unannounced visit and just tweeted suddenly that he was on his way to Paris! Viola!! But many fans eagerly gathered at Charles de Gaulle Airport to welcome him. Airport authorities were not informed that a little fireball from Korea was arriving *sadly airport officials dont follow him in twitter teehee* and so was unprepared to assist him and so there was a slight hassle.

But Sukkie was amazed by this gathering and so were many others! Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk has reached this high level of recognition with his dramas and as an actor. I cant imagine how popular he will become once he debuts officially!

And the fawning attention by Eels did not stop at the airport. The Eels kept following him around to Hotel, Shopping Malls, Tourist spots and more to get autographs and photos which Sukkie gave willingly!

Truthfully Sukkie has made his French fans to fall in love with him more and I wonder if this swooning effect is just a stepping stone for his securing the ‘World Prince’ title soon!

Here are some shots of Sukkie on his way to France, at the Paris Airport, with Fans in the streets and shops of Paris!

There are many more photos but I have selected those which he personally uploaded in his twitter!

Credit: @AsiaPrince_JKS

Besides as pointed out by Fans at the rate he has been shopping in the past few days in Paris it is clear that European economy needs him. Keep shopping, Sukkie!

Pouting Prince – Who loves to Pout?

So is it a a norm for all K Hot guys to pout? Well here are some adorable K stars who pout so cutely!

Shinee KEY!

I seriously love how he pouts! And with a plastic lipstick too! KEY FTW!

Will gladly receive that flying kiss from you!

CN Blue!

CN Blue guys have strong vocals but they also have sexy pouts??

Here is Jung Shin and Jung Yong Hwa – our next pouting princes’

Jung Shin is that your expression when you are upset? LOL!!

Lee Min Ho!

A strong and handsome guy who loves to pout is always in my good books..heehee ^^

2 AM and 2 PM!

Here is Jo Kwon from 2 AM! What a Pout!! hahaha!

And Wooyoung of 2PM! teehee..he rocks pouting as Jason of Dream High! But I love his wooyoung pout more!

Super Junior!

Yesung totally rocks both the pout and the cool sunglasses! But I prefer those lips more than those shades!

And here is Sungmin who can pout with his entire face! LOL! resembling a Puffer fish!

Kim Hyun Joong!

Kim Hyun Joong pouting at his press conference! Sexy sexy!! And the pout in Black & White is daebak!

Song Joong Ki!

This baby faced star with that childish pout! woah!

Am getting ready for a smooch! Anyone with me?

Exo K and Exo M!

Chen from EXO M!! woot woot!

Sehun from Exo K!! After Key I think this guy pulls the pout with all the flair of a 5 year old! Adorable!

Jang Keun Suk!

After being known as King of pouting in K drama world through Hwang Tae Kyung! How is his pouting in real life?

Hyungnim’s pouting is still sexy I see!

Let’s practise pouting!! Pouting Princes’ Fighting!

K Drama Kisses Part 1 – The Hottest and Sexiest!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are the best of the best! K Drama kisses have the norm of just a peck! But rarely some kisses just rock the viewers world by being the ultimate kisses. I have just shortlisted 5 here along with Pics and Video. I know there are more. But lets just say this is part 1 of a never ending list LOL!!!

Cola Kiss from ‘Lie to Me’

Whatever be the script or ratings Lie To Me is always special to me cos of the Cola Kiss!! Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan just playfully run around spraying Cola on each other and then they KISS!!! A kiss which was so unexpected yet fantastic. A tasty kiss indeed!

And here is a collection of their Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s kisses from Lie To Me! All are hot! But Cola Kiss is UNIQUE!


Fountain Kiss from ‘Love Rain’

A kiss which shows how a man must lead the kiss! If only Ha Na was not so innocent! But Jang Keun Suk completely covered up Yoona’s innocence by even taking her role in the kissing. Yes Yoona does evolve during the later part of the drama where both kiss fervently but this is my best kiss from Love Rain because Sukkie aptly describes how to eat a girls lips! Teehee..lucky Yoona!


Fountain Kiss has three stages starting from a slight peck to deep action!! Here is the video..


 Kiss me senseless from ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’

How does a Man stop a confrontation especially when the girl is freaking mad at you? Ask Jung Il Woo!His answer Kiss em senseless And that is what he did to Lee Chung Ah in Flower Boy Shop ! He stopped her flow of angry words with a hot kiss !! God!!! He sure can kiss!! Cha Chi Soo you’re forever in my boyfriend-to-be list!

The Kiss me senseless video!!


Confession Kiss from ‘Coffee Prince’

Coffee Prince is one of the greatest work of Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo!! Yep YEH did a good job with cola kiss but in my eyes I think YEH has more chemistry with Gong Yoo. This confession kiss is one of the best I have seen and it was actually between two guys based on the plot. Awesome work by both! I like all the kisses in Coffee Prince especially those bed scene kisses looked natural but this kiss touched me more cos it was a perfect confession kiss! Cos most drama I have seen have a chaste peck as confession kisses! Gong Yoo go get em!!

Steamy Kiss scene collection from Coffee Prince!


It was very hard to decide the final kiss cos there was lots of choice but I give this Kiss as the final Sexiest K Drama Kiss!

Wedding night Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’ 

Secret garden was filled with kisses! But I select this as the hottest of em because Ha Ji Won takes the lead here!! Teehee!! Girl Power FTW!! It is refreshing to see a woman ambush her hubby on her wedding night and not just any hubby but BINNIE that arrogant and handsome businessman! So for the feisty woman on top I select this as the hottest kiss!

And when I was searching for this kiss I found a BTS/Making of this kiss. The angle of the shot is on the other side. I love that Binnie looks like he has been kissed senseless at the end LOL!!! Cheers!YEY!! Go Ha Ji Won!


There are many more Hot Kisses in K dramas which I may have missed. Sorry if I havent included your favorite one but keep watching they may get added in a different category in future parts !! LOL!!!!

Some of my other favorite HOT kisses are from dramas like Playful Kiss, Iris, Mary Stayed Out all night, Goong and many more~~ But no worries Will add em in the future kekeke!!! Until them kiss your days away LOL!!

Fusion of K Dramas and Mangas – Pros and Cons!

What does Manga and K drama have in common? Some out of the world humor and unimaginable scenes? Pretty characters with huge and beautiful eyes? Some funny incidents which is never possible in real life? 

Mangas are basically similar to comic books. But major difference between the comics and mangas are that mangas are more intricate. They don’t look cartoony but seems complex. Comics seem fun but it is mostly just fluffy and simple. If you get bored you can easily pick em up and drop em off too. But mangas are different. Even if they go on and on people are addicted and read it with patience.

Doesn’t this remind us of K Dramas? How many of us have watched dramas into the wee hours of the morning. We keep trying to stop watching but end up seeing just one more episode until our alarm rings for waking up in the morning! heehee

Just imagine if you combine those two addictive drugs. What will you get? 

Yep a Kdrama which is the ultimate addict machine!

Well that’s the theory anyway! But what really happens?

Korean entertainment industry tried using Mangas for making awesome Korean dramas and here are some of their results.

Mary Stayed Out All Night

This is a good example of how wrong a fusion of K drama and Manga can take place!

It was adapted from the manga/manhwa Maeri Neun Uibak Joong. Though it is an adaptation the writer of the drama basically did not follow the manga. Then why did they have to just use the characters from the drama?

MSOAN was packed with stellar cast in the form of Jang Keun Suk, Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook. Yet it failed to create an impact due to misguided script. Too much confusion. They kept changing the writers and the plot was choppy. Only thing I loved here was the OST. But the scenes looked exactly like how you would feel if you read mangas while doing some other tasks too.

MSOAN could have been many things because JKS looked hot with his Indie bad role and Kim Jae Wook nailed that business man role. But due to some script problems it ended up as a bad drama. I think maybe the writers should have stuck to the manga to get a better drama. 

But MSOAN characters represented the manga characters exactly. Especially Jang Keun Suk whose Mu gyul character with his obsession for split-end free hair was perfect. LOL!!

Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss was based on the  Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss. A simple manga with some fun twists when a gal who is madly in love with popular guy follows him around. They live together and then eventually there is love and marriage. The story was told like a fairy tale and I felt the manga connection there. 

Both leads Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min had awesome chemistry. Though Baek Seung Jo was a cold sneering character Kim Hyun Joong could have injected more warmth when he started to fall in love with Oh Ha Ni. But Jung So Min as a cute and irritable Oh Ha Ni was a perfect little package of love. 

The only problem with Playful Kiss was it had some lull moments where the story was a bit dragging. But since they stuck to the manga maybe the pace was right! Playful Kiss FTW!


Boys Over Flowers

A success story of fusing K Drama and Manga is Boys Over Flowers. Not only was Hana Yori Dango manga was made into Korean drama but a Japanese drama and a Taiwanese drama was also created with the same. It was a immediate success cos the ladies loved F4. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon just swept the viewers off their feet. Ku Hye Sun as Jan Di was just a trifle overzealous. Her cuteness seemed forced at times but she did relatively well. 

Japanese did justice to the manga by keepin the drama short and sweet. But K drama world overwhelmed by its success decided to extend the series which was a bummer. A nice round 20 episodes would have been ideal. BUT theykinda dragged it with 25 episodes with too many unnecessary action.

The best thing which was made a reality from manga to drama was F4 who will forever remain special in K drama addicts’ hearts. 

So BOF did it just right! Fast paced, Awesome OST, Perfect Flower boys and high ratings. The future drama-manga fusions should learn it from BOF!! But a slight word of caution is Don’t over do it! Keep it short and attention capturing instead of long and boring or filled with chaos.

Credit of pics: tagged,uploaders

Love Rain – Episode 4 “Scribbles”

Just when things looked like the only problem in In Ha and Yoon Hee’s love life was some agitated friends who were pissed that their best friend did not confess his love, things get worse.

Episode 4 opens with a slight flashback of our couple. How In Ha fell in love in 3 seconds and the events that followed. Their beautiful love and the hardships they faced were portrayed by soft tones which made one want to replay these moments.


As the episode opens we see In Ha and Yoon Hee are having a romantic walk. In Ha and Yoon Hee both say that they were just out on a walk and not meaning to see each other. *Yah!! Right we belived you! LOL* Then In Ha confesses that he missed her and Yoon Hee replied she too missed him. *Yep thats more like it!* Our shy In Ha takes her hand and leads her to sit on a bench.

They look so cute!! SIGH! Yet why do I find my heart breaking ?

Yoon Hee looks worried on seeing In Ha’s hurt lips *Lol! Chang Mo’s handiwork* and In Ha calms her down by assuring her that his friends will understand eventually. He then questions whether Yoon Hee went to the hospital because she was sick. Yoon Hee replies “No” *which is a total LIE!!I have A BAD Feeling!* and then asks sorry to him. In Ha doesn’t want to hear Sorry from Yoon Hee and quotes this line “Love means never having to say sorry”

In Ha wants them both to never say sorry to each other. Yoon Hee agrees and they seal it with a pinky promise. In Ha is very happy and says “I feel good”

Their cosy chat is interrupted by a sweet music. Inside a building they find some girls and guys dancing to music and our couple also dance to the same. *Sweet!! sniffle -_- Where can I find such a love?*

Some things which I found that looked like an omen in this scene. In Ha’s voice over “I couldn’t realize it then. How she was preparing for the end” Yes! We all know that their love is never meant to be and In Ha’s thoughts just prove it right. It does break our hearts that all this cute moments never become a reality. And in another voice over In Ha confides that he completed the lyrics of “Love Rain” and he will sing it to Yoon Hee.

OK!! Let us get back to reality. This is where the good stuff ends. Everything goes downhill from now. Prepare your hearts people.

Yoon Hee is abused and called a slut by her other virtuous classmates. *Typical!*

In Ha and Dong Wook fight it out in the tennis court. *Manly brawl for the lucky lady*

Hye Jung is raving mad and is out to seek revenge on Yoon Hee. *Girl I can understand your pain but the problem is not Yoon Hee it is In Ha. You never managed to turn his heart over in 3 seconds*

During the fight over her Yoon Hee runs to see In ha getting hit by tennis balls as he refused to fight with Dong Wook. In Ha never wants to put Yoon Hee as a wager. Chang Mo and Yoon Hee try to protect the shy hero which drives Dong Wook even more mad. Poor Guy!

He leaves in a huff after Yoon Hee steps in front of In Ha and stops him. YEY! Girl power woot woot!

Hye Jung extracts her revenge by presenting her trump card. She reveals that In Ha had indeed read Yoon Hee’s diary and thus knew more about her. Yoon Hee is shocked because she thought of In ha as her other half who completely understands her. Hye Jung “Did you really think it was fate? It was all deceit” Poor Yoon Hee must have also felt the same and she sadly leaves the place. In Ha tries to follow her but Hye Jung interrupts him.

So Eun Seo did a good job as Hye Jung here. She revealed her heart to In Ha and I felt bad for her.

Hye Jung, “I like you a lot too. It’s just not your love that is full of tears. So stop acting like you’re the only one hurt. I like you just the way you like her but why do I have to be the bad one here?”

Very true indeed. In a way Hye Jung is just like Yoon Hee. She is also loved by Chang Mo but she loves In ha deeply. But here Hye Jung’s love is not reciprocated which makes her turn bitter. I believe if In Ha loved her Hye Jung would not have turned into a bad person at all. But one can never tell one’s heart to love or not to love. Love Happens Hye Jung. Hugs!!

In ha follows Yoon Hee and when the national anthem is playing and he cant stop himself giving her a hug. He wants to hold her and comfort her. But Yoon Hee pushes him away and runs off.

We see In Ha walking sadly in the rain and Yoon Hee reading her diary and reminiscing. She looks sad as only memories of In Ha fills her as she reads her diary.

She reads In Ha’s note for her at the back of her diary. He thanks the diary for bringing Yoon Hee close to him and also he asks for forgiveness. He confides that his heart was sincere despite what the whole diary reading freak situation suggests. He never wanted to lull Yoon Hee into a false relation.

Yoon Hee also remembers the time when she asked In Ha about the diary. He was ready to give something but she interrupted him by worrying over the fact  that In Ha or anyone else may have read her thoughts. Hearing that In ha had immediately hesitated. She knew that In ha never meant to cheat her or play with her feelings.

Outside in the pouring rain a sad In ha begs to Yoon Hee that what he did was wrong but he was happy that her diary helped him to get closer. He repeats that his heart was sincere. He begs to her and asks her to believe him. *Why does JKS look so hot when he is all wet and looking sad with those soulful eyes?*

Yoon Hee wants to reach out to him but she is doubled over due to a coughing fit which end up in her spitting blood into the handkerchief.

I knew it!!!

Is it cancer or tuberculosis?

The doctor answers that it is the last stage of TB in a flashback! Ripped heart!!

Yoon Hee had always looked sickly to me. I thought mayb it was the 70s effect Nah!! Seems they wanted Yoona to look pale and sickly.

She realizes that she cant burden In Ha and leaves to her home town after a leave of absence.

Meanwhile Cest La vie are having a fight because Chang Mo is upset that they wont perform the Radio Show. He vents his anger out through a rebellious song which is banned. *Apparently Korea had strict rules regarding singing songs with influential words. Example: Drinking, Politics*

In Sook interrupts them and relies the news of Yoon hee’s leave of absence. In ha and others try finding why she left but it was not a successful mission.

Ok there is something curious going on about Chang Mo! He is met by some fierce looking people who questioned him about a certain song that he and In Ha had written. Chang Mo tries to defend In Ha.

Chang Mo and In Ha have some guy talk in their dorm. In Ha confesses that he will go look for Yoon Hee and Chang Mo is amazed. He also confesses about his travel plans to In Ha where he plans to go on a trip after the radio show.

In ha leaves to Yoon Hee’s hometown after getting blessings from Dong Wook *hehe I knew you were a softie Mr. Over-confident Lee*

He arrives in a picturesque village which is Yoon Hee’s home town. He finds that Yoon hee has gone out for a walk. He finds Yoon Hee in an elementary school which he assumes is her father’s old school. Yoon Hee is playing the organ beautifully.When In Ha surprises Yoon hee she starts running away from him but In ha pleads with her to listen to him. He asks for forgiveness but Yoon Hee turns it down saying thay In Ha did wait outside her class to give her diary back but she did not give him a chance at all.

She further breaks his heart by saying that she never felt any love for In Ha. Her feelings were never real as she only wanted to find a guy who understood her. In the end Yoon Hee revealed that she felt ashamed of using both In Ha and Dong wook and thus ran away in shame.

In ha doesn’t believe her and calls her reason as lies but Yoon hee pushes his hand away without listening to him and scoots. Poor In Ha with reddened eyes shouts that he will be waiting for her at the radio show and asks her to come.

How hard it must have been to Yoon Hee? She doesn’t want to be a burden to In ha and with her whole issue of TB how can she promise everlasting love? Her bottled up feelings burst out as she cries to her grandma that she will return to Korea after getting better treatment in USA.

Her zest to live and love can be seen in her tears. Poor Yoon Hee!! -_-

And then we come to the day of the radio music show! We have a reconciliation between Dong wook and In Ha. And Chang Mo receives a kiss from In Sook which makes him shy *such a cute pair kekeke!!*. In Ha and Hye Jung also have a truce.*yet she looks sad*

In Ha is anxiously waiting for Yoon Hee who is a no show till now. Cest la vie walk out on stage and In Ha explains about how he wrote the lyrics for Love Rain for a special girl. As they are about to start the song In ha sees Yoon Hee walking in. His face blooms on seeing her and he starts singing! What a SONG and in Suk’s voice opening it *_* !! I fell in love with it. And the PD did a good job by showing all the love pf the characters during that song.

In Ha and Yoon Hee’s fated love with so many trials. Dong Wook’s love for Yoon Hee which is tapped from his lost mother’s love. Chang Mo’s sincere and selfless love for Hye Jung. Hye Jung’s secret and fierce love for In ha. In Sook’s childish crush/love for Chang Mo!

I really love this scene and as Yoon hee’s eyes fill with tears so do mine. In Just 4 episodes I was able to see such varied types of love. So beautiful.

As they sing the next song we see some Police men enter Chang Mo/ In Ha’s dorm and ferret out some books which look like they are rebel materials! Hmmm!

After the song gets over Cest La vie get a sound ovation and they start leaving the stage when Chang Mo sees the policemen waiting to nab him. He runs away and also asks In Ha to flee. But In Ha is late to respond and is captured by the police. Yoon Hee panics on seeing In Ha captured and she has an attack of coughing fits and she faints.

Dong Wook sees Yoon hee faint and he runs to her aid. He finds Yoon hee’s coughed up blood and is horrified.

In Ha is jailed and Dong Wook visits him. He enquires after Chang Mo and Yoon hee. Dong wook lies that he doesn’t know anything about Yoon hee.

Meanwhile a runaway Chang Mo gets some help from Hye Jung for food, clothes and money.  He looks shabby but is still the same dorky guy who gives a hug to Hye Jung and runs away.

Yoon Hee asked Dong Wook not to reveal her health condition to In ha and promises she will return after getting better to see In ha. Dong Wook reluctantly agrees.

In Ha gets ready to leave for military service and everyone gives their farewell. Dong Wook then gives him a letter from Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee returned the watch which was In Ha’s gift and wrote a touching letter.

She thanked In Ha for a wonderful time. For protecting her from the rain, for singing her a song, for listening to her, for watching her favourite movie, for making her happy.. Yoon Hee thanks In Ha. She is also sad that she couldn’t say her good byes before leaving for America. She returned the watch because she cannot spend time with him. She also hopes that they can meet in the future.

Yoon Hee, “Thank you for everything. It was fun. I was happy with you.”

In Ha, “It was the last time. She left me a letter and disappeared from my life. However she never mentioned she was sorry in her letter. So I had always believed that this love didn’t end”

Poor In Ha!! He is crying rivers when he reads the letter. Her last words to In Ha. He notes that she never once said sorry and hopes that their love will not die. Dong wook finally breaks the silence and reveals that Yoon Hee left due to her failing health and she will be back. He asks In Ha to wait for Yoon Hee.

The train moves as “Love Rain” plays in the background and a tearing In Ha looks out of the window thinking of the lost love. And then as the train moves we see a frowning JKS with a camera snapping pictures of a snowy background! WOAH!! We are in 2012 judging from Suk’s ponytail and chained earrings *teehee love that hair and earrings..Girls he is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!!*

Officially it is time for me to start my drooling session with the hot son Seo Joon!

What a way to shift from 1970 to 2012. If only a single train ride can give you a make over as cool as Seo Joon’s we would all be jumping into trains…kekeke!

The sexy photographer walks out on the pavement when he is hit by a bounding tornado in the form of a girl. Enter Yoona as Jung Ha Na!! Omg!! Totally reminds me of when In Ha and Yoon Hee banged into each other.

Mr. Sexy Joon looks annoyed and our cute and bubbly Ha Na apologizes. Way to start the relation when their parents kept going on about how love is never saying sorry. The first words exchanged between these two is sorry. LOL!! But as the parents weren’t successful their strategy must be wrong so let’s see how the young ones come up with a new formula.

And as Sexy Joon and Ha Na stare at each other we hear Suk’s voice “ONE TWO THREE”

 What an ending!! Am so excited!

Now getting back to my views on Ep 4! It was such a sad part with so much tears. I felt so bad for In Ha and Yoon Hee and wanted them to be together so much. My heart was paining for them.

Especially JKS crying for his lost love used up so many of my tissues. I really wish that things worked differently. But when I saw the 2012 leads gosh I was hooked. I cant recognise In ha or Yoon Hee in them. A 180 degree transformation which made me fall for them. I will ship these two for sure and fervently hope Ha Na is healthy as a horse because she looks like she needs it to battle it out with Sexy Joon! No TB for Ha Na PD!

Overall am very pleased with 1970. The acting was good from all even the smaller characters like In Sook. Yoon Hee could have been written more lively but maybe she is just that a beautiful apparition who will turn your heart over. And the cinematography with those lush scenery was mind blowing.

I know Suk is capable of acting well so I wasn’t much surprised by his portrayal of In ha. Though a shy and reluctant lover is different for Sukkie as I am more used to seeing HTK type snobs from him. Just shows JKS is really capable of portraying anything.

In terms of Dong Wook’s character I wasn’t much impressed with him but I will reserve judgement on Kim Si hoo as he is supposed to be in 2012 too. So Eun Seo as Baek Hye Jung was brilliant. She showed that love can also turn bitter if it is not reciprocated. Chang Mo aka Seo In Guk was a cute and adorable dork.

Will miss In Ha very much but onward to Mr Sexy Joon with those cool earrings!! FIGHTING!

How to break records all over the World in one week? Learn From Jang Keun Suk!!

Just last week we heard of Jang Keun Suk sweeping Oricon charts and thus subjecting a bout of craziness on his fans!! 

And this week we see more of the craziness for him spreading.

So what was all the fuss about?

Suk entered the world charts. YEAH!!!! *Good news dude!! am glad K Pop oopsie J Pop sung by K guy is recognized by the world*

BUT I was stumped by this.. Suk got #4 in the Global Chart.. What ? 4 O.o ? Here is the best news..

“The United World Chart is updated every week after summing up total single and album sales of singers in each country around the world including America’s Billboard chart, Japan’s Oricon chart, and the United Kingdom’s UK chart, sales record of 36 different countries are accumulated. Korean album sales record, of course, is reflected in the chart.” *Ok so his album seems lik a HIT LOL thats an understatement*

So that was what the fuss was all about?

Nope One more!!

Suk’s personally directed, edited and starred movie Do You Think Living Like This is Good? for his university’s project along with his friends got a special award at the ‘Short Short Film Festival & Asia’ which is the biggest short film festival, which has gained official approval by the Academy Awards.

Getting an award for his College Project? LOL!!! So such a dream situation does exist? Maybe only for Jang Keun Suk.

So lets wrap up this post of JKS’ achievements this week! Uhmmm WAIT? What?

ANDWE!! You mean there is MORE??

So Jang Keun Suk held an online interview of approximately one hour in Weibo (which is like chinese counterpart of Twitter) and fans asked him questions..Ok thats not the point!! The FACT is Suk got a total of 312,578 questions in that hour and 15 mins.

Amazing!!So I cant even imagine getting more than 30 questions!! *remembering those torturous three hours inside the exam hall -_-*

Ok and the funny thing he answered just 56!! Phew 312,578-56 gone down the drain? Nah it helped him create a record..

Previously A Taiwanese band got about 200,000 (approx) questions but Suk broke that record!!

Here is a video where his witty answers to those lucky 56 questions are compiled!


So Japan,China and World Chart down!!

Seriously I have to ask this guy how does he juggle stuff?? I can list so many probs like language difference,culture difference and etiquette variations but he manages them all just fine and comes out shining .

He filmed a variety show in Chinese “Happy Camp” in Chinese…and even with translators and awkward language barrier he came off charming!! *Can I borrow that trait for charming my teachers to get good grades Suk?*

So Jang Keun Suk is A COMPLETE CHARMER!!

His charm revealed through a small trailer of the variety show!! He is cute, sexy, dorky and caring all in a 2 min vid..


And a small tidbit he is starting his Cri Show 2 which is his concert around Asia and the tickets for the first show in Seoul sold out in 10 minutes after ticket sales started.PHEW!!

I think that Jang Keun Suk is going to make us all normal non-K fangirls and guys feel bad with his achievements LOL!! And in Just a week!!

SO am wrapping this post up before people throw tomatos/eggs at me because they feel like they wasted this week after seeing What JKS Did in this week!! RUN!! *Hey I wasted my time too!! We are all in the same boat*

P.S. Jang Keun Suk must really write a book How to break records and charm the world” HAHAHA!!! as I cant figure the secret of his success *Surely not Boost?? LOL!! Ok am running out of humor Escape!!!*

Credit: Korea.com for all those statistics and FACTS which I quoted!!


Since its Kiss Day Lets Party with some delectable Lips !! Here come the K-guys with their mesmerizing Lips!!

Jang Keun Suk

Who can forget how he ate Yoona’s lips Fountain Kiss? With more than 20 kisses he is a pro with Magical Lips!!

 Lee Hong Ki

The way he kissed in the musical made me wonder if he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Cute Hong Ki with Childish lips!

Lee Min Ho

Those Hot kisses in BOF and Personal taste sealed the deal ^_^ Pouty lips!!

Kim Hyun Joong

So many mischievous kisses with Jung So Min!! Remembering the Rain kiss and Wet lips..

Jae Joong

I like Jae Joong..and his Naughty lips!! PERIOD!!

Kim Heechul

Heenim and his Biting lips which kiss both guys and gals alike LOL!! 

Hyun Bin

Aww the Puffer fish look?!! He always has a place in the Secret Garden in my heart!Secret Lips..

Kim Soo Hyun

His Plush lips are worthy of a King!! And not to forget that closing kiss scene with Suzy..

Jung Il Woo 

Flower boy! He nearly bruised Lee Chung Ah!! He may be a flower boy but he has Strong Lips!


Rain has many faces indeed!! But my heart goes out to those Tight lips look..

What is hotter and sexier than a Man in Apron? A Hallyu star who cooks!

You would have heard of Jang Keun Suk’s many achievements! He is the most versatile actor. He is the owner of sexy voice. He is one of the current leading star in Hallyu wave!!

But did you know that he is an AWESOME COOK???

LOL!!! When one see this pic for the first time it may strike that he is posing for an advertisement..

You’re both right and wrong!!

Yes he is shooting for a promo pic!! But no this is not just any advertisement. Seem Suk is shooting pics for his own Cook Book!!!

What do you know??

This guy is just perfect!!

He sings,dances,acts and now COOKS??

Talk about perfect boyfriend material!! hahaha!!! He looks smexy in that leopard printed aprons!!

One may think this is just a joke!! But nope because Sukkie’s favorite hobby is cooking!! And he especially loves to cook for others!! Family and Friends! Can I go to Korea now to eat his food? 

LOL!! Since it looks like we all cant go to Korea, Suk has devised an easier plan. We can buy his cook book “Love Recipe” which contains awesome pictures of his *I assure you they are droolworthy*.

So along with Jang Keun Suk’s recipes you will have a personal feeling of Cooking with him due to those pics..

And Is there going to be a video of him cooking too? I saw this trailer..


Wow!!! What a delicious sight!

When you see these pics you will understand why the gurus had to put this post under Sexy 

Because what is more Sexier than Jang Keun Suk cooking for you?

LOL!!! The recipe book will be off the shelves soon I bet!! *Just wonder if there will be any cooking done with so many distracting pics teehee*

Credit: Tagged,uploaders in FB and weibo