[0]-[0]Glasses on [o]-[o] looks classy or cheesy?

Hyun Bin- Definitely Bossy !

Jang Keun Suk- Vintage!

Shin Min Ah- Cool as Ice


Lee Min Ho- Very Casual Very Sexy!

Park Shin Hye- Cute Kitty!

JaeJoong- Devastatingly Hot!

JYJ- Funky!


 Kim Hyu Joong- Nerdy Mr Ji Hoo/ Baek Seung Jo

IU- Dorkkyyyy




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JYJ Junsu proves that he is not ‘Uncommitted’ to music

I am reviewing this video a little late but I quite liked the vocals of Junsu in this video. Apparently ‘Uncommitted’ involved some nice production with some hotshot people from west and Junsu had once again proved his vocal excellence with this video.

The song is completely in English and the lady who starred in the video is also not an Asian plus the video had this whole English song vibe ! Yet why does this come under K Pop?? Ofcourse because Junsu, a hot Asian K Pop singer, belting out the sad lyrics ultimately means that this is a K Pop Song.

‘Uncommitted’ is a good song but there are slight factors which could have been tweaked and some which could have been underused.


Here is my review,


I give my full votes to the song. YEY!!! Junsu’s vocals were awesome need i say that? The song was catchy and maybe not your typical K song with 80% Hangul and 20% English but was quite nice. His voice had that sexy silky feel which suited the mood of the song well.

The lyrics themselves were simple and angsty.

She said I couldn’t be committed
She said I’m too much of a player
Come on

Ey, ey

It was all a dream
Reality was far from
the safe picture she painted for me
She told me I was the one and I believed
until the dream dissipated so suddenly

I don’t know why she was so compelled to leave
Something was messin’ with her psychology
I’m confused, she’s sayin’ something’s wrong with me,
But how can I fix something I cannot see?

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

How could this be, she’s telling me
I will never let her be my everything
She said I’m a player and I’ll never change
I feel that I’m ready to leave the game.

She said she could’ve never trusted a player like me
but baby that was part of my history
she’s telling me breaking hearts is a part of me
it’s like it’s in my system and it would never leave

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

I’m committed

Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right
Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

Credit: kromanized

So Junsu and his girlfriend are having a couple fight all cos Junsu is a player and he doesn’t like commitment *tsk typical men!!* He doesn’t understand how he can change his ways and he doesn’t even realise his  mistakes. He then slowly comprehends his mistakes but even by the end of the song he has not come up with a solution.


The video and the song go hand in hand. There are three important scenarios throughout the video,

Living together couple: 

I think that the girl/baby whom he is singing about in his song is the blonde girl who we see is living together with Junsu *lucky girl sigh* There are some scenes of how they happily spend their time together. They are happy until we see them slowly braking apart. We see the girl crying and appealing Junsu which clearly shows her confrontation with him.

This is something which many can relate to cos there wont be any relation in this universe where confrontations have been not faced. So that scene is quite a normal and touching one.

Clubbing Couple:

There was another portion in the video. The Living together couple had different hair like Junsu had blusih green hair and the girl was blonde. But when the scene moves onto the club scene we see Junsu has brownish black hair and the girl who is dancing with him is also a brunette. This can mean either the first courting stage of the lead couple. The present couple’s past when they fell in love with each other and went on happy dates to clubs. Or it can mean that Junsu is indeed a player who is cheating on the blonde girl with the brunette.

I felt that the second scenario is more apt.. Cos of this part of the song..

Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right

It does look like he is admitting he is uncommitted and his cheating on his girl with another person can be an indication of his fear for commitment.

Deserted Couple:

There is another portion of the video where the brown haired Junsu and the brunette are together in a desert like background.

Does it signify that Junsu has been deserted by his love? Because he is uncommitted he has lost his true love and is now left with the girl who he preferred over his love. But is he happy? Nope.. Junsu doesn’t look too happy with his choice and so atlast all the cheating and non-committedness is just more reason for heartache and depression *dude what did i tell you? Stop cheating and get committed!!*

Well I think the video was quite straightforward and depicted Junsu’s relationship very well. His voice was awesome but he has to work on his accent. Yep I had a hard time to understand it the first time around but then it was quite ok as I replayed it.

Another thing which really bothered me in this video was the amount of smoke used? Does it like depict that Junsu’s relation is all smoky? or does it point that the earth is being increasingly polluted nowadays LOL!!

Sometimes effects and props must be used effectively and I felt that the smoky/foggy effect was overused. The colouring of the video was by itself sober and it did project the effect of sadness and remorse. I did not understand the reason for smoke to clog the screen too!! Come on I could not look clearly at Junsu kekeke!!

‘Uncommitted’ was quite an enjoyable song with a nice beat which can be easily sung along with. GOOD JOB !!!

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Idols’ Colour Explosion – Dye and Try different colours!

Dyeing ones’ hair in all possible colours is quite a common practise among K idols! When I see some of the colours these guys use am reminded of all the cartoons and animes that I watched ages ago..One thing is clear these guys pull off such weird fashion with style and not many of us will have to courage to be caught with these bright hair!
Some Idols appear many times in this list simply because they are the ultimate fashion experts who have tried all possible colours! KUDOS TO ALL!!!
It’s raining colours people!


Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)

G Dragon(BigBang)


Ricky(Teen Top)







G Dragon(BigBang)

Bang Yong Guk(BAP)


GD & TOP(BigBang)



Bang Yong Guk(BAP)











Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)



G Dragon(BigBang)

Credit of pics: as tagged,uploaders

Which is your favourite colour which suits the idols??

I really love purple and pink!! These colours are normally labelled girly but it looks smashing on these hot guys !!!


LOL!!!! Fangirling Mode ON!!!!!!


Since its Kiss Day Lets Party with some delectable Lips !! Here come the K-guys with their mesmerizing Lips!!

Jang Keun Suk

Who can forget how he ate Yoona’s lips Fountain Kiss? With more than 20 kisses he is a pro with Magical Lips!!

 Lee Hong Ki

The way he kissed in the musical made me wonder if he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Cute Hong Ki with Childish lips!

Lee Min Ho

Those Hot kisses in BOF and Personal taste sealed the deal ^_^ Pouty lips!!

Kim Hyun Joong

So many mischievous kisses with Jung So Min!! Remembering the Rain kiss and Wet lips..

Jae Joong

I like Jae Joong..and his Naughty lips!! PERIOD!!

Kim Heechul

Heenim and his Biting lips which kiss both guys and gals alike LOL!! 

Hyun Bin

Aww the Puffer fish look?!! He always has a place in the Secret Garden in my heart!Secret Lips..

Kim Soo Hyun

His Plush lips are worthy of a King!! And not to forget that closing kiss scene with Suzy..

Jung Il Woo 

Flower boy! He nearly bruised Lee Chung Ah!! He may be a flower boy but he has Strong Lips!


Rain has many faces indeed!! But my heart goes out to those Tight lips look..

How can Idols turn into Actors? A success story!

It’s very common in K entertainment world for singers to turn into actors and actors to turn into singers. It is pretty much a mixed group there.

There have been success stories..and there have been not so success stories!!

One of the idol-actors who has had reaped loads of success is Micky Yoochun!!

Yoochun from JYJ not only excels in his vocals but is also considered a very good actor.

Yoochun started acting a long time ago in small roles but then his last three projects Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and Rooftop Prince has pushed him to the limelight. He has received both popularity and best actor awards for these works.

Ok honestly out of these three drama I have seen RoofTop Prince. My opinion YES Yoochun can act! He did do a good job of the snobby King Lee!!

He reminded me of a combination of Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi!!

Yoochun aint a veteran yet but he is getting there slow and steady..

Not all idols have had such a success story behind them.

Kim Hyun Joong previously of SS501 an Idol turned actor was not able to fare well as Yoochun. His drama Boys Over flowers where he captured many hearts as Ji Hoo. Though his looks hooked many femle viewers his acting left people wanting for more!! Yep Comeon Ji Hoo!!!!

When his next project hit the screen Baek seung jo emerged in “Playful Kiss” A drama which produced so many mixed responses!!

Some went “Eureka!! Ji Hoo has got better!!” and others were like “No improvement at all tsk tsk”

My opinion was Seung Jo is loads better than Ji Hoo!! Ji Hoo had looks but Seung Jo had both looks and brains *heehee both in the drama and his character portrayal* LOL!!!

With his new drama “City Conquest” on the way I just think that Kim Hyun Joong deserves another chance to see if Baek Mir can sweep us all of our feet with action !

Why do I think KHJ can pull it off?

Because one Idol who shifted to acting world and who was highly criticized but is now the golden actress of drama world is

Yoon Eun Hye previously of Baby Vox!!

With all the criticism she got at the beginning anyone would have quit and turned tail! But she stuck till the end and made it through!!

She proved it with many hits later. Anyone who has seen Coffee Prince will not be able to snub YEH again!! She has turned from an Idol into a successful drama Princess! GO MY CHAN!!!

Another gorgeous lady who has turned the tables on the critics is Yoona of SNSD.

Her lead characters in You are my destiny and Cinderella man was not a hit portrayal.

TO be fair Yoona looked way too young in YAMD as she was a teen. Certainly she was not ready for a role as a lead.

But in Cinderella Man Yoona had many melo scenes which came off flat because of her inexperience.

But in the recent drama Love Rain she showed a vast improvement.

From the awkward girl in CM she grew into a beautiful woman in Love Rain. Her cuteness did not over exceed and become sickly sweet. And her crying scenes were heart-wrenching!

She may still have a long way to go but I think Ha Na from Love Rain really showed how Yoona matured! Good for you Yoona!!

There are many more Idols who have turned into Actors!! And if anyone else catches the Gurus’ attention there will be a part two to this post LOL!! Also there is the other case of Actors turned Idols!! Ahh a post for the future?

But one thing I must point out is Idols have the worst killer schedules with all those variety shows,concerts,interviews and stuff. And I really appreciate all these Idols who have tried to branch out with their dramas and movies.

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