Sexy and Daring Photoshoots – Yoon Eun Hye Vs Lee Hyori!

I was so amazed by some photos which I saw in the internet. They were photoshoots of popular Korean stars. But what amazed me about them was their ‘Bare-skin’ approach. I never knew our cute K stars can also rock the smoky and sultry looks like a pro.

I was especially captivated by two stars. I will post their not so innocent photo shoots which displays that those InNOcent ladies also have a wild streak

Here is Lee Hyori. She is a popular singer and has won many awards and is quite wide known for her sexy style.

Whew!!!! I am completely surprised.. Lee Hyori has got the right body to carry off all those poses! She is a small tornado indeed.

Well Lee Hyori may be a familiar face to K Pop Fans and so as an Idol her photo shoots may seem just another day’s work.

But what if someone you have seen frequently in dramas does those above shots?

WOW!! and that is where Yoon Eun Hye who acts theĀ  inexperienced gal in hit dramas enters the picture..

YEH’s photoshoots..

Well well well!! Am Dazed by YEH!!

She has put her long limbs to good use! Where Hyori was a short tornado, YEH is a dynamo!

My Verdict:

Lee Hyori is quite a good poser but what made me gasp more was YEH! I totally didn’t recognize her when I first saw the pics because in my mind YEH was still the tomboyish looking Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince who everyone mistook for a boy. And to think that She had all this hiding inside. I knew YEH was a hardworking artist but I also find that she is a beautiful woman through and through.

So my vote goes for YEH who is a chameleon who can change from a sweet tomboy to a H.O.T woman who makes anyone DAZED!!

And I would like to rephrase some things in my mind. For me Hallyu has always been about Sweet romantic dramas and movies filled with love and humor, music which makes your heart melt though you don’t understand the lyrics. But Hallyu is just not that. It can also deliver Sexy with a daring touch which doesn’t make one cringe or look away in disgust.

Just wondering if K Guys also do such daring shoots LOL!! Investigation mode!!!

Credit of pics: as tagged, uploaders

Here are some