U Kiss- “Stop Girl”- A Real Comeback!


A couple of days back I saw the comeback MV of the boyband UKiss- Wow! what I saw was an award material. The chorus-“Stop girl in the name of love” is still all over my head! There were two versions of the song-black & white and color version(Dunno why! Maybe to find which one was better!). Personally I liked the black and white version- It was more stylish and sleek! Just a few hours after the MV was released it was well trending in twitter and there were high praises for the song even from non-fanbase front.

What I think of the song:

The song is a complete changeover from the group’s “cliche” genre-it is a more serious music and has an unexplained feel to it. Though all the hits of the group are dance pop songs it is a good thing the group has given R&B a chance! I heard it a couple of times and it kinda grew in me!

Vocals were great. Kiseop is given more lines than usual. I think he doesn’t have much lines mainly because he is the lead dancer but good thing now he is given a chance to sing more.I did not know Kiseop had this much talent within him- he has a very nice voice; hats off. The rapping- 100 points- plus the english was so good(great improvement)! The first rap which glides in from nowhere into the song-“Oh the tears in your eyes are telling me goodbye”- OMG it was tooooo stylish!

Good thinking using the Knight chess piece in the set For those who don’t know the knight chess piece moves in the form of letter L which means Love in this song! That particular prop in the set goes well with the “In the name of love” part!

Choreography was mind-blowing! They have used girl backup dancers- a value addition I must say. I was insanely jealous of the girl in the couple dance Kevin did around 1.40.(Naice!)

I wouldn’t give a thumbs up for the fashion but it wasn’t a complete disaster either- well at least in the black & white version!The patterned costumes of the boys suited the B&W MV pucca! Dongho shouldn’t have tortured his poor hair to that style!(Trying to pull off Nuest Ren, are we?)

What is that thing in Kiseop’s hand? Looks like hairband. He should have thrown it away before shooting the MV.

Eli’s hair color was truly revolting(Thank god! It was not noticeable in B&W version).

My final Verdict– I would give a wholesome five star for the Song,4 stars for the MV and Two stars for their fashion(credits:Their disturbing hairstyles).

But Can the song make it?

I kept and keep asking myself -Why did they have to choose this particular time for the group’s comeback with such a “award worth” song at stake? With Psy and Gd rising up like rockets and other groups like   TVXQ, Secret, T-ara and Orange Caramel on screen the group could have waited before unveiling this song! As for now the song does well in the Mnet countdown, Eat yout Kimichi kpop charts and even in the fanmade polls! In popularity poll by tradablebits it in 3rd position. But will U Kiss win in the long run? We have to wait for that Pop Magic to happen and they deserve the magic!

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