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To the beautiful You- My Expectations Vs Reality


Before the drama “To the Beautiful You” started airing I had a few expectations how the drama would be different from the original Japanese version. I has posted an article here at “Hallyu Guru” focusing on my hopes and expectations.

To view that article click here. (Please do read the article to get the full blast of the current article)

Now I have finished watching the whole drama and it doesn’t matter whether my expectations then were met or not because my hopes for the drama was not definitely shattered. Then why bother to write them?-Because who doesn’t like to muse about our predictions, right?

First things first, my sincere hope for volumed up romance between the main leads was met! THANK GOD! After all this is Korean Drama we are speaking about and people expect chemistry.

And when I say romance, it is strictly limited to passionate glances, heart-throbbing back hugs and chemistryless kiss. But I am not complaining- I think the director toned it down a bit to make it look genuinely high school. But there was a little bit creativity in the romance too-credits to the bicycle kiss:)

I thought there will be only a female rival(I was not sure whether I would like  it-but it was good- she was not a total vixen kind we normally see)but the scriptwriters have gone for a male rival too. 100 points for that! They were not just mere rivals who jumped in to the scene for plot sake. Bot the rivals have a strong relationship background with the leads. Seol Ha Na(the female rival)has been Tae Joon’s friend and follower like forever and Johnny(the male rival) likes Jae Hee so much that he forged the documents for her to enroll in Boy’s school.This kind of value addition helps in the better plot development. What romance is interesting without rivals and jealous-factor?

Other than the romantic rivalry- the professional rivalry was also better in this version. There the rival just acts like an ass while inside his heart he likes Sano. But here Min Hyeon Jae is in the same school, always considered second to Tae Joon(though inside his heart looks up on him),has less sofisticated economical background etc etc which gives him more solid reasons for not liking Tae Joon much. But after the turn of events he comes to like Tae Joon which reminded me how high school really can be. Sometimes the ones you hate would end up becoming your best friend.

I was hoping with my fingers crossed that the doctor charecter would be gay in Korean version too(there were speculations that he would be straight). Well he was, but he was not very much used in the gay humor like in the original. But at least I got my wish! Yay!

Eun-gyeol’s character was was pretty good. The way how he gets to know that he likes Sulli was all neatly placed but he did not quite make the cut of the Japanese “Nakatsu”. Maybe it was because Eun-gyeol’s character was a bit more serious or maybe because in this version he senses Sulli’s feelings for Minho and gets jealous in contrast to the original.But even with all this in my head  Eun-gyeol is my favorite in the whole drama.(Nakatsu is my favorite in Jap version).

I can proudly sat Min Ho pulled off Tae Joon’s character brilliantly and better than Japanese Sano. Sano was all about looking hot and athletic- But Tae Joon’s charecter did much more than that. As for Sulli- she has skills but I couldn’t even point one single frame in the whole drama where she looked boyish enough to pass for a guy. Casting a foreigners for Sulli’s brother and her BFF was really great. Making Sulli’s brother a doctor(foreigner probably adopted by Koreans and speaks good Korean) and changing the way how he finds out she is enrolled in a Boy’s school turned out to be more interesting. Daniel oppa is given more importance role-wise in this version.

The inclusion of a mother sentiment as a reason for Tae Joon giving up High Jump was much more powerful and moving than the original(where Sano would be injured while trying to save mizuki;but he would say that was not the reason he gave up- It was a little confusing). I was surely not expecting a “mother character”. Using the mother feelings to connect the male leads – in the scene where both of them watch a movie Tae joon watched with his mother together was heart warming.

But I missed two characters very much from the original dram- the playboy guy(Nanba) who was nowhere to be seen and the girly gay guy with feelings for the play boy- there was actually a guy who keeps wearing lip balm but his character development was not much in this version.

Good thing the script writers did not completely stick to the original plot! Hats off for the script writers for completely whitewashing all the logical loopholes in the plot and giving us a proper logical plot. The ending was feel good but not very creative-toooooo predictable. I mean,c’mon I am not eight anymore and anyone over eight can predict it.

Bad Kiss Chemistry In K Drama

The key butterfly moment of any K-Drama is Kiss. A lot can happen during a kiss- it can fog the viewers head leaving them speechless or make them wonder how two lips can brush with no chemistry at all. Some say that brushing of lips is a innocent way of kissing-point taken when the kiss is lasting for a millisecond. But why do people keep brushing the lips for hours long with no chemistry  at all? Nonsense.

There are such worst kisses in K-Drama history which makes the viewers think “When are these dolls gonna ever stop kissing?” Now that I have witnessed a handful of terrible kisses I am always threatened by a phobia of “bad kiss”. Bad kiss scenes ruin a potentially “beautiful thing”.

For instance the drama delightful girl where the kiss scene is a total disappointment. That kiss was an excellent example how an excellent kiss can be made only when the chemistry is shared by both the parties involved. In the kiss I could see the sparks flying from Lee Myungrong but Chun Hyang was totally incompatible to the sparks. It is not out of character for 3 Iron Jae Hee to have the “thing” but Chae Young heavily compromises the standard.

Same goes with Heartstrings- Here we are waiting for the moment to come only to see it go completely plain with no gut-feeling. It was like a five year old was puppet playing with Yong Hwa and Shin Hye to kiss.

In KDrama pool there are also some kisses which are momentous and extraordinary marked by hot chemistry and excellent scenario. Such kisses which keep lingering in our minds-I would say are one of a kind…Like this..

K-Fever spreads in France with the help of Jang Keun Suk

Jang Keun Suk is a famous K star who is known for his professional acting skills! He is titled ‘Asia Prince’ which is not just for ornamental purposes. His fame in Japan and China is quite overwhelming and thus his Asian Prince title is more than JUST A  TITLE!

Well what is more amusing is that Jang Keun Suk’s fame has spread as far as Europe and maybe even beyond. It is quite common for K Pop idol groups to be well known in the western countries because of their periodic concerts. Many idol groups like SNSD, Wonder girls and more have officially debuted in American and European countries and released albums. So it is not surprising if they are well received in the western entertainment industry and among  non-asian fans.

But Jang Keun Suk is someone who has not debuted in western countries and has not carried out any world tours or shows/concerts. He is not a full time musician and has recently released one full length album and a mini album in collaboration with Big Brother Kurt. So Sukkie is not the ideal Idol boy band group member. He is more of an actor than of a musician!

So it was a major surprise on seeing him receiving a warm and exuberant welcome at the airport when he entered Paris last monday.

Sukkie embarked on an unannounced visit and just tweeted suddenly that he was on his way to Paris! Viola!! But many fans eagerly gathered at Charles de Gaulle Airport to welcome him. Airport authorities were not informed that a little fireball from Korea was arriving *sadly airport officials dont follow him in twitter teehee* and so was unprepared to assist him and so there was a slight hassle.

But Sukkie was amazed by this gathering and so were many others! Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk has reached this high level of recognition with his dramas and as an actor. I cant imagine how popular he will become once he debuts officially!

And the fawning attention by Eels did not stop at the airport. The Eels kept following him around to Hotel, Shopping Malls, Tourist spots and more to get autographs and photos which Sukkie gave willingly!

Truthfully Sukkie has made his French fans to fall in love with him more and I wonder if this swooning effect is just a stepping stone for his securing the ‘World Prince’ title soon!

Here are some shots of Sukkie on his way to France, at the Paris Airport, with Fans in the streets and shops of Paris!

There are many more photos but I have selected those which he personally uploaded in his twitter!

Credit: @AsiaPrince_JKS

Besides as pointed out by Fans at the rate he has been shopping in the past few days in Paris it is clear that European economy needs him. Keep shopping, Sukkie!

K Drama Kisses Part 2 – Unique and Unorthodox!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are unique! I seriously like the concept and the way these kisses were filmed. A breath of fresh air and makes me go awwwwwwwwww due to their overflowing cuteness!

Caressing Kiss from ‘The Princess Man’

First up is a special Kiss scene from ‘The Princess Man’ What I love here is the sweet chemistry between the leads. Though it is a historical drama it still made me feel that their kiss was that of a normal modern couple. Park Shi Hoo slowly kisses Moon Chae Won’s forehead and then slowly moves over to the eyes,cheek and then to the lips as he lovingly wipes the soot from her face . Instead of going for the classic smooshing of lips and then jumping back K drama Kiss these two did a very good job of being NORMAL!

I really loved their tandem and just like any ordinary pair they don’t stop with just one kiss. After Moon Chae Won confesses about bearing any heart ache for him, he slowly moves in for the next kiss. This kiss may seem passionate but in my eyes it is sweet and quite possible in everyday life ^_^

Here is the video,


Foam Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’

Anyone who has watched Secret Garden and been swamped by Hyun Bin and Ji Won’s chemistry will never forget THE KISS! A cute scenario where Hyun Bin keeps nagging Ha Ji Won as she relaxes while having coffee. Then when Ha Ji Won innocently has some coffee cream/foam on her lips he swoops in to clean up that foam from her lips! Apparently he does that cos he doesn’t have tissues..heehee best excuse ever man!

A unique scenario indeed!

LOL!! Many K fans would have been foaming in mouth due to jealousy! LOL!


Candy Kiss from ‘Iris’

Omg!! This is the most Surprising Kiss of all!! Yep Foam Kiss was different and surprising too but this one just blew my mind..

Lee Byung Hyun’s tutorial on how to pacify your angry girlfriend :

#1 Walk over sexily

#2 Grab her and move in for a kiss.

#3 And as you are kissing just pass over the candy you are eating into your girlfriend’s mouth.

#4 While the girlfriend is mighty surprised give a cheeky grin like a kindergarten kiddo!

Result: Girlfriend forgets her anger and smiles dorkily in love!

Dang! Kim Tae Hee is quite lucky indeed!

A kiss which made me squeal!!

Enjoy the candy kiss and the BTS!


Bus Kiss from ‘Dream High’

Many K drama kisses always result in either the girl opening her eyes widely or the girl standing similar to a statue. But Dream High’s Bus Kiss gave a valid reason for absence of action on both sides with the simple excuse of a interfering automobile. As far as Farewell kisses go I really love this. Suzy runs over to Kim Soo Hyun who is already on board the bus. She bangs on the window and then Kim Soo Hyun gently pulls her for a kiss. Though the Kiss was the standard korean peck on lips (Ok! considering the situation Kim Soo Hyun had no room to make the move! He can just barely kiss her with the bus already en route to airport!) it provided the best ending for the entire series.

I know this may seem unbelievable but I was very much satisfied with the Bus Kiss! It lacked passion but it had class!

The dreamy farewell kiss,


Tip-Toe Kiss from ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’

The last unique kiss for today is Tip-toe kiss from Queen In Hyun’s man. how can a girl kiss her TALL Boyfriend passionately?

Scenario #1 Make your boyfriend sit on a stool!

Scenario #2 Stand on a stool to reach the height!

Scenario #3 Go for the Tip-toe kiss like Yoon In Na!

She stood up on the ground in tip toe and tried to reach Ji Hyun Woo but unfortunately he was too tall even then! So she took matters into her hand and stood on tiptoes ON HIS FEET and continued the kiss. And Ji Hyun Woo slowly rocked both of them  as he kissed like he was slow dancing with her was just epic! Seriously an unorthodox kiss scene in K drama!

And to make matters explode even more just after this drama finished airing Ji Hyun Woo proposed to Yoon In Na and both are currently dating! Seriously this makes the kiss more authentic!


Tip-toe Kiss FTW! So ladies with tall BFs lets start following in Yoon In Na’s footsteps or should I say follow her tip-toes?

Thats’ its folks!! Did y’all enjoy the unique kisses? I sure did!

Cr of pics: as tagged

Five reasons why ratings don’t work!

You are beautiful:

Goes with the name- beautiful drama with beautiful emotions. I cannot understand why it got such a low rating-You cannot even bear to skip a single scene in the drama. But the rating in no way resisted it from becoming an online hit. It is considered one of the best dramas ever.

Playful kiss:

Can you believe it? Baek Seun Jo and Ha Ni getting low ratings?Another drama which is an epic fail in ratings but turned out to be an online-grandeur. Playful kiss now many fans all over world (including myself) ^^

Love rain:

How can a musical passionate love story ever go out of style? When I say musical, I mean musical. The soundtrack was soothing and heart-touching.The story might be a little slow but you cannot rush a sweet love story.  Watch it;”Feel” it.(I did^^)

Lie to me:

Well the story was too predictable (So what?).That doesn’t make this drama “non-watchable”. Trust me sometimes watching predictable storyline also feels good. The main characters had such a wonderful chemistry and it has a epic kiss. Don’t wanna miss it right? 😉

Operation proposal:

I won’t say this is drama is unbelievable or best but it does not deserve such mediocre ratings too.(some say it is because it was broadcasted in a paid channel).  If you are a fan of sweet, warm, touchy stories you can surely give this a try. 

Operation Love-Episode 1 “Scribbles”


DO NOT READ if you don’t want us to break the surprises that come ahead.^^

In the opening scene we have a bunch of kids bullying a kid and calling him a bastard. A girl about the same age stands up for him. The kid gets courage and throws a snowball at them! That should hurt. The courage that a guy gets when girl he likes walks in! ^^The girl and the boy walk away together. Puppy Love ^^

Time rolls by…..

The Radio sings *Happy Valentine’s Day* and an alarm goes *TIK TIK TIK*(at 11 o clock!!! LOL).The alarm must belong to a room sheltering a hardcore baseball player for every inch of it spoke of baseball! (signed balls,baseball gloves ,newspaper cuttings and shiny awards)

A sleepy head of a guy wakes up with a start. He looks at the clock not believing his eyes. Yes boy! you are veryyyy late for whatever you had planned.Then there is church and roses. Does it ring a bell? Well one more hint “A beautiful bride”. Yep! A wedding! A wedding on Valentine’s day! They are one lucky couple! Then we see the sleepy head racing down the streets in black blazers and finally manages to get into a taxi. The bride,Ham Yi Seul and her friend Chae Ri have a “weddingy” chat. Then the worst happened- Mr Sleepyhead got caught in traffic! The traffic was due to a marathon competition. So our guy got off and started running(for his life). He raced ahead of the marathon runners (He has no choice…He has a “wedding” to catch..keke…).

Meanwhile Baek Ho’s(sleepyhead of course) are at their wits end waiting for him and the bride’s parents are practicing to walk down the aisle.I have always wondered why people practice for this. I mean all they have to do is “WALK DOWN THE AISLE”. How difficult can it be? And at last Baek Ho reached the church; unable to even lift his leg. Boy! You have to “Walk down the aisle”!!

Then there was the “wedding music”, the bride and the maids^^. Baek ho waiting and smiling at the bride. OMG! He is not the groom!!! He is the next best thing- “the best man”. Baek Ho has loved this girl for 20 years and did not get a single chance to propose and ends up being the best man at her wedding! This is called fate at its worst! @_@

How come no one notices how sad this guy is at the wedding? He forgets to present the ring and is almost in tears when they kiss! So the “puppy love” ended a puppy love! No wait..who am I to say that? The drama has just started and ANYTHING can happen!

Aftermath of the wedding

Ju Tae Nam, a short friend of Baek Ho (and naturally Ham Yi Seul) is seen to fancy Chae Ri,the head cheerleader “Super Girls” and he is not too subtle about it too! But like all the snobbish pretty girls she ignores and insults him. And like all the other dumb guys he doesn’t seem to care.

Baek Ho says that he feels like he is marrying off his inadequate daughter. Now, now Baek Ho we all know how you really feel! Then he has a small talk with the bride’s dad. Even the dad thought that Baek Ho was gonna marry his daughter! Baek Ho!! What the hell were you doing all these years?

Then the bride comes to talk with her best friend. These two really get along well and this girl understands him only too well. She knows that her friend’s mouth dries up when he is nervous during speech and that he needs peppermint candies for the same.

The Best man’s speech

The actual groom was the coach of the baseball team in the high school. He and Ye Seul got into a student teacher relationship. Isn’t such relationships frowned upon? Well, I guess all is fair in love and war! Baek Ho congratulates Ye Seul with heavy heart. He says that Yi Seul cared for others more than she did for herself.

*Flashback* Ye Seul keeps the puppies in the street dry by sheiding them under her own umbrella. Our Baek cares for Ye Seul more than he does for himself. He gives his umbrella to her and runs to school in rain. When Ye Seul forgets her indoors shoe, he offers his. When I was in school I used to forget my sport shoes often and no one came to my rescue.Unlucky me! 

Even the coach himself was jealous of Baek Ho and never thought he would become Yi Seul’s man. Baek Ho must have been hibernating when these two dated! Hmph :/

When Beak Ho moves all the gifts to the couple’s car, he comes across a letter which Yi Seul wrote to him years ago; a letter which she never gave him! He secretly pockets it.

When Yi Seul throws the bouquet Baek Ho catches it and refuses to part with it.keke. Night descends. Baek Ho sits alone in a park swing and take out the letter. It was a love letter Yi Seul had written to him in nighth grade! Baek Ho couldn’t believe his bad luck and tears bursts out wishing to go back in time. Then the magic happens. A time conductor appears and offers to help him. He gives him a tonic which would take him back to the past.

Meanwhile Baek Ho’s friends gather up at their usual spot. When Chan Wook(one of Baek Ho’s friends) merely starts to say he is thirsty there was a hand in front of him with a tumbler. For one second I thought it was a ghost. But it looks like a shy girl with a crush on him.^^

At Yi Seul’s place her mom is in deep thinking. He dad notices a peppermint candy at Yi Seul’s desk and wonders if she likes them. Her mom says she hates them too like him and sighs. Her expression is worried and she asks her husband whether Yi Seul will be happy. A lady will know another lady’s heart and mom knows her child best. In this case both apply, right??

Baek Ho has a look over all his memories with Yi Seul and finds a handful of photos where she is upset. Somehow he feels responsible and wants to change them.

Baek Ho does not believe the time conductor but decides there was no harm in trying.He drinks the tonic and Yi Seul appears in front of him. She is gonna kiss Chan Wook! WTH? And of course Baek Ho himself couldn’t believe it and cries, “NOOO!!!” Someone else yelled, “Cut!”Darn! It was a drama rehersal and Baek Ho was back in high school! Yeah! That’s right he is gonna try and change the past!!!

Overall this episode was medium paced and fun to watch!

Episode Rating: 4/5