Yoseop’s solo ‘Caffeine”- Is it worth a coffee table?


My answer is definitely!It is a high time talented idol like Yoseop went solo. People had been expecting it for a while now and “Caffeine” is a great solo debut for him. After hearing the song it was not too difficult to assign it a genre- Contemporary R&B with “heartbroken” mood.The song kicks off with a pleasant piano with Yeseop joining midway through the piano in a low tempo vocal which sounded like he was talking something very fast in a musical voice.

Two things to note about the MV are that it is a soulful heartbreak post breakup song and Yoseop is all grown up. Maybe the concept of “Coffee” was chosen to show that he is an adult.(I am an adult but I don’t drink coffee..o.0). The MV shows the love, betrayal, breakup,post breakup sorrow and moving on in a poetic and classy way. Throughout the MV he maintains a gentleman image which is hand in glove with his real-life image.The MV graceful skinship scenes of the girl with Yoseop and Junhyung-the other man(Classy way of saying kisses without making out:P).

Yoseop reminisces his romantic past over a steaming cup of black coffee. The next clip shows his breakup with the girl which by judging from the snowfall happens in winter. I dunno why but winter is mostly the breakup season-maybe because a person’s heart turns cold in winter.

There are broken things everywhere-cups,frame…signifying he is heart-broken. He is reluctant to let the girl go even though she is cheating on him. He does not throw away their love diary or her red shawl or the broken photos. He then finally realizes that before disappearing from his life the girl has given his heart back unhurt. He decides to cherish her memories in heart but burns the diary,tosses the photo with the red shawl and finally moves on.(A broken heart is fixed)

At the breakup spot the girl is covered by smoke showing she is gonna disappear. She gives Yoseop’s heart in a box-letting him know that she had been treasuring it the whole time. The heart in the box right away reminded me of the “Pirates of Caribbean 2” where a girl will protect her lover’s heart keeping it in a treasure chest.

The whole moving on after a breakup is compared indirectly to recovering from an addiction(caffeine). Caffeine is almost a drug and there are people who are addicted to it. He compares the girl to caffeine-though he knows it is not good and he has to let go of it, like a caffeine her memory embraces him. We can see a pile of broken coffee cups in a corner in midway through  the MV showing he is addicted to caffeine like he is addicted to the girl.

The Choreography was stylish and medium paced with Yoseob moving in slick fluid waves. The whole MV is set in dim light and colours of Yoseob’s wardrobe was limited to black and white. Not much risk was taken in fashion side though I don’t like the pearl studded suit much-it kinda broke the whole classy image of the song.


Fashion Points-4/5

The whole MV-4.9/5( A DEFINITE WINNER)