BigBang SeungRi turns twitter into a variety show!

You might all know the maknae aka the youngest of BigBang Lee SeungRi.. He is known very much for his bickering talk as much as his looks and talent. Well I thought SeungRi’s hilarious speeches and actions were reserved only for the Korean TV shows..

Apparently not!

On 19th SeungRi started a twitter account which kept tweeting messages of ‘I am me..made to study english’ Many were skeptical about this account. Because the owner seemed to be out of his mind. Tweeting funny stuff and even tweeting all SeungRi’s fanclub twitter accounts. And the english was seriously hilarious stuff with phrases thrown in which made people end up with stitches.










Finally some doubt was alleviated cos YG official twitter and some other staff members started following @ForvictoRi

But the most awaited following was whether Taeyang and G-Dragon would follow him back!

Nope his ‘Hyongs’ did not reply his aegyo filled pleas. And he ended up being depressed and was contemplating ‘free-falling’ from his apartment ROFL! And Taeyang hyong responded to his maknae…GD has not replied him directly until now because I think he has curled up somewhere due to the embarrassing tweets of his dongsaeng.

And SeungRi got verified within 2 days..But sadly that marked his end of twitter variety show madness.. He deleted more than 100 tweets and only left images of his which he searched from google and uploaded. A meagre of 6 tweets. And now he is tweeting barely about censored stuff which makes sense and thus seems too boring.

LOL!! But for past two days.. he is just changing his header picture, display picture and funnily his Bio!

The latest bio seems like he is quoting the warnings he got and the reason he had to censor himself..

‘Once the tweet goes out, it cant be taken back kkkk’


LOL!! So true..Will we see the SeungRi who made into the world trending list with just his hilarious tweets make a fun-filled comeback in twitter? Or will it forever be censored and remain the normal celebrity twitter profile?

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Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ is the best way to transform from a young boy to a sexy man!

Big Bang Seungri really knows how to come of age with a Bang! I was looking at some videos and I happened to glance across his song ‘Strong Baby!’ Gosh!! Way shocked! Honestly am more infatuated with G-D and Top of BigBang but this MV just blew me away! MAJORLY!

Being the maknae aka youngest member of Big Bang and having cute nick names like Panda and VI one would like this young boy to be nothing but a cute singer. Maybe he will be best at aegyo! Right??

Andwe!! Panda is just not a young boy but he is a sexy man too! Go Panda!!!

Seungri’s strong baby video starts with our boy G-D introducing VI ! While the flashy G-D is busy introducing him VI is lounging on the bed.. Then a lady walks upto my man and then we enter the awesome song. Crack Crack Crack!! Love G-Ds role here Lol!! Crackkkkk!!

Seungri looks sleek in a tux and his style is just perfect. A handsome man! His choreography in this song was not very tough and I liked his voice! Just the right tone..Besides this MV was more about showing that his Pandaness is just not a boy anymore but is really A strong baby who wants to make love tonight! heehee!!

Amazing fact is Seungri was just 18 when he released this MV!! LOL!! I never would have guessed and I assumed he was in his 20s when I saw this first!

So here is the most special coming of age MV,


There was a scene in this video where Panda and a girl make out on the bed! Apparently this scene was not all it seems to be! VI and the girl did kiss (more like touch lips which makes the 18 year old man even more sexy!) but those parts were edited out of the original MV!

Sigh!! But all is not lost guys..Seungri’s edited kisses appeared in a concert! hehe!

So here are those pecks kisses by Panda!


Seriously Hot! And I shall forgive Seungri if his kisses seemed a bit off cos he was just a 18 year old baby turning into a smexy man!

Why does this review focus mostly on the theme SEXY?? Lol!!

As this is a song review just wanted to add that I loved the music especially crack crack! The repeated electronic boom was cool! Seungri did a good job.. Maybe the song,dance and hot scenes may not seem the best but when combined I think they gave off a wonderful effect!

And one line was seriously hilarious “Don’t ask my age ‘I guess you know you love me'” LOL!!! very true! The lady will be in for a shock if she knows his real age teehee!

Besides though G-D came for a short while I loved his support!

My oh my wondering how he is now that he is all grown up keke! The last “Bye ladies” before he walks off nonchalantly just proves Seungri is one ‘Strong Baby’ indeed!

My feelings is that as a solo song for some one to break out from young boy stereotyped image this is the best bet indeed! But one must remember that overuse of this concept can become boring especially if one cannot pull off that adultish look like VI!