TVXQ- The “Humanoids” from the future

Grip up for we are going to travel into the future- a future with Robo Hotties-The TVXQ Humanoids.


The song is a good old electronic pop song and gets into your head after multi-mutiple listens. Either way the song is a good-listen standing safely in between “love it” and “hate it”.Since the song by itself had lesser potential than “catch me”, I expected better theme and concept development.


There were so many gears (like the kind we find in clock) in the set to show that they are from the future. Not much of concept development has been done on this “clock work” theme. But the zapping choreography of the song deviates our attention a little bit. Given the title I expected a genuine robotic moves but I cant complain much. The levitating gears and light effects adds class to the MV. The set as such is not very much creative- Frankly I am hugely reminded of the sets in “Sexy.Free and Single” only the sets here are black and white.

I tried to interpret whatever was expressed through the poorly developed plot and the good backing lyrics. My guess is that time may be the critical factor in our future(shown by how the clock pieces teleport the duo back and forth) but its our choices(Shown by whether they choose the teleporting clocks) and acceptance(that they are humanoids) that will really affect our future.

The duo wore shiny jackets throughout the MV- are they trying to say shiny would be the future fashion trend or they are gonna shine in the near future? Whatever it is the shiny jackets is a positive attention in the song. As for the fashion department of the song-they aced. The shiny jackets were not irritating shiny and the colour selection was wise. I especially loved the saffron and green coloured jackets- It reminded me of our national flag.

My final verdict- People expect flat-out fantastic from this duo. So they did not live upto the expectations.

*clears throat* MV Rating-2.5/5


Yoseop’s solo ‘Caffeine”- Is it worth a coffee table?


My answer is definitely!It is a high time talented idol like Yoseop went solo. People had been expecting it for a while now and “Caffeine” is a great solo debut for him. After hearing the song it was not too difficult to assign it a genre- Contemporary R&B with “heartbroken” mood.The song kicks off with a pleasant piano with Yeseop joining midway through the piano in a low tempo vocal which sounded like he was talking something very fast in a musical voice.

Two things to note about the MV are that it is a soulful heartbreak post breakup song and Yoseop is all grown up. Maybe the concept of “Coffee” was chosen to show that he is an adult.(I am an adult but I don’t drink coffee..o.0). The MV shows the love, betrayal, breakup,post breakup sorrow and moving on in a poetic and classy way. Throughout the MV he maintains a gentleman image which is hand in glove with his real-life image.The MV graceful skinship scenes of the girl with Yoseop and Junhyung-the other man(Classy way of saying kisses without making out:P).

Yoseop reminisces his romantic past over a steaming cup of black coffee. The next clip shows his breakup with the girl which by judging from the snowfall happens in winter. I dunno why but winter is mostly the breakup season-maybe because a person’s heart turns cold in winter.

There are broken things everywhere-cups,frame…signifying he is heart-broken. He is reluctant to let the girl go even though she is cheating on him. He does not throw away their love diary or her red shawl or the broken photos. He then finally realizes that before disappearing from his life the girl has given his heart back unhurt. He decides to cherish her memories in heart but burns the diary,tosses the photo with the red shawl and finally moves on.(A broken heart is fixed)

At the breakup spot the girl is covered by smoke showing she is gonna disappear. She gives Yoseop’s heart in a box-letting him know that she had been treasuring it the whole time. The heart in the box right away reminded me of the “Pirates of Caribbean 2” where a girl will protect her lover’s heart keeping it in a treasure chest.

The whole moving on after a breakup is compared indirectly to recovering from an addiction(caffeine). Caffeine is almost a drug and there are people who are addicted to it. He compares the girl to caffeine-though he knows it is not good and he has to let go of it, like a caffeine her memory embraces him. We can see a pile of broken coffee cups in a corner in midway through  the MV showing he is addicted to caffeine like he is addicted to the girl.

The Choreography was stylish and medium paced with Yoseob moving in slick fluid waves. The whole MV is set in dim light and colours of Yoseob’s wardrobe was limited to black and white. Not much risk was taken in fashion side though I don’t like the pearl studded suit much-it kinda broke the whole classy image of the song.


Fashion Points-4/5

The whole MV-4.9/5( A DEFINITE WINNER)

Shinee dazzling us by “Dazzling Girl” – Their first original Japanese Single


After all their exhaustive Korean to Japanese singles remake process,our ShinEE boys have finally released a raindrop-pure Japanese single. This new single is a definite feast for the Shawols- the boys are looking Sexy and Slick!

The Song

The song kicks off with a  mid tempo piano and in about eight seconds electronic beats overlaps the piano. Through the mid-way the piano and the beat stops sharply and there is clapping sound and the pitch of the vocals is raised too. This was the bit which brought the DJ party feel to the song. Then there was the usual- a chorus and a rap bit. Then there was another piano bit with the vocals paced slow but high pitched so the party atmosphere of the song is not broken.Then out of nowhere the chorus “dazzling girl” slips in,which I felt,was somewhat not simultaneous.

Final verdict-A party hard kind of song- catchy,with piano, electronic beats , drum beats and clapping sounds in the background. It reminded me the early 90’s party music a lot.

Song Rating- 4/5


The MV has a simple brief concept -fashion makeover. Yes! the same kind we find in chick flicks(like the Cindrella story with Hilary Duff). A pretty girl is hidden behind baggy dress, bad hair and a big round glasses until her fashion god mother comes and gives her a complete makeover and turns her into a princess. Only in this case we have 5 ShinEE fashion godmothers. Feisty!

Min Ho taking care of the girl’s hair

Taemin attending her make-up

But this whole makeover thing happens only in one dimension. In another dimension- which seem to be the stars’ stage the boys are dancing as the ShinEE. The entire story line is how the girl gets makeover in the first dimension and enters as the dazzling girl into the Stardom dimension. Well this has always been my dream; your dream too, right?

The final dazzling Girl

Cliched Kpop concept not  lost

Yeah! Yeah! The same old concept of the boys dancing for a picture perfect choreo with each of them with their glorious solo shots. The development of a storyline has not seemingly affected this good old kpop concept.

Lyrics and Concept intersection?

NO! It would have been great if the lyrics synced with what the boys were trying to express through the concept. Plus the lyrics had nothing new per se. Another one of those “loveaholic guy falling for a girl” kind of lyrics.

MV concept rating: 3/5


I would call the whole choreo peppy; I am not complaining because fitted perfectly with the song’s feel and beat. I especially loved the choreo bits for the chorus- “Dazzling girl”. They have delivered what was expected of them.

Choreo rating: 3.5/5


For all the ShinEE fans who love to see the boys’ fashion at its best- you are in a great treat. With Keita Maruyama(for those who don’t know he is a reputed Japanese fashion designer) at their disposal the boys dazzled their way all through the MV. I am not entirely sure about their outfits in the “Stardom” dimension; some people might feel they had too much fur on them. I am no blue cross so I kinda loved the outfits. The furs were definitely funky but had a hint of classy attire in them. The outfits in the other dimension- No complaints there. It was perfect- not flashy but not too casual and to the top of it- they were blue- the boy colour!

Fashion Rating- 5/5

Lots of Fur? I don’t think so!

Now that’s what you call perfection

Overall Rating for the MV- 3.8

U Kiss- “Stop Girl”- A Real Comeback!


A couple of days back I saw the comeback MV of the boyband UKiss- Wow! what I saw was an award material. The chorus-“Stop girl in the name of love” is still all over my head! There were two versions of the song-black & white and color version(Dunno why! Maybe to find which one was better!). Personally I liked the black and white version- It was more stylish and sleek! Just a few hours after the MV was released it was well trending in twitter and there were high praises for the song even from non-fanbase front.

What I think of the song:

The song is a complete changeover from the group’s “cliche” genre-it is a more serious music and has an unexplained feel to it. Though all the hits of the group are dance pop songs it is a good thing the group has given R&B a chance! I heard it a couple of times and it kinda grew in me!

Vocals were great. Kiseop is given more lines than usual. I think he doesn’t have much lines mainly because he is the lead dancer but good thing now he is given a chance to sing more.I did not know Kiseop had this much talent within him- he has a very nice voice; hats off. The rapping- 100 points- plus the english was so good(great improvement)! The first rap which glides in from nowhere into the song-“Oh the tears in your eyes are telling me goodbye”- OMG it was tooooo stylish!

Good thinking using the Knight chess piece in the set For those who don’t know the knight chess piece moves in the form of letter L which means Love in this song! That particular prop in the set goes well with the “In the name of love” part!

Choreography was mind-blowing! They have used girl backup dancers- a value addition I must say. I was insanely jealous of the girl in the couple dance Kevin did around 1.40.(Naice!)

I wouldn’t give a thumbs up for the fashion but it wasn’t a complete disaster either- well at least in the black & white version!The patterned costumes of the boys suited the B&W MV pucca! Dongho shouldn’t have tortured his poor hair to that style!(Trying to pull off Nuest Ren, are we?)

What is that thing in Kiseop’s hand? Looks like hairband. He should have thrown it away before shooting the MV.

Eli’s hair color was truly revolting(Thank god! It was not noticeable in B&W version).

My final Verdict– I would give a wholesome five star for the Song,4 stars for the MV and Two stars for their fashion(credits:Their disturbing hairstyles).

But Can the song make it?

I kept and keep asking myself -Why did they have to choose this particular time for the group’s comeback with such a “award worth” song at stake? With Psy and Gd rising up like rockets and other groups like   TVXQ, Secret, T-ara and Orange Caramel on screen the group could have waited before unveiling this song! As for now the song does well in the Mnet countdown, Eat yout Kimichi kpop charts and even in the fanmade polls! In popularity poll by tradablebits it in 3rd position. But will U Kiss win in the long run? We have to wait for that Pop Magic to happen and they deserve the magic!

M Countdown

Eat You Kimichi Chart

Tradable Bits

Image credits: owners,tagged

Super Junior- Sexy,Free and Single- Exclusive!!

Ever since the teaser was out I had been craving for thi MV ans finally it is out. After hearing the teaser I was expecting a Electro-pop kinda song. Obviously na? What with the robotic voice singing “Sexy, free and and Single”?? The MV has all the typical SuJu elements- Dazzling Choreo , Sexy stars and catchy beats. But a song as good as this deserves a better MV backdrop.  

The song kicks off with a strong house music(not the typical funky tone,Yay!) and all the members are gathered in half circle. I have mixed feelings about the start. We all love this classic start but it is becoming too cliched. It is time they come up with something new. SM entertainment did a really good job with concepts and backdrops EXO MVs. But I can’t complain much because all the negative elements are driven away by SuJu charms. The SuJu’s had such a good vocals which blended perfectly in the electronica genre of the song.

The main plus of the song was the outfits and makeup of the SuJus.

The first thing that came into my mind on seeing Siwon like this was what a perfect vampire he would make. I dunno whether it was because of the grey background or his black coat or his perfectly carved features.

Out-of-the-World choco abs posing like “come take me”..Do I need to say more?

Looks like the God of good looks has come alive. That piercing gaze and sexy attitude!  Also those cheesy pair of sunglasses he wore in this MV made him stand out.Eunhyuk…way to go!

Shindong looks like he is gonna hit someone! The hardy boy look suits him!

Back from army! Well he did not have much lines but we are glad he is back!

Leeteuk!! A leader is a leader! Looks, attitude and vocals!! picture perfect!

I totally loved this “flying” part, mainly because it was the only sharp turn in otherwise dull concept. Also the flying goes with the title “free”.


The ELF rating of the song would be 5/5 but a critique rating can be no more than 2.5/5. SM entertainment please come up with better concepts next time!