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Gestures speak-Some of the best “I Love You” Wrist Grabs

Expressing your love for a girl can be difficult especially when she is your Friend’s Girl!

How to express your love when you know it can kill her?

This is what you call blindly in love!

Mr Genius! the guru can smell the jealousy in that wrist grab!*sniff sniff*

“Please don’t leave me!”

Can’t you hear his heavy heart?

“I will be there for you”

He doesn’t want Go Mi Nam to get hurt and want her for HIMSELF!


How do you check if you are in love? Quick! Grab her wrist and feel your heart!!

Meet My Dream Husband- Baek Seun Jo!!

A non-geek Genius doctor, talented cook with handsome features-every girl’s wildest dreams. You can just drown in those dreamy eyes and pretty smile. Seun Jo sure is a pretty good boyfriend material but what about husband? To be a husband a guy needs more than just good looks and brain- care and affection. *BANG* Baek Seun Jo-Do you have what it takes to be a marriage material?

What is Baek Seun Jo-the husband like?

I know Baek Seun Jo can be a number one jerk when it comes to the girl he likes. But everything he does is like a Kindergarten child pulling the hair and teasing the girl he likes. Looks like Baek Seun Jo was totally immature when it came to relationships. That does not mean he would be a awful husband- He does his best when it comes to his wife;He learns his part and grows up(and old with her).

What are the things that would make you want him as your husband?

He would want you to take you to a romantic place you like honeymoon but would act like he doesn’t wanna go and make you beg for it.

He looks breath takingly handsome in wedding dress.

He doesn’t cheat on you with other women.

He would carry you even though you are heavy.

He would lie about not wanting to register your marriage just to make you work hard and pass in a difficult exam.

Living with him would be living with someone who knows you top to bottom- can guess your every move; your every thought!

He would be jealous(a little bit) because of people who like you(though you don’t like them back!).

He would help you prepare for your exams.

He would wait for you even if you are really really really…late for your dinner date.

Most of all he has the coolest mom in the whole world!

What made him perfect for Oh Ha Ni?

Normally IQ is inversely related to EQ. So a person who does whatever their heart says is a EQ topper and a IQ dummy like our Oh Ha Ni.  From the way Baek Seun Jo treated Oh Ha Ni at first we can say he was a zero EQ. But Oh Ha Ni fed him her EQ like he shared his IQ. You can say it is opposite that attracts or each one filled in what the other one lacked but all in all they were perfect for each other. 

Fusion of K Dramas and Mangas – Pros and Cons!

What does Manga and K drama have in common? Some out of the world humor and unimaginable scenes? Pretty characters with huge and beautiful eyes? Some funny incidents which is never possible in real life? 

Mangas are basically similar to comic books. But major difference between the comics and mangas are that mangas are more intricate. They don’t look cartoony but seems complex. Comics seem fun but it is mostly just fluffy and simple. If you get bored you can easily pick em up and drop em off too. But mangas are different. Even if they go on and on people are addicted and read it with patience.

Doesn’t this remind us of K Dramas? How many of us have watched dramas into the wee hours of the morning. We keep trying to stop watching but end up seeing just one more episode until our alarm rings for waking up in the morning! heehee

Just imagine if you combine those two addictive drugs. What will you get? 

Yep a Kdrama which is the ultimate addict machine!

Well that’s the theory anyway! But what really happens?

Korean entertainment industry tried using Mangas for making awesome Korean dramas and here are some of their results.

Mary Stayed Out All Night

This is a good example of how wrong a fusion of K drama and Manga can take place!

It was adapted from the manga/manhwa Maeri Neun Uibak Joong. Though it is an adaptation the writer of the drama basically did not follow the manga. Then why did they have to just use the characters from the drama?

MSOAN was packed with stellar cast in the form of Jang Keun Suk, Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook. Yet it failed to create an impact due to misguided script. Too much confusion. They kept changing the writers and the plot was choppy. Only thing I loved here was the OST. But the scenes looked exactly like how you would feel if you read mangas while doing some other tasks too.

MSOAN could have been many things because JKS looked hot with his Indie bad role and Kim Jae Wook nailed that business man role. But due to some script problems it ended up as a bad drama. I think maybe the writers should have stuck to the manga to get a better drama. 

But MSOAN characters represented the manga characters exactly. Especially Jang Keun Suk whose Mu gyul character with his obsession for split-end free hair was perfect. LOL!!

Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss was based on the  Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss. A simple manga with some fun twists when a gal who is madly in love with popular guy follows him around. They live together and then eventually there is love and marriage. The story was told like a fairy tale and I felt the manga connection there. 

Both leads Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min had awesome chemistry. Though Baek Seung Jo was a cold sneering character Kim Hyun Joong could have injected more warmth when he started to fall in love with Oh Ha Ni. But Jung So Min as a cute and irritable Oh Ha Ni was a perfect little package of love. 

The only problem with Playful Kiss was it had some lull moments where the story was a bit dragging. But since they stuck to the manga maybe the pace was right! Playful Kiss FTW!


Boys Over Flowers

A success story of fusing K Drama and Manga is Boys Over Flowers. Not only was Hana Yori Dango manga was made into Korean drama but a Japanese drama and a Taiwanese drama was also created with the same. It was a immediate success cos the ladies loved F4. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon just swept the viewers off their feet. Ku Hye Sun as Jan Di was just a trifle overzealous. Her cuteness seemed forced at times but she did relatively well. 

Japanese did justice to the manga by keepin the drama short and sweet. But K drama world overwhelmed by its success decided to extend the series which was a bummer. A nice round 20 episodes would have been ideal. BUT theykinda dragged it with 25 episodes with too many unnecessary action.

The best thing which was made a reality from manga to drama was F4 who will forever remain special in K drama addicts’ hearts. 

So BOF did it just right! Fast paced, Awesome OST, Perfect Flower boys and high ratings. The future drama-manga fusions should learn it from BOF!! But a slight word of caution is Don’t over do it! Keep it short and attention capturing instead of long and boring or filled with chaos.

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Playful Kiss-Episode 2 “Scribbles”

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you don’t want us to break the suspense that comes ahead


Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo

Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni

Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu

Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo’s mother)

Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo’s father)

Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni’s father)

Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni’s friend)

Yoon Seung Ah as Dok Go Min Ah (Ha Ni’s friend)

OMG! Ha Ni is really surprised to see Baek Seun Jo! (But I am not…The story has to go somewhere). Seun Jo’s mom is calling both of them in (Her voice is real kind and sweet…I won’t complain if I get her as my mother-in-law…LOL). Ha Ni really can’t believe her luck. I wonder whether she is feeling delighted or disappointed!

Suen jo comes in; greets the elders; sits down and starts reading book!!!!(NERD ALERT!!). Seun Jo’s mom herself says that her son is arrogant and weird (he he he..). My ideal mother-in-law! Suen Jo’s little brother Eun Jo comes down from his room carrying (AGAIN!) a book!! Good Lord! A family of nerds. He is a exact copy of his brother and insults Oh Ha Ni. What is wrong with the brothers? Cant they see how cute Ha Ni is?  But Oh Ni tries hard to prove that she is not that dumb. But poor Ha Ni…may be she is a teeny bit dumb.

Seun Jo’s mother has decorated a room for Ha Ni- pink curtain, pink bed, pink lamp  pink pillows…is it a unwritten rule that a girls bedroom must be pink? Anyways she tells Ha Ni that she always yearned for a daughter and sees Ha Ni like one. Now Please…Please….be my Mother In Law. She gifts Ha Ni shoes- Princess styled ballerinas!

Seun Jo comes in and scolds Ha Ni for disturbing his peaceful life for past few days. Wake up boy! She is giving you new experiences! He leaves and another “Ha Ni Fantasy”. These fantasy scenes are the only things I don’t like about this drama. Ha Ni gets ready to wash up. She keeps her toothbrush(that’s right a pink one) next to Seun Jo’s brush. The brushes kiss. Now this is the kind of fantasy I approve of! Cute and babyish!

Next day at breakfast Ha Ni steals glances at Seun Jo. But he glares at her. I must be crazy because the glare looks cute. Seun Jo’s Mom asks him to accompany Ha Ni to school but he just storms out! That handsome jerk! Ha Ni chases behind him. What on the earth is happening? Guys are supposed to chase girls!

He even tells her not to tell anyone about them living together and tells her to follow him. But he notices a creepy guy and asks her to go in front (Telling her she was short). But we got you Seun Jo! You are taking care of Ha Ni!

Wow! A salon inside Ha NI’s class! My dream school it is! The teacher comes in and asks for a haircut. Man I have got to find this school. After the school is over Ha Ni asks Seun Jo to wait for her and take her home. But poor Joon Gu interferes and offers to take Ha Ni home. But in Train Ha nI gets down and gives a slip to Joon Gu. The poor guy is shocked. Sorry Joon Gu. Ha Ni quickly catches a taxi and rushes to school but finds that Suen Jo is gone. Disappointed, she decides to walk alone. Seun Jo’s mom scolds him for leaving Ha Ni behind. He acts like he doesn’t care but he couldn’t rest.

On way home the creepy man from corning comes infront of Ha Ni and strips. At the right moment Suen Jo covers Ha Ni’s eye and they walk home together. Lovely!

Suen Jo was a girl once 😛

Yeah his mother so wanted to have a girl. So she raised him as a girl for a while. She shows all his childhood pics (dressed up as girl) to Ha Ni. Ha Ni is shocked and makes “evil plotter” face. Darling! Definitely not suiting your pretty face!

The next day their gym clothes mix up. So suen Jo marches to Ha N’s class and calls her out. Everyone in the class looks shocked that Mighty Suen Jo is even talking to Ha Ni. While trading clothes Ha Ni says that it is ok if Suen Jo wears her clothes as he is used to girl’s clothes. Suen Jo’s pretty face looks confused for a second. The next second Ha Ni flashes one of Suen Jo’s childhood pictures. Suen Jo tries to snatch it from her. They run around the tree like tollywood couple. It is so adorable. They make such a cute couple. Then suddenly Suen Jo gives Ha Ni a mini heart attack by coming colder. They were just inches away and it looked like they were kissing. Pretty Sight!

Hani tells Suen Jo that she would give the photo back if he helped her to climb up top 50 in school (and win a piggy back ride from him). Way to go Ha Ni! Fighting! Our Baeky tries his best to tech Ha Ni. But Ha Ni can only see his face and fantasize. I can’t blame her! I would do the same.

Though she was not a smart ass, Ha Ni works really hard. Works up her concentration to a whole new level and manages to climb to 50th position. Seun Jo congratulates her and holds out his hand.
(She held it ofc!) But he was holding out for his photo. But when he turned around with the foto in his hand Ha Ni thanks him enthusiastically and Baeky couldn’t help but smile. That’s what we need….smiles from him! This guy should smile more often! His smile is cutie cute.

Ha Ni’s teacher stops him and demands him to give piggy back ride to Ha Ni. Ha Ni tries her best to avoid the situation but everyone around starts chanting “Piggy Back Ride”. You can thank them later Ha Ni.

This episode was very good. There was a small chemistry growing between Ha Ni and Seun Jo. The band playing in the middle of the episode seemed a little unwanted. All in all this episode was a “relationship opener”.

Romance Rating: 4/5

Music Rating:3/5

Episode Rating: 4/5

Playful Kiss Episode 1 “Scribbles”

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you don’t want us to break the suspense that comes ahead


Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo

Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni

Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu

Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo’s mother)

Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo’s father)

Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni’s father)

Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni’s friend)

Yoon Seung Ah as Dok Go Min Ah (Ha Ni’s friend)

The drama opens in a wonderland. I was positive that this was someone’s dreamland. But my question was whose was it? The music to the opening was “fantasy”tactic. The kind we would enjoy in our own dreams; Childish, soft and subtle enough to maintain the mood.

Then came out our Mr Angel. At one point the trees behind him looked like his wings. We then see a sweet lady angel sleeping serenely under a tree. The mischievous Mr Angel steals a kiss from the lady Angel (Soft, innocent brushing of lips kind-A Mischievous Kiss).

The lady Angel wakes up. May be she was a “sleeping beauty”. All she can see is a beautiful white horse. For some reason the horse amused her and she started fooling around^^. The horse suddenly leaves and our lady angel decides to follow it. We see our angel was sketching something (So she is an artist!!). As our angel glides by, flowers around her start blooming. A single leaf breezed along and settled on…There he was, Mr Angel. They were about to kiss…Lady Angel’s lips puckered in such a cute way!!!


The dream ended. The lady Angel, Oh Ha Ni was napping happily in school grounds. She woke up with a start; there was her sketch and a LEAF (hmmm…I wonder). So it was Oh Ha Ni, not-so-bright day dreaming cute high school girl. She is fancied by her classmate, Bong Joon Gu. A band plays in the school cafeteria. Why these kinds of things never happened in my school? The grades of the exam are out; Oh Ha Ni and her friends ( Joo Ri and Ki Dong) are placed last. Mr Angel, Baek Seun Jo gets the perfect score and is placed first. So the last is attracted to first (So opposites do attract).

OMG! Oh Hani Ni has got great strength!!! She fixes the cafeteria vending machine with her thunder kick. But Seun Jo is definitely surprised but doesn’t seem to be impressed (Even if he did, he did not show it). Oh Ha Ni’s friends start screaming her name whenever Seun Jo passes. All of us do this right? Even though we know it is completely immature. Wait! Seun Jo is coming back!(May be to thank her…date her…live happily forever!!)  Darn! He has come back for the vending machine coin…Hmph..

Joon Gu is damn affectionate on Ha Ni. He brings her chicken, drools over her and is utterly devoted to her. He poses for her sketching class straining his entire body but Ha Ni sketched Seun Jo over him! I kinda feel sorry for that guy. Though he doesn’t make the cut he has pure heart.

Ha Ni is disappointed over the café incident and confused on what to do. She turns to her father for advice (telling him that it was for a friend). He tells her how he confessed to (blackmailed is more like it :D) her mother.  Her father understands her heart (awww!) and tells her that an honest love letter would be a good choice!

So she writes a love letter and slips it into his locker. She is  eagerly waiting like one would wait after sending friend request in fb to “special someone”. Same expressions; You get the picture.

Baek Seun Jo passes and the chanting starts “Oh Ha Ni! Oh Ha Ni!”. He goes up the stair and looks down and asks, “Are you Oh Ha Ni?”. May be they wanted to tell us that Seun jo is a kinda guy who looks down on people. Oh Ha Ni’s heart jumps and blushes. Poor girl! The jerk of a guy gave her letter back and graded it(Failed! She had awful lot of mistakes!). But who cares! Its what is in the heart that counts. The students watching starts ridiculing her. Joon Gu stands up for her and fights with Seun Jo. Seun Jo says that he hates foolish fat girls. If only that pretty face could be a little more kind….

Heartbroken, Oh Ha Ni runs laps like crazy and crumples down unable to complete her last lap. Her friends giver her hand and escort her to finish the lap. This is what bffs are for! <3<3

Meanwhile Oh Ha Ni being rejected by Baek Seun Jo seems to be the hottest gossip. Ha Ni and her dad move into their new place. Her friends come over and they have loads of fun. This brightened up Ha Ni’s mood. But like “misfortunes in chain” an earthquake finishes off their new house.

Oh Ha Ni becomes even more infamous around school. Someone even takes pictures of her. Joon Gu without realising embarrasses Ha Ni by collecting funds for her. Seun Jo insults Ha Ni even more stating that only their house was destroyed by the mild quake. Oh Hani angrily returns Suen Jo’s money and tells him that she would rather be homeless than accept his help. She challenges him that she would make it to the Top 50 list and he should piggy back her. Way to go Ha Ni! Fighting!

Ha Ni  moves to her dad’s friend’s(Soo Chang) place. On their roadtrip the radio in the car malfunctions and Ha Ni fixes it in her way(this time punching!).Ki Dong(Ha Ni’s Dad) tells her that Soo Chang was his best friend from junior high. Soo Chang and his wife are such a warm people and adore her at first.

Ha Ni finds out that it was Soo Chang’s wife(Guem Hee) who photographed her earlier.

Ha Ni comes out to take her stuffs and tells her teddy bear that everything was gonna be okay. Its so cute to see how innocent Ha Ni is!

While taking out her stuffs from car Soo Chang’s son offers to help. Ha Ni turns back and it is BAEK SEUN JO!!!!!!

The episode is a bit slow. But all the best things should start slow right?  Still they could have tossed away with mating dance scene and Ha Ni’s fantasy confession.

Romance Rating-2/5

Music Rating-4.5/5

Episode Rating-3/5