Shinee dazzling us by “Dazzling Girl” – Their first original Japanese Single


After all their exhaustive Korean to Japanese singles remake process,our ShinEE boys have finally released a raindrop-pure Japanese single. This new single is a definite feast for the Shawols- the boys are looking Sexy and Slick!

The Song

The song kicks off with a  mid tempo piano and in about eight seconds electronic beats overlaps the piano. Through the mid-way the piano and the beat stops sharply and there is clapping sound and the pitch of the vocals is raised too. This was the bit which brought the DJ party feel to the song. Then there was the usual- a chorus and a rap bit. Then there was another piano bit with the vocals paced slow but high pitched so the party atmosphere of the song is not broken.Then out of nowhere the chorus “dazzling girl” slips in,which I felt,was somewhat not simultaneous.

Final verdict-A party hard kind of song- catchy,with piano, electronic beats , drum beats and clapping sounds in the background. It reminded me the early 90’s party music a lot.

Song Rating- 4/5


The MV has a simple brief concept -fashion makeover. Yes! the same kind we find in chick flicks(like the Cindrella story with Hilary Duff). A pretty girl is hidden behind baggy dress, bad hair and a big round glasses until her fashion god mother comes and gives her a complete makeover and turns her into a princess. Only in this case we have 5 ShinEE fashion godmothers. Feisty!

Min Ho taking care of the girl’s hair

Taemin attending her make-up

But this whole makeover thing happens only in one dimension. In another dimension- which seem to be the stars’ stage the boys are dancing as the ShinEE. The entire story line is how the girl gets makeover in the first dimension and enters as the dazzling girl into the Stardom dimension. Well this has always been my dream; your dream too, right?

The final dazzling Girl

Cliched Kpop concept not  lost

Yeah! Yeah! The same old concept of the boys dancing for a picture perfect choreo with each of them with their glorious solo shots. The development of a storyline has not seemingly affected this good old kpop concept.

Lyrics and Concept intersection?

NO! It would have been great if the lyrics synced with what the boys were trying to express through the concept. Plus the lyrics had nothing new per se. Another one of those “loveaholic guy falling for a girl” kind of lyrics.

MV concept rating: 3/5


I would call the whole choreo peppy; I am not complaining because fitted perfectly with the song’s feel and beat. I especially loved the choreo bits for the chorus- “Dazzling girl”. They have delivered what was expected of them.

Choreo rating: 3.5/5


For all the ShinEE fans who love to see the boys’ fashion at its best- you are in a great treat. With Keita Maruyama(for those who don’t know he is a reputed Japanese fashion designer) at their disposal the boys dazzled their way all through the MV. I am not entirely sure about their outfits in the “Stardom” dimension; some people might feel they had too much fur on them. I am no blue cross so I kinda loved the outfits. The furs were definitely funky but had a hint of classy attire in them. The outfits in the other dimension- No complaints there. It was perfect- not flashy but not too casual and to the top of it- they were blue- the boy colour!

Fashion Rating- 5/5

Lots of Fur? I don’t think so!

Now that’s what you call perfection

Overall Rating for the MV- 3.8


Girls’ Generations hounded by Paparazzi?

Or Not?! Apparently Papparazi is the newest single of the Girls’ generation which is going to be released next month. When I saw the title the first thing that popped into my mind was Lady Gaga!! I really loved her song !!!

I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me,
Baby there’s no other superstar you know that i’ll be your

Lol!! but as much as I loved the song I was a bit disturbed by the video(Typical Lady Gaga style!!). The video did not bring paparazzi into the picture at all!!

So it was with a bit of caution that I opened the teaser for Hallyu wave leading girl group SNSD’s MV teaser for Paparazzi!


What do you know??

SNSD took the word “Paparazzi” literally and produced an awesome teaser!! The opening where they all walked in gave a sense of mystery. And the flashes of the camera made me think they were gonna do a normal idol routine on the stage!!

Nope they actually entered a place which for lack of a better word I would term “theatre”!!

Were they gonna perform a musical ?

And then we saw SNSD girls come out in some fashion which was bygone (yah know camel long trench coats,stockings,buckled glittery shoes omo hope we dont end up with a fashion disaster)!! But SNSD deserves credits because they can really pull off different outfits *Remembering the members in white uniform!!!*

Aigoo we never got a closer look at their dress!! Guess this is all we can get for a teaser folks..

Gotta wait til 27th of this month to actually see how they connected a musical performance with paparazzi!!

Let’s wait for Paparazzi!!!!