Idols’ Specialty Corner – G Dragon BigBang!

Anyone who knows G-Dragon will agree that this man is the proud owner of  sexiest Collar bones in KPop! He knows it and he flaunts it too!

Some pics of those sexy bones..




Personally I love GD’s other features too… As I have neglected posting due to my exams I will be posting some more of his assets as an apology gift!

His kissable lips!



His brown puppy eyes!




Credit of pics: not mine,owner,tagged


Idols’ Specialty Corner – Hyuna 4minute!

Gosh!! Hyuna just blows everyone away with her cuteness.. Her face is so sweet but the most distinguishing feature are her pretty eyes!

I feel that her Puppy eyes can immediately make people fall for her!

Here are Hyuna’s puppy eyes in their full glory!

Smoky eye make-up to bring out the eyes well!

Her entire face is awesome here especially the eyes!

Credit of pics: as tagged,uploaders