How to break records all over the World in one week? Learn From Jang Keun Suk!!

Just last week we heard of Jang Keun Suk sweeping Oricon charts and thus subjecting a bout of craziness on his fans!! 

And this week we see more of the craziness for him spreading.

So what was all the fuss about?

Suk entered the world charts. YEAH!!!! *Good news dude!! am glad K Pop oopsie J Pop sung by K guy is recognized by the world*

BUT I was stumped by this.. Suk got #4 in the Global Chart.. What ? 4 O.o ? Here is the best news..

“The United World Chart is updated every week after summing up total single and album sales of singers in each country around the world including America’s Billboard chart, Japan’s Oricon chart, and the United Kingdom’s UK chart, sales record of 36 different countries are accumulated. Korean album sales record, of course, is reflected in the chart.” *Ok so his album seems lik a HIT LOL thats an understatement*

So that was what the fuss was all about?

Nope One more!!

Suk’s personally directed, edited and starred movie Do You Think Living Like This is Good? for his university’s project along with his friends got a special award at the ‘Short Short Film Festival & Asia’ which is the biggest short film festival, which has gained official approval by the Academy Awards.

Getting an award for his College Project? LOL!!! So such a dream situation does exist? Maybe only for Jang Keun Suk.

So lets wrap up this post of JKS’ achievements this week! Uhmmm WAIT? What?

ANDWE!! You mean there is MORE??

So Jang Keun Suk held an online interview of approximately one hour in Weibo (which is like chinese counterpart of Twitter) and fans asked him questions..Ok thats not the point!! The FACT is Suk got a total of 312,578 questions in that hour and 15 mins.

Amazing!!So I cant even imagine getting more than 30 questions!! *remembering those torturous three hours inside the exam hall -_-*

Ok and the funny thing he answered just 56!! Phew 312,578-56 gone down the drain? Nah it helped him create a record..

Previously A Taiwanese band got about 200,000 (approx) questions but Suk broke that record!!

Here is a video where his witty answers to those lucky 56 questions are compiled!


So Japan,China and World Chart down!!

Seriously I have to ask this guy how does he juggle stuff?? I can list so many probs like language difference,culture difference and etiquette variations but he manages them all just fine and comes out shining .

He filmed a variety show in Chinese “Happy Camp” in Chinese…and even with translators and awkward language barrier he came off charming!! *Can I borrow that trait for charming my teachers to get good grades Suk?*

So Jang Keun Suk is A COMPLETE CHARMER!!

His charm revealed through a small trailer of the variety show!! He is cute, sexy, dorky and caring all in a 2 min vid..


And a small tidbit he is starting his Cri Show 2 which is his concert around Asia and the tickets for the first show in Seoul sold out in 10 minutes after ticket sales started.PHEW!!

I think that Jang Keun Suk is going to make us all normal non-K fangirls and guys feel bad with his achievements LOL!! And in Just a week!!

SO am wrapping this post up before people throw tomatos/eggs at me because they feel like they wasted this week after seeing What JKS Did in this week!! RUN!! *Hey I wasted my time too!! We are all in the same boat*

P.S. Jang Keun Suk must really write a book How to break records and charm the world” HAHAHA!!! as I cant figure the secret of his success *Surely not Boost?? LOL!! Ok am running out of humor Escape!!!*

Credit: for all those statistics and FACTS which I quoted!!