‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ fever hits India too? Power of PSY!

What a surprise it was to me today morning when I opened the newspaper and found K Pop News staring at me in its full glory. It was like a dream cos I was expecting some reviews and facts/trivia about soon to be released movies while bam PSY was staring at me from the pages of ‘The Hindu’.

Indeed Gangnam style has been wreaking havoc since its release in the middle of July. It has topped charts and has resulted in many parodies that People have realized that something called K Pop does exist. But I never expected an article about ‘Gangnam Style’ in Indian newspapers. Maybe it was inevitable but the power of internet is a shocking thing indeed.

To those who want to read the full article in ‘The Hindu’ here

Basically the article introduces K Pop and singer PSY. It talks about how ‘Gangnam Style’ has topped charts *well he has snatched #1 in the iTunes list and there are more charts.. O.o wow* and how people have slowly started to sing along despite the song being a full Korean song. The article also introduces the artists who worked on the video including MC Yoon Jae Suk, Comedian Noh Hong Chul and the main lead dancer in the video Hyuna of 4minute. Is it too much to expect a mention of BigBang’s Daesung and SeungRi’s cameo?

And ofcourse the article also talks about the amazing choreo of the horse ride dance! *Woot Woot!! Britney Spears learnt it too!! Am gonna start practising too* And the random scenes which add to the humour of PSY’s video. “Gangnam Style” is capable of attracting a wide range of audience from children to grown-ups. And due to the extreme popularity of this video reportedly the area Gangnam in Seoul is also garnering much attention.

And lets not even talk about the views. The article quotes the humongous views which the official video got. 190,978,897 views.

Well thanks to PSY, many who never acknowledged K Pop have started realizing its worth and hope this may pave the way for many more Korean music videos and songs to go mainstream.

And to ardent K Pop Indian fans who have been stranded in Asia, yet never even been thought of being added to the scores of Asia Tour schedules for concerts, seeing even a tiny bit of K Pop news in our local papers is a welcome gift from the ultimate god of K Pop indeed.

Wonder if any Indian fans will perform parodies?? Interesting!!!

Here is a pic of the newspaper article..

Well “Lets dress classy and Dance cheesy” !! kekeke!!

Credit of pics: ME *been wanting to tell this for a long time* and tagged

Source: The Hindu